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  1. Never mind, got the cheat code to work.
  2. How do I use this with Snes9X v1.58 on Windows?
  3. Are there any cheat codes for FE4 on Snes9X that gives +1 to every stat on level up? Since this is an older FE(pre-GBA), even in Gen 2 a +2 max HP level up is the best I can get even with the most optimally paired parents
  4. Please advice how do you handle Chapter 7 then? -Shannan: he's in the middle of dark mages+myrmidons army. That Balmung can only help him dodge so much before he gets ganged up to death. -Patty: Is Lex a wrong father for her? Seems her only usefulness is giving Shannan the Balmung sword. She can't arena (or survive combat in general) UNLESS Sleep Sword's effect procs
  5. Once you capture the first castle, Both Johan & Iucharba's armies start to make beelines towards you. Question is who should Larcei speak with to get the Nosferatu for Julia?
  6. Unless one's a Sony fanboi who's REALLY INTO PS4's exclusives But why Ninty went with what's basically Smash: the conference. If you were expecting more Xenoblade/Pokemon/FE/Octopath guess your disappointment is justified Strange that Bandai Namco announces DBFZ port but no Jump Force; guess it can't run on Switch's specs? Sadly Switch missed out on KH3, after all the GBA had a KH game...
  7. Guess serenesforest forums aren't really the demographic who cares "who wins E3"? For me I'm surprised that Microsoft beats Bethesda; I see them as joint-winners with Devolver for now. But I'm still in the camp that if Nintendo wants the Switch to be a success they should continue to seduce over the 3rd parties like From, SqEnix, if possible CD Projekt Red etc
  8. With Rockstar confirming LA Noire for Switch, & maybe even a Fallout 4 GOTY port, Nintendo latest device is no longer 'Sidescrolling platformers, Mario Kart, & Zelda only' But what about Souls-like games, like Nioh or Code Vein? Neither From Software's Souls games or The Surge have announced Switch versions for future releases Will the closest thing a Nintendo Switch player ever get to play to a Souls-like be BotW? My fave is Bloodbourne with its dark, gothic atmosphere(shame its ps4 only) but the dark-and-gothic game types haven't been seen on a Nintendo console since Capcom stopping bringing on RE ports & Konami ceased making Castlevania games
  9. I agree with Lachesis+Arden, & Edain+Holyn. Jamke is wasted if paired with Sylvia. However, I can think of even more inferior pairs: Ira with Azel, Fee get worse stats with Midir as her dad than with Beo, & Claud with Brigid(pairing her with Lewyn only means no Holsety in part 2).
  10. To add on to Gustavos' post, I'd even say the WiiU is Nintendo's Dreamcast. The Switch succeeding the 3DS pretty much indicates that moving forward, Nintendo'll pretty much only make handheld hardware. Nobody sees them going back to competing with Sony & Microsoft in the home console tech/power race in the future.
  11. Gen 8 won't be out too soon after Ultra Sun/Moon. But I too aren't much of a fan of gen 4; Galactic were less memorable than Teams Plasma, Magma, or Aqua. What were the only memorable gen 4 takeaways was Giratina was the hardest level 70 legendary to catch with a non-masterball since Mewtwo; and the hardest AI battles of the pokemon series like Cyrus, the Elite 4, & Cynthia
  12. Woah, people are still excited for Nintendo's E3 showing? When even Capcom has given up on the Switch thinking it's not worthy enough for their MH multiplat?
  13. Will Ninty have a full E3 conference or just a Treehouse? I know they're aren't competing in the same league as the PS4 Pro or XB One X, but will wanting the Legendary Edition of Skyrim (i.e. with all DLCs) be asking too much of the Switch?
  14. But does the Pro cost much more than the PS4? I won't recommend the Pro unless you have a 4K TV...
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