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  1. Does beating the Cindered Shadows side story on Hard give you any extra benefits over beating it on Normal? I assume no, but the difficulty jump seems significant enough to warrant such a thing. The difficulty looks so...... daunting, right from the very start, just by looking at enemy stats and weapons. If there's no extra reward for beating it on Hard, then I'm going to turn it down to Normal, just because I don't think I'll enjoy playing it on Hard, even if I can beat it.
  2. OK, got it working. There was an option in the settings pages, like you thought. I checked there earlier, and didn't see it cause Infinite scroll is dumb, as usual. Having loading times for scrolling while making it seem like you're at the end of the page/scrolling, even when you're not. Thanks.
  3. So, I got everything up and working, but I did not get good heroes at the start, so I want to reroll. I installed Amaze File Manager, since that supposedly gets root access, but I can't find the data/data/com.nintendo.zaba/shared_prefs folder. I can find android/data/ and from there, it looks like that's where the folder I'm looking for should be, but I'm not seeing it, even after enabling hidden files/folders to be seen. Nothing there from nintendo. Never done any of this smartphone emulator whatnot before, and I don't have a smartphone myself, is there something basic I'm doing wrong, or what? I grabbed the chinese bluestacks from the link in the OP if that makes any difference. Is this preinstalled thing you mention important? if it's there, I don't know which one it is, cause most preinstalled apps are in chinese, even after switching over to english language on the settings.
  4. Probably a more important one. At the bottom of every screen(?) on the main site, is the credit/copyright thing. Content not otherwise credited copyright 2005-2017 to Aveyn Knight/VincentASM. Design is copyright 2013-2017 Joshua ‘Jyosua’ Moore. That would need updating to be effective up to 2018 at some point.
  5. Awesome, thanks for the fast replies. Edit: So, I bought it, and while I can transfer my save files, other routes, and DLC just fine, my Castle Address, and more importantly, my UNIT LOGBOOK do not carry over. The castle address is whatever, but losing the logbook actually does hurt a decent bit, for ease of access to a lot of units/skills that I had saved up, but couldn't get at those times cause reasons. I was over halfway through getting all the skills on all the conquest characters, with a solid chunk of what remained being in my logbook. Looks like I'm not gonna be able to actually sell my physical cartridge until I grab EVERYTHING saved up on my logbook, and that could take quite a while. It's a lot harder to get rare skills than it was back when the game was just released, after all.
  6. I feel like this might be a commonly asked thing, but I can't find any threads about it when using the search. I have a physical cartridge of the Fire Emblem: Fates Conquest, with both other routes, and all the DLC purchased on it. If I move all my saves from "normal slots" to "extra data slots" (I assume this means save to the SD card instead of the cartridge), if I sell the physical cartridge of Conquest, and buy the Download version of Conquest, will I still be able to use all my DLC, save files, and other routes I have already purchased? I have recently discovered the utter convenience of full-digital, and am trying to make the switch, but I can't justify buying the game again if I can't sell the physical cartridge.
  7. I can't remember, did character(s) with an A+ support level gain the support bonuses of an S rank pair, or an A rank pair?
  8. Still looking for: Rinkah: Lucky Seven Sakura: Bowfaire Scarlet: Aegis
  9. Looking for: Rinkah: Lucky Seven, SwordBreaker Rhajat: Trample, Defense +2, HP +5 Nyx: Defense +2, HP +5, Profiteer Sakura: Bowfaire Scarlet: Aegis
  10. Elise with LanceBreaker, and ShurikenBreaker Mozu with DeathBlow, and Renewal Benny with Movement +1 Are up. Address: 03860-84569-15919-75914 Take your time getting the discounts on them; I don't plan on changing them out anytime soon.
  11. Jakob with Armored Blow is up. Address: 03860-84569-15919-75914
  12. OK, I found an Ophelia with Gamble at this address: 10882-13888-53371-75082 I have put up Ophelia with Certain Blow at my Castle: 03860-84569-15919-75914
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