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  1. I promise I haven't forgotten about this LOL. Working on some supports that I'm not quite ready to post yet, but in the meantime, have some concepts for Rovini and Neryh. I also might have a friend on board willing to help with portraits, which will speed things up considerably.
  2. Alright, alright. I know there are Google spreadsheets for this stuff, but I've found most of what I've seen so far to be a bit hard to organize/use, at least for me. That said, I made these for funsies, and also in the hopes hope they might be useful for at least a few of you guys. Obviously, these are incomplete, and I only have a few sheets even made, but I'm going to expand upon them as I can. If there are any particular characters you want to see next, please let me know and I'll do my best to get to them. I'd also really appreciate it if you let me know about anything I'm missing with the characters I already have! Tips/pointers for displaying this information in a concise, but uncluttered layout is very helpful too! I did my best, but it's hard to avoid walls of text while listing certain things. [Spoilers for the students' timeskip portraits, as well as possible minor spoilers for some dialogue snippets below.] HILDA: LORENZ: SETETH: Sources used: Born2Feed's YT Channel FFStumbles' Tea Spreadsheet Fire Emblem: Three Houses MEGASHEET fireemblemwiki.org SF's Abilities Page SF's Character Growth Rates Page SF's Learned Abilities Page SF's Learned Spells Page Tea Time: FE3H WIP lost item, gift and (student only) recruitment guide My own gameplay
  3. Thanks! Today's our favorite boy's birthday!!! I'd hoped to have enough out to release a stable patch, but unfortunately I'm not there yet... I do, however, have some birthday art! 🎉🎉🎉
  4. Class change textures (almost) finished! Now I'm probably going to be focusing on support implementation and tweaking the hair texture and model. From left to right— Great Master, Diviner, Onmyoji, Dark Mage I have Sorcerer finished, just need to implement it ingame but it's like 1 AM and my computer is force-restarting oops. I'm open for criticism for tweaks and such with the textures- just let me know!! Colors aren't always my strong suit. EDIT: There we go! :)
  5. I actually haven't tried FE-style spriting yet, but I'd be open to trying my best! I've got a thread with a few examples of my work in a few different styles here. Obviously if a more experienced person comes along, by all means go for them, but I'd like to be considered an option at least ^^
  6. Thanks! :) I'm having a bit of trouble getting his paralogue to properly display in the menu, so for now... I'm kind of just focusing on textures and such, eheh. I hope that once I'm able to focus more on writing supports and his paralogue, I'll be able to give him some of his own character and flair, and maybe elaborate a little more on Izumo and its culture. ^ ^
  7. *Name pending, probably Have you ever wanted more Awakening in your Fates??? More ripoff kids??? More cowbell??? Here you are!!! This hack plans to add new Fates-expy characters as additional children. This is currently in the early stages, but I hope that soon enough I'll have a proper patch that people can download and play. This is my first Fates hack, and my first foray into 3DS hacking in general, so things might take time as I get used to the engine and learn more about it. I'm open to suggestions, criticism, possible requests, etc. So, let's get into the features: NEW UNITS By the full of release of this patch, I aim to have both Blair and Qu'lon as fully functionable, recruitable child units. Ideally, supports will be released over time afterwards- the priority is for them to exist as playable characters. Afterwards, if there's enough interest, maybe I'll include other child units? Who knows. PROGRESS [BLAIR] Custom Unit: Mostly Completed Import Libra's hair from Awakening. Custom face. Add unique class textures. Add unique portraits. Add unique map sprite. Add MyCastle dialogue. Import Libra's voice lines. Add functioning Live2D model. Paralogue Implementation: Partially Completed Write script for paralogue. Tweak map itself, playtest accordingly. Tweak cutscenes. Successfully implement paralogue. Support Implementation: Early Stages Set up Blair's support ID and index, get supports working properly ingame. Izana & Blair PC support C B A S Additional Izana supports (Permission received from valadren and jamespeppersalt to use their supports) Takumi C-S* Niles C-S* Nyx C-S* Yukimura C-S Nina PC* Blair supports Corrin (M/F) C-S Mitama C-S Caeldori C-S Rhajat C-S Asugi C-S Odin C-A Selena C-A Laslow C-A Neryh C-S Rovini C-S Kana (M/F) PC PROGRESS [NERYH] Custom Unit: Not yet begun. Import Henry's hair from Awakening. Custom face. Add unique class textures. Add unique portraits. Add unique map sprite. Add MyCastle dialogue. Import Henry's voice lines to Fates. Add functioning Live2D model. Paralogue Implementation: Not yet begun. Write script for paralogue. Tweak map itself, playtest accordingly. Tweak cutscenes. Successfully implement paralogue. Support Implementation: Not yet begun. Set up Neryh's support ID and index, get supports working properly ingame. Nyx & Neryh PC support C B A S Neryh supports Corrin (M/F) C-S Mitama C-S Caeldori C-S Rhajat C-S Asugi C-S Rovini C-S Blair C-S Odin C-A Selena C-A Laslow C-A Kana (M/F) PC * = Written by someone else, but implemented into the patch with permission. KNOWN ISSUES
  8. This was pretty interesting to take! My results: I do feel like it's rather inaccurate when it comes to the disorder itself, mostly because of how high it ranked me on the scale (17/20).... despite me maybe playing 12 hours a week? I'm surprised it even gave me a 4 on competition based on my answers. Otherwise, I really can't complain too much about how it ranked me. It definitely got the social and escape motivations down, at least, haha. I have a lot of trouble with things like tone of voice, body language, etc, so it's very hard for me to interact with most others "normally" IRL. Online gives me a lot less to worry about at once! I don't necessarily think that makes me more prone to a gaming disorder though, especially when I tend to play offline. It's definitely a good start for a survey, it just needs to iron out some things before it can be a bit more accurate. Obviously it'll never replace a professional, but there's a lot of room for improvement still.
