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  1. I've always liked using Mercenaries/Heroes. Good stats all around, Sol, and being able to use swords and axes is pretty great. Design wise, I much prefer the Fates ones, though.
  2. I had a feeling we would get an Awakening banner soon. Thankfully, the one unit I was waiting for is free. I'd summon but I still need to save up for Lucina...
  3. Agreed. The designs are fine, but they're a little too busy for me. Zacian looks like a cross between Lycanroc and Gaogamon. And yes, Corviknight is amazing.
  4. Here's mine, Name: Brachy ID: 8245373354 My lead unit:
  5. I actually quite like the Brawl version, though I also love the calmer Sacred Stones theme.
  6. I normally don't post in forums of any kind, but since I like this site I'll introduce myself here. I first learned about Fire Emblem in fourth grade, after a friend showed me his copy of The Sacred Stones one day at school. I watched him play for hours, totally engrossed. I never ended up getting the game for myself, though. (Might have been the permadeath aspect that scared me away) It wasn't until 2014, after finding out about Awakening from ProJared, of all people, that I finally decided to give the game a try. I liked Awakening a lot, but after beating it twice, I sort of got tired of it, and eventually I had to take a break altogether since I had just started college. Two years ago, I decided to replay Awakening again since I hadn't touched it in a while, and I absolutely loved it. It really sparked my interest in the series as a whole, and since then I've gone and beaten Sacred Stones, Blazing Blade, Path of Radiance, all three versions of Fates, and I'm currently playing through Echoes. (I'm probably enjoying that one the most, to be honest) I don't really have a lot of time to myself anymore since I work part-time and go to college, so Fire Emblem is pretty much all I'm playing right now. I adore Monster Hunter, though (I don't play it much anymore since it kind of ruined my life in high school) and Age of Empires II is my favorite game of all time. So yeah, that's about it for now, catch you later.
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