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  1. I see some other group went ahead and finished volume 12 on Mangadex. Did you talk? It would be a shame if you wasted time redoing each other's work or even worse, dropped the project altogether. Oosawa is suffering.
  2. Have fun Time to disappear once again then, I suppose
  3. That's some strong boredom alright I suppose people like their memes
  4. Wouldn't say coming back. This forum is as clunky as I remember, and that isn't a good thing at all Also this thread is a zombie finger at this point
  5. Marthur what are you doing
  6. You're supposed to fill that void, not feed it
  7. it was nice knowing you saskules which he fucking is, for once i gotta agree with bozo there i sure hope he does "just sell everything, it'll be okay" i want to call my currency andrades goddammit
  8. >jokes about some guy's diabetes >gets absolutely destroyed because of it it's small, but it's a reminder that there's still justice in this world it's funny i said i didn't want to vote on pimentel or anastasia, and i might end up voting on both (though frankly, we're in a bad situation either way) winter is coming
  9. glad to see this forum software is as bad as ever
  10. Might as well post a something here while I still can We're so fucked, Rei Rei
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