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  1. But sword avoid +20 is an equip-able skill, right? So get the skill then swap back to Lord or whatever you were doing before that...
  2. Perhaps, but when have Anna’s supports been something to write home about?
  3. I know it’s quite early to begin thinking of these things, but the day is fast approaching as we have less than 6 months left! First, what will you all do to celebrate? I want to make a cake and play, well, Fire Emblem! But what will Intelligent Systems do? I want to think that they will have another Fire Emblem direct, and they will announce exciting things. Maybe they will port some choice games (cough Path of Radiance cough Radiant Dawn) to Switch online? Or maybe like a “Fire Emblem the Story so Far” definitive version? What will they do in FEH? I think it is huge that our franchise is nearing 30 years! And that there is so much to this series, Intelligent Systems could do so much with this opportunity. I mean, the 25th anniversary concert was so great in my opinion. I’m really excited for April 20, 2020. What about all of you?
  4. So as we all know, Rhea, or Seiros as she is truly called, built the church of Seiros from the ground up naming herself as Archbishop (under an alias of course). The Church of Seiros has been going on for almost 1000+ years since the game starts, and Rhea herself has been there the whole time serving as Archbishop. What I’m wondering is: how did practically no one get suspicious that the same woman was the Archbishop for all this time? Or perhaps did she go under many aliases and fake those Archbishop’s deaths, appointing herself as the new one each time? We know approximately how old Jeralt is, and how long he’s known Rhea, but even he would not get the least bit skeptical for how long she’s been serving?
  5. I second this! Felix is such a strong character and a great foil for Dimitri, especially post timeskip.
  6. Like a race car noise? I feel like Claude would play “when mom isn’t home” with Raphael lol
  7. It’s a band au now Dimitri would play something percussion or low brass (if he didn’t already break it lol) Same for Dedue Sylvain would play saxophone (bc it’s the serenade instrument lol cough cough Jinguuji Ren cough cough) Felix would play French horn (to his dismay, he and Sylvain play similar parts... but he says his part requires “more skill” and Sylvain “has it easier”) Ingrid would play trumpet (idk she just gives me those vibes) Ashe would play euphonium/baritone (bc he tries his best) or trumpet lol Mercedes would play flute (again, gives me those vibes) and Annette would play the... clar-annette (high wind friends with Mercie) Prof. Byleth would conduct? Serenesforest do your thing now
  8. Azure moon, you get some top tier units right off the bat
  9. When characters “die” in the Battle of the Eagle and Lion, does experience gained carry over?
  10. Miklan was jealous not of Sylvain’s crest but of Sylvain’s prettiness (shoutout to Scoot for originally making this idea lol)
  11. Personally, I love maps that force the player to play well, and/or reward the player for playing well. For example, the goddess rite of rebirth chapter on hard is a good example of this. You have to beat the chapter in 25 turns, but that only constitutes killing the frail boss at the back of the map. Of course, you could just stride sneak strat to get your bosskiller to the boss, or you could get the two chests, the other experience, and even sacrifice a few turns to get the ultra-rare dark seal from challenging the terrifying Death Knight. However these are optional side-objectives.
  12. Maybe like a skill scroll or a training session with the Professor? That would be a good idea!
  13. But warp staves would be locked through weapon rank and would still be expensive/valuable though...
  14. As we know in previous Fire Emblem games, spells and staves have (mostly) been free to use by everyone as long as you were in a class that could use them, and you had the proper weapon ranks. It was a pleasant surprise to see that in Three Houses, spell lists were returning from SoV/Gaiden. However, I did not like it so much as you were not given as much freedom with things like warpers, warders, and physic-ers. In a game where you can have inherent freedom with class choices, it at the same time screws over characters with poor spell lists, and makes them less viable in any of the spell-casting classes. It also doesn’t help that only 3 characters in the game learn dark magic, and only two of which can utilize the “dark magic uses x2” skill on the gremory class, else the skill is wasted on literally every other female character. Even though it adds utility and singularity to each character, it makes some characters innately better than others in certain aspects, and it also limits the freedom the game so promised. You can also save money on monthly staff/spell books, but 5 heals/4 thunders per map in the early game is not very fun. It makes it harder to raise your spell units levels (especially on harder difficulties) without feeding them enemies whose health is at 1 (bc that’s how much damage Dorothea does with a sword lol aaaaaaaa) I would not like to see spell lists returning in future Fire Emblem games, but what do you all think?
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