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  1. Arete is finally in the game yay! I’m happy for Nyx and Charlotte too. Sadly we didn’t get any child units, we’ll have to wait, hopefully not that much lol. Not sure about Nifl though, I thought she was guaranteed as a mythic. Arete seems to have the underwhelming bunny tome, which means no prf for her. I’ll have to wait for her stats.
  2. I’m happy SoV is getting some kind of attention (if it can be called like that). Luthier is here and is the demote, so that’s pretty nice (hope he doesn’t get screwed). It’s weird Tatiana got the Emmeryn treatment tho. I really hope we can get another SoV banner and that this one is not the last one lol.
  3. NFU or lull spd/def for a +10 Young!Innes? Or are there better options for his B slot? I do have some premium fodder so I don’t mind other recommendations.
  4. Two questions: would a speedy Itsuki work? I know his speed is not that high, but with the right skills and a spd boon could he perhaps work? Second question: which A skill is better for a galeforce OG!Eliwood? Thanks!
  5. I didn’t get Ninja!Lyn and Summer!Byleth on their debut, so those are my picks (both are useful for general purpose). Though Seiros and Duo!Sigurd seem extremely tempting. Hope some of them get to the top 4.
  6. Quick question. Without the summoning tickets, how many orbs are needed to get the spark, counting the free summon?
  7. I have mixed feelings towards the Feh Channel and I don’t know if I like them or not or if I should be crying of sadness or joy. Anyways, the seasonal is kinda meh tbh, though I’d like to wait until the trailer to see what is going on with those units. The “demote” is cool I guess, and the rewards (aside of the forma) do not surprise me. In general, a decent/good anniversary celebration imo. ... And the cyl results have practically made me accept my toxic relationship with Feh lol.
  8. Now that we know the next new heroes revival will be Heroes, Light and Shadow, how far are we from an hypothetical revival of Princess of Bern? I didn’t get Guinevere on her debut and I’d like to know if I should be saving orbs rn.
  9. Yay Seiros is here! Now where is Rhea? Haha jk. Anyways, she looks quite interesting, and her weapon gives her some mixed phase potential. I’m going to wait for the anniversary to see what happens, but I will definitely try to get her. Her art is pretty, too.
  10. There is another problem. Even with the great success of Three Houses, we cant assure that the next game will be released this year or the next one (whether is a remake or not). And if a new game does not happen, then Three Houses will most likely take over some places of the next cyl (if Feh survives to that point lol). THIS. I’ve been thinking about it since the last cyl, and with the... events... that have been happening during the current one is not a crazy idea. It could be a possible solution for most of the cyl problems now that I think of it. edit: or cause more of them haha.
  11. I don’t have anything against gatekeeper (though I do not like the idea of him winning but that doesn’t really matter). The thing is that, do you really think IS would release him as a free unit now that they’ve seen how far he can go? If he gets in the game as a normal unit on a new heroes banner, he will most likely come with premium skills and 5* locked so players that really like him could spend. I don’t want him to get a brave alt, but I understand the reasons. Good Lord, this year is definitely... interesting.
  12. I don’t have the knowledge or advices that @XRay has, but I can advice you from the experience of someone who has had a +10 Aversa for more than 1 year. As you said, she shines on AR (currently I use her on light season and she does pretty well). She can work with a budget or expensive build as long as you increase her HP as much as possible (mine can easily reach 72 HP with blessings). Imo she is better than Iago (who has a similar role) because she can provide guidance/ground orders support for your team. Hope that helped.
  13. The men section is weird. I was definitely not expecting Gatekeeper to place so high, I suppose I underestimate his power lol. Glad to see Eirika in 1st place, though her place could still be stolen by Marianne or F!Byleth (I hope not). And Constance von Nuvelle and Rhea are in the top 20 yay.
  14. You can never be sure when we talk about meme characters, for sure this year will be tough for the characters most people want them to win. It is kinda exciting lol.
  15. My first vote goes for Elincia! Can’t wait for the midterm results, this year will definitely be interesting.
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