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  1. it was nice knowing you saskules which he fucking is, for once i gotta agree with bozo there i sure hope he does "just sell everything, it'll be okay" i want to call my currency andrades goddammit
  2. >jokes about some guy's diabetes >gets absolutely destroyed because of it it's small, but it's a reminder that there's still justice in this world it's funny i said i didn't want to vote on pimentel or anastasia, and i might end up voting on both (though frankly, we're in a bad situation either way) winter is coming
  3. glad to see this forum software is as bad as ever
  4. Might as well post a something here while I still can We're so fucked, Rei Rei
  5. what's your lewd gacha id kiwami life leaving, don't worry
  6. good lewdy while i've skipped 3 myself... yeah i definitely wouldn't recommend playing 6 without playing 5
  7. my life is fairly uneventful family issues aside work, sleep, lewd gacha, some falcom/yakuza/atelier on the side
  8. soledai i've probably mentioned more than once that totori reminded me of jenni, too
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