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  1. Planning on build the neutral M!Byleth Maybe something like this: Creator sword. Reposition. Noontime/Moonbow/not sure about it. Distant counter. Need help with his B skill. Odd Speed wave. Darting stance I wanr to make him kinda enemy phase. Any advices? Thanks
  2. In the case that I purchase the expansion pass, it will be if I start an other route? Or only for the route I’m playing and I’ll have to buy it again later?
  3. Can someone explain me how the support with Rhea works, please? I’m in BL, chapter 11 and I tried to reach the level B with her but guess it was too late.
  4. Thanks a lot for your advices, it helps me so much, great as always. Now I have many ideas of how to build her and which skills to choose.
  5. Now that’s the main problem for me, tbh I feel “guilty” when I do something like that. I have another copy of her but is -atk +hp, is importat to consider the fact that she can get a merge?
  6. Is Fury better than Swift Sparrow in Katarina? I’m planning on build her, but want to keep Reese tome. She is +Def -Hp. However, I’m wonder if is it worth to give her a good build or just save her as SS fodder.
  7. Is it worth to invest in a -Def +Spd Kliff? Or it would be better to save him for fodder?
  8. Any builds for a +def -hp Fallen!Tiki? I want to keep special fighter but i don’t know which skills are the best for her.
  9. Those are perfect IVs for her, with 40 speed she will make and avoid some doubles. The problem is her low base atk and her weapon doesn’t help too much, if you want to really invest in her, you could give her a blade tome and desperation.
  10. You have a point. I decide to keep and build her for full support. I was thinking which B-skill is better for her, as a dancer WoM is obviously a good choice but she have 3 movement when transformed so... would a chill be better than WoM? I’m planning to use her in a beast/dragon emblem if it helps to choose a skill
  11. I pulled a random Leanne, she is the first one I have but is -spd +def. Should I build her or keep her for fodder?
  12. What can I do with 2 neutral Adrift M!Corrin? Is it worth to build him and merge the other one or fodder one of them? Btw I don’t have DC for them.
  13. Does anyone know when legendary heroes return? I really want L!Alm but... no orbs. I know he just literally appeared and it’s too soon for his re-run but I want to know when the legendary heroes return for being prepared
  14. I’ve pulled two Sothes, one is +spd -hp and the other is +atk -def. Which boon is better for him?
  15. H!Myrrh and other armor dragon like L!Tiki are perfect for him because dragon, another way to buff him is with the armor buffs like ward or goad (the during-combat buffs) those C skill are good for non-dragon armor allies if you want to put him in an armor emblem. Or maybe you can put him in a mix team with allies that use drive skills, or even use some skills like Atk tactic or Res tactic for buff Caineghis without being adyacent to him
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