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  1. Sold better then Awakening I know that off the top of my head.
  2. This video explains it nicely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7Bj7wDnnXY
  3. Or Mark, as some believe, but I think it is confirmed Ray Chase is meant to be Alfonse here as he is the main lord of FEH.
  4. Are you sure you are not confusing with our introduction to them to when they first meet? Because Rinea has no reason to go to Zofia castle as she wasn't a soldier or a major Rigel noble. In fact she hated war. Another reason is that Zofia Castle was barely in Rigel's possession before it was taken back in less than a month and they seemed to know each other a lot longer. In fact here is what the wiki states: "Before the events of the game, as recounted in a memory prism, the two met at a Rigellian ball. Rinea, having retreated to a courtyard away from the main event, is discovered by Berkut and invited by him to dance. Berkut, noticing Rinea's shyness in dancing around the other nobles, agrees to dancing at their current location away from the festivities." I don't think the main ballroom would be away from the festivities...
  5. Yeah Cethleann and Cichol's crest are different, it is like fingerprints that nabeatans can pass down. Also I am pretty sure she was human and I don't think it is confirmed either way. Only implied that she is most likely human.
  6. But do you find out enough of Nemesis? There no she barely mentions him compared to VW if I remember correctly.
  7. You know finding out the truth? The past? All that jazz? Not all final bosses need to have a direct connection with the lord, I mean look at FE 7 for one example, I see Nemesis more as the finale boss as in a last challenge and cause for Rhea revealing her secrets not and that Thales was more the finale boss who had a true connection to Claude and the others.
  8. Oh yeah it does. I remember one of Rhea's classes not being able to use magic for some reason...
  9. Considering the "we don't want to spoil anything" line I think we are gonna get more Seiros backstory as well as Nemesis alongside it.
  10. She's the sister of her sisters and brothers, the daughter of her mother and father, so she is related to herself...
  11. I say somewhere between India and Australia.
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