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  1. Both Ninian and Rhea look so tempting. Lilith seems okay I guess and personally not a big fan of Gustav, he seems so spontaneous. It’s a bit ironic that the normal version of Rhea hasn’t appeared as a legendary or as a new hero yet. Hope we don’t have to wait that long for her. Also, her voice line really gave me chills. So amazing!
  2. Speaking of 4 stars units and their possible use. Is Raven still a decent investment nowadays? I’ve a +4 one that’s been sitting on my barracks for a while. The main issue I can see is that he may seem to be overshadowed by Linus, who got a good weapon refine which makes him more versatile. If you enjoy spamming AoE specials, then Sothe is a pretty good option. I been using him for a while in AR-O and PvE content in general, and he can fulfill that role thanks to his refine without the need to run heavy blade on the seal slot, which opens the possibility to use LnD as a seal. His support capabilities are also pretty decent. The -/+5 debuffs and buffs, the special spiral 2 on his weapon and pulse smoke can be helpful for the team.
  3. Currently building up L’Arachel: Princess of Light. Been debating which would be a better B slot for her, Far Trace or Lull?
  4. Fortunately it’s a skip for me. Young Ike and Mist seem tempting, but yet they’re alongside with Young Mia another speedy sword infantry that will probably be overshadowed by another one in a couple of months. The characters selection is also… very particular, to say the least. They still look cute though. No Young Elincia or Sanaki is a bit disappointing too.
  5. Been thinking of grabbing the Young Marth forma. He currently has distant stance, null follow up and ruptured sky. Which skills would suit him better for a mainly enemy phase build?
  6. She seems to be okay. Not sure about her potential considering her attack could be rather low, but she’s still interesting nonetheless and I might end up getting her on her rerun. Also, am I the only one who thinks her outfit is… a bit basic? I was expecting something more elaborated.
  7. Been thinking for some time what would be the most optimal B skill for Black Knight. I’m still looking for advice for his build, considering there are many options. Thanks.
  8. Personally, I enjoy Warriors games a lot, though I still need to know more about the story and see the new designs of the characters to see if it convinces me. Will the purple haired guy be like a counterpart of Byleth? He could be a creation of the other god/goddess that appears on the box art.
  9. Out of curiosity, considering the tickets and the free summon, how many orbs would be needed to get the spark on the Valentines banner?
  10. Some time ago I pulled a L!Byleth and he has been unbuilt since then. Is his A slot a good option for him? Or should I just change it? The extra defense does not convince me. Thanks! I completely forgot about the grail shop.
  11. This caught me off guard but in a good sense I suppose. I’d have still preferred it to be Xander or Elincia as the legendary, but I don’t mind getting more options to pick. I feel her A skill is more the “star of the banner” than Fae herself lol.
  12. When does a GHB return? I didn’t get Sedgar and I’m wondering when will he return.
  13. Is Fury 4 useful these days? I am thinking of a build for Pelleas with some investment, so should I look for another option or is it good?
  14. So we’re finally getting exclusive skills for the 2nd place winners? That’s awesome! Eirika seems like a far better Brave Eliwood (which makes sad) but her art is pretty and I’ll definitely try to get her if my orbs allow me to. Marth is cool I guess. I like his art but that’s it. He’s just another infantry sword with high speed, who’ll probably get powercrept next year by another speedy infantry sword. I’m not sure about Distant Pressure and the recoil damage, like why? Gatekeeper has a similar skill and doesn’t have it. Speaking of him, he definitely surpassed my expectations. I absolutely love his tome animation and his prf skill looks nice and unique. The only thing that doesn’t convince me is the lack of auto follow-up. Marianne is… eh… I can’t get used to her art and her special looks a bit gimmicky if you ask me. At least her fodder is good. I’ll probably spark for Eirika and use the free summon on the Gatekeeper.
  15. Arete is finally in the game yay! I’m happy for Nyx and Charlotte too. Sadly we didn’t get any child units, we’ll have to wait, hopefully not that much lol. Not sure about Nifl though, I thought she was guaranteed as a mythic. Arete seems to have the underwhelming bunny tome, which means no prf for her. I’ll have to wait for her stats.
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