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  1. Also, I think it takes place during chapter 5 as the Western Church is still being dealt with and this is before you face DK for a second time.
  2. It is a full split personality that was born from a tragedy. Kinda like Jeritza...
  3. Eh I don't know. How else does the Umbral Beast become a dragon form unless I missed something myself. Besides she all the qualities of a manakete, though that might be because he is Sothis' vessel, with pointed ears as shown in F!Byleth's potrait though not as elvish as other manaketes, greenish hair, long life, and the ability to sleep to stave off there wounds like Byleth did as pointed out by Flayn in SS. Though I don't think he has a dragon form like her mother probably does does show she has the genetics of it.
  4. The sunlight reminds her of the death of her family and so she is now afraid of sunlight. To quote the personality section of Constance's wiki, "Due to the tragedy that befell her house, Constance suffers from dual personality disorder. Her aforementioned personality are her dominant traits when indoors or outdoors during darker hours or overcast days. When she is exposed to sunlight, she is much more lethargic, apathetic, and even self-deprecating. Her tone is much more polite, but always stated in a manner that seems like she is inconveniencing her conversational partner." In order: Yes. Yes. After the failed ritual Sitri's body and Aelfric combined to form the Umbral Beast, in fact the dragon form may have been Sitri's transformed form corrupted by the ritual and Aelfric. As Rhea says the ritual brings back the husk but not the soul. Probably couldn't get his VA do the DLC for some reason or another.
  5. Did you really want it spelled out to you? This is left up to interpretation because no one, not even the characters, know the full story. Stories can leave open ended questions like these for the player or viewer to determine themselves. Also, Dimitri just about has a crisis so yeah... Everything about VW, and before you say that VW doesn't matter in the grand scheme it gives a lot more than BL does with Fodlan lore while BL mainly focuses on characters and the Tragedy instead of the world. In BL there is the fact Dimitri needs the Alliance to perform the attack that leads to the Empire barricading itself in Enbarr, he uses Dimitri to kill Arundel, and finally the attack on traitors he does early on so you can take the bridge. In CF he is there to stall Edelgard and knows he will lose so he attempts to negotiate with the player. She attacks them first in fear they will attack her first, showing that her idea isn't as noble as Leicester was just trying to stay out of the war's way. She even celebrates without remorse if you choose to kill him while other parties hated having to kill their classmates. Leicester is used by Edelgard in the rest of the story to make her army bigger to fight against Faerghus and the Church. Leicester itself is the middle ground between the Empire and the Kingdom, having been under both their rule. Without it no route has enough of a army to battle the antagonist army of their path. Then rewatch that scene or the SS one I don't remember which goes into full detail.
  6. Pretty sure everyone is in disbelief of this. Also, that guy who was involved in the tragedy you meet after you defeat Cornelia conversation is pretty much the ending of that story and probably the closest you'll get. Not like three characters, including Claude, are from that area while also being a main reason the Gonreil family is so highly regarded and Claude's main goal is to bring peace to Fodlan and Almyra. Not like that at all. They were the first human race that was sent to the underground because Sothis slaughtered many of their people for they warred against her children. They then told Nemesis and the 10 Elites to kill the Nabateans and use their bones as weapons and their blood and hearts as crests and crest stones. Now they came back to finish the job. Above. You can find both easily when you finish VW or even SS. E: I'm starting to think you played two or maybe even one path and came here to complain about a story that you haven't even finished. There is a reason there is 4 paths!
  7. Tharja isn't even that fanservicey, at least in Awakening, she hides her bust in her potrait so the only way you can fully see is in battle or preview and even then she didn't have the greatest bust. Her stalker tendencies were also played more as creepy or at best comedic. It wasn't until Warriors and Heroes that she became that fanservicey. (Not counting Rhajat as Tharja in this)
  8. We also have Flayn and Seteh who seem to not disagree with Rhea says in VW and SS, plus I am pretty sure Rhea would not lie in any of those cases with the only one I remember is the slight omitting of details of Byleth in VW and not going into detail about Nemesis in SS. I'll excuse the later as she is about to most likely die and probably doesn't want to remember the guy who genocide her entire race. (Also, I spoiled myself on SS ending and the convo before)
  9. Coming from a guy who played VW first and have completed almost every path and halfway through SS, yeah no. Play VW and learn his true backstory before jumping to conclusions, he is the whole reason Rhea is so close to the breaking point. The Agrathans slaughtered her people and her and made [REDACTED]. There is no justification.
  10. I think that is more the meme then anything else. He also has the upside of being on the house that was heavily marketed before release.
  11. You can put Ferdinand in a similar boat with him for many the same reasons.
  12. 1. Dreams of Knighthood Male Kris Female Kris Ryan Cecile (BHB) 2. War For Fodlan Dimitri(War) Claude(War) Edelgard(War) Rhea(Seiros) Hubert(War and BHB) 3. Child Soldiers Dimitri(Child) Edelgard(Child) Cyril(School) Flayn(School and War; BHB) 4. Foreign Diplomacy Petra(War) Dedue(School) Shamir(BHB) Cyril(War) Dedue(War) 5. Older Than They Look Nemesis Jeralt Nergal Tiki(Awakening and BHB) Seteh
  13. The whole Edelgard vs Rhea vs Dimitri thing. If you liked Edelgard you hate Rhea and everything she is about and call Dimitri a murderous pirate, if you like Dimitri you think Edelgard is completely in the wrong and she deserves no forgiveness forgetting everything about her character or have never bothered playing her path, if you like Rhea you similarly hate Edelgard and etc. That's why GD is best house!
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