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  1. Surprisingly, I managed to pull 2 L!Corrin. One is +res -spd and the other one is +def -res. Should I merge them or keep the +def one? Her fodder is just too tempting and could be extremely useful. Thanks!
  2. Probably a dumb question, but does someone knows if there is a way to predict the rerun of a seasonal unit or the approximate time it could take? Or is it totally random? Thanks!
  3. The dining hall can give you some feathers if your prepare some dishes for your units, the other structures are pretty fun to use but kinda useless outside the resort. Though you can use them in AR as the yellow structures (forgot their name). Yes, the max are 2 soil for now, which means you can have 5 dracoflowers of 2 different types if you decide to plant them.
  4. Iago will most likely return in 6 months (I think I read it somewhere). Canas is already in the grail shop and Iago will become available in one of the next updates (which are every month). I do not think Canas will return as a GBH, if I remember corrctly he already got his rerun.
  5. Got a Duo Alm recently and I was thinking some builds for him. I’ve a spare Thrasir and I was wondering if he could use Flashing Blade 4 + panic smoke, is it a good idea or are there better skills for him? Thanks!
  6. Got a +res -hp Hubert in the Chill skills banner. I’m not sure if I should build him or just fodder him for Infantry Hexblade, which I’ve heard is a decent skill for some mages. Thanks!
  7. 4 Thrasirs decided to pitybreak me today, one is +atk -res, two of them are -spd +def and the other one is +hp -def. I am not planning to merge them, maybe I’ll just keep the +atk copy. Anyway, who could be a good user of Panic Smoke or Flashing Blade? Are those skills useful or should I fodder them just for moonbow? Thanks.
  8. That’s true. Desperation is better for full offensive power. I’ll go with LnD as a place holder until SS3 becomes more affordable for me and my orbs. Thanks!
  9. Pulled two L!Alm in the legendary banner, one was -atk +res and the other was -spd +hp. I decided to keep the -atk and merge the other so now he’s only +res. The problem is his A slot, should I keep Darting blow? Or give him LnD/SS2 for more offensive power?
  10. Nice to finally see some SoV love. Overall, this banner don’t look so awesome in terms of fodder (excluding atk/spd bond 4). I’m pretty sure no one will be demoted (however the addition of Valbar as a normal unit in the pool is really appreciated) I hope he gets decent skills. I was hoping for Luthier, I want the siblings together. Maybe I’ll pull for Silque.
  11. Planning on build the neutral M!Byleth Maybe something like this: Creator sword. Reposition. Noontime/Moonbow/not sure about it. Distant counter. Need help with his B skill. Odd Speed wave. Darting stance I wanr to make him kinda enemy phase. Any advices? Thanks
  12. In the case that I purchase the expansion pass, it will be if I start an other route? Or only for the route I’m playing and I’ll have to buy it again later?
  13. Can someone explain me how the support with Rhea works, please? I’m in BL, chapter 11 and I tried to reach the level B with her but guess it was too late.
  14. Thanks a lot for your advices, it helps me so much, great as always. Now I have many ideas of how to build her and which skills to choose.
  15. Now that’s the main problem for me, tbh I feel “guilty” when I do something like that. I have another copy of her but is -atk +hp, is importat to consider the fact that she can get a merge?
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