  9. Yep! He's Izana's kid. For whatever reason, the game overlays color on head sprites and portraits differently, so that's why the hair colors differ. I think that's also why the kids' and Corrin's map sprites tend to look sort of... washed out.
  10. So... Mmhm! Spriting was really my gateway into digital art, so over the years I've done a lot of pixel work. Most of it's been lost to time, but I've still got some decent-looking assets here and there. I might be interested in picking up the older GBA style of spriting at some point (once I work my way through all the newer games as a filthy noob), but for now this is what I've got! Starting with my non-FE work, here's an attempt at an Ace Attorney-styled sprite of my OC, Kree'pi, from 2018. Never got a full set going for him, but I still love the fellow a lot. He was good practice for learning how to deal with limited color schemes. Then, something closer to my roots, as I originally started with Pokemon splices- another OC of mine, Kohbi. I also like to call him Alolan Tarzan sometimes. Here's some actual FE stuff from a Stardew Valley mod I've more or less abandoned because I got into Fates hacking and yeah. >> Might work on it again sometime just because I've missed having a bit more freedom, stylewise. Last but not least, a head sprite for my Fates-expy Libra, Blair. I also have a base portrait done for him, but I'm not sure if 3DS-styled portraits fit here so I'm not gonna post those yet. Let me know if they fit here or in Creative more, I suppose?? Portrait preview below because uhhhh does it count as a sprite? I don't know but I'm proud of it ok BUT UH YEAH. Here's my work so far! I'll probably add more at some point, hopefully soon.
  11. Blattodea's the insect order that contains cockroaches*, and boy do I love those little buggers. (*And termites, as of February 2018, because, as it turns out, termites are just really weird cockroaches.)
  12. Blattodea


    you'd think after being on the interwebs for so long i'd eventually figure out how to make introductions and stuff but i don't :( hi i'm leo!! i'm uh. a noob. played through fateswakening, now i'm working my way through path of radiance! i uhhh draw and write and junk sometimes, and my crowning achievement is that i was part of that weird buff FE trend that happened on twitter for like a week anyways here's libra with a worm on a string because i've lost control of my love for the blonde femboy healer trope...............
  13. Might as well let my first post live up to my name lmfao. Alright guys, hear me out. Cockroaches. Arguably the most misunderstood animal on Earth. There are approximately 4,500 species of cockroaches living on the planet. 30 of which (0.667%) are associated with human biomes. Only five of those— a whopping 0.1% of all roach species— are considered to be widespread pests. Despite their penchant for transporting things like bacteria and mold (usually things they pick up from other humans and their delicious, delicious garbage), they are actually meticulous groomers, particularly when it comes to their antennae. They spend a lot of time cleaning them, almost like a cat. They usually live in large families of two or three generations, and they can tell each individual family member apart. They're capable of classical conditioning, something previously only reported in dogs and humans, and may even have their own personalities. Behavior aside (something that, in my opinion, could use a lot more research, just like bee behavior), plenty of roaches themselves just look rad. They're radroaches, if you will. I'm avoiding directly posting images since I know plenty of people are entomophobic, but here are some particularly interesting-looking roaches! P. mitchelli — Mardi Gras Cockroach C. magnifica — Emerald Roach B. craniifer — Death's Head Roach T. petiveriana — Domino Cockroach And of course, my personal favorite, the infamous G. portentosa: The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, or 'hisser' for short. I'm rather biased, as I've been keeping a terrarium of them for a few years now, but goodness they're so much fun. They're docile, easy to handle, and they'll eat your leftovers. Many colonies also live symbiotically with a species of mite that cannot survive without the roaches: these mites are wonderfully beneficial, as they eat any mold that begins to grow on their hosts, making them MUCH easier on any roachkeepers with allergies. That's all I've got off the top of my head, but hopefully at least one person will find themselves with a newfound appreciation for these neat buggos.
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