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  1. Okay so this isn't actually about the Arachnea and Thabes, but i am in Act 3 and have yet to use any of the Lion Wells. . I've read that Alm's and Celica's parties will become one at the end of the main story, and because of that i have been saving all Lion Wells for when i plan to boost the stats of the late-joining party members. My initial plan was to finish the game first, and then just go back to all the Lion wells for the intended characters, before preparing for Thabes. My question is that would it be possible to backtrack the whole map after Act 5? or will there be certain places i will become unable to access anymore?
  2. Same. Oh, and it's refreshing to see someone not triggered over SwSh XD
  3. (wow, it's been a while since i last posted XD) Other game franchises that i like are: Series: - Pokemon - Ace Attorney - Megaman - Spyro (OG, and the Legend of Spyro remake.... i havent played Skylanders yet) - Sonic Rush & Rivals - Monster Hunter (though i don't play AS much bcs i'm scared i might break my circle pad) - Mario Kart - Bravely - Mario (the platformers) - Five Nights at Freddy's - Etrian Odyssey - Patapon - Dynasty Warriors - Azure Striker Gunvolt - Kingdom Hearts Stand-Alone games: - Stella Glow - The Alliance Alive - Dragonball Fusions Games that are part of a series: - Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX - Final Fantasy Theathrythm Curtain Call
  4. I was thinking for the Megaman's and X's (and Axl's) weapons to be part of their combo strings, a different weapon for a different combo. As for Megaman.EXE and Megaman SF, simply make their forms like an Awakening gauge, but they have to equip certain skill slots to their weapons to control which form they use. For Megaman.EXE, we gotta have Style Change and maybe the Cross/Double Soul. As for Megaman SF, Star Break and Tribe On forms will be the ones used. I second the Robin/Corrin idea for the ZX/ZXA protagonists. On top of it, i also want Megaman Zero series' design for Zero to be an alt skin for Zero. I also vote to have the H/L/P/F megamen from ZXA to be added as separate postgame playable characters (like Toon Link's section in Hyrule Warriors), with ZX's Aile/Vent versions of PX/HX/LX/FX as the alt skins (with base movements being a mix of both appearances, or simply the ones from ZX since those felt more complete) And well i simply didnt want extra DLC for extra characters (i'd prefer just make it harder for them to be unlocked), but if it comes to that i agree with your DLC options (looking forward to Prometheus/Pandora one) oooh my idea was different. Do you remeber how Linkle's story was handled in Hyrule Warrior Legends? or how Hoshido and Nohr sections were handled in Fire Emblem Warriors? iw as thinking similar to that. All available games's characters have a starting route, and they all intersect with each other and eventually everyone together at some point along the story. As for the Robot MAsters and MAvericks, well they can just have 1-2 from each game, maybe a poll of who would be the most popular ones. Any more will, as much as i dont prefer it, gonna have to be added as DLC. Aaand as for the games' version of Link's fully Unlocked Master Sword from Hyrule Warriors, we're gonna have the following: - MEgaman X's Ultimate Armor (Both variants) - Black Zero - White Axl - Megaman's fusion with both Rush and Beat maybe? - Megaman.EXE's Hub Style, Gregar Beast, and Falzar Beast (gonna have to forge separate weapons, which would extend replay value, which goes the same for MEgaman X and MEgaman SF's) - Megaman SF's Tribe King, Rouge Noise, Black Ace, or Red Joker - Vent/Aile's Model OX
  5. Sonic Rush 3. Sonic Rush has always been one of my favorite Sonic games, and Blaze as playable character is awesome too. Megaman ZX 3. That cliffhanger at the end of ZX Advent was too much. Megaman Warriors. Imagine the Roster. certain playable Robot Masters, Mavericks, NAVIs, and EM Wave Change playable characters included. No DLC outside of new maps pls XD A rhythm game like Theathrythm FF: Curtain Call (where it's based on game music) but the game this time is Ace Attorney A Boku no Hero Academia game, in Dragonball Fusions format (except the fusion mechanic ofc) a MOBA Fire Emblem game.
  6. Ahh stupid me should have made clear, i only meant 3DS releases ((hard to find DS games now, but with your suggestions i will look into V for DS if i ever find one)) Hmm so far everything points out to VIII, i guess i will give that one a shot first
  7. a nobody who cares XD has very intriguing links in their signature
  8. has a very interesting approach on dealing with double posts
  9. What Dragon Quest game would you people suggest for someone who is new to the series? Only 3DS ones.
  10. Oh i merely explained it to the other guy since he said he hasn't played the ZX series; it was just to give an idea of how the Biometals "work" i'm not saying GV has elements from them, i just explained how i saw they transitioned slowly to "gunners". I agree on those points though. I agree. i did say GV doesnt kill like Zero and that the similarity was JUST the skill factor for highest scores. I agree, Model H isn't the same at all since it is pure aerial mobility rather than Aerial combat. I just said X, Zero, and ZXA(Model A) since those series are what were mentioned, so i did my best to explain how they could have gameplay-element similarities (special weapon acquirement after bosses, closing in to get the best out of weapons, and homing respectively) from them. On Copen's note, Luminous Avenger iX is the first game that actually made me WANT to have a Switch now lol So far i think it is for the better, but it does put a bit more pressure on them for future installments, if any. At least they have full control over it now unlike ZX series As far as i have seen before, many people preferred ZX over Advent except for upgrades like Map mechanics, but anticipation for ZX3 was large. Arguably it is now more dead thatn hope for next Legends though lmao
  11. Never realized the pun until you pointed it out lmao. Yep, done it on purpose to introduce her to the whole IC discussion XD Inti Creates also created the game Mighty Gunvolt Burst, in which GV, Beck, Gal*Gun, AND their rivals/sidekicks appear ALL AS playable characters. If you haven't played it, i recommend checking it out, it's like RPG Classic Megaman. You do need to pay for DLC for extra characters like Joule though. And once you've played it a bit you'll discover that a major aspect of its gameplay is customizing your "Buster" Shots. So yeah. They definitely literally brought all the guns in there. If Mighty No. 9 disappointed you, Might Gunvolt Burst is what MN9 should have been, and is like a 60-fps successor to classic MM. It's on both 3DS and Switch (30fps for 3DS though but still great) Ohhh i didnt know about it. Never owned a Switch yet T_T If that's the case though, i take back my word on it. But as far as pure portable systems go they certainly shifted from sword/gun mix to mainly guns.
  12. Inti Creates developed all of them, so there is definitely some inspirations going from one game towards the next ones. Yes, the 4 Guardians from Zero series, and Zero & X themselves were Ciel's inspirations for the creations of the Biometals. Nevermind you mentioned IC creating all of them already XD To make it simpler to understand coming from an Azure striker player perspective, you know how Copen is merely a human who wears a hi-tech jacket with loads of "programs" you can equip to it? That's the similar essence to the main characters of ZX/ZX Advent. Mere humans, and "Copen's Jacket" is in the form of Biometals, the difference being the Biometals come with preset abilities that can't be modified. Sometime during these developments i think, Inti Creates decided that they are more adept at "gun"-style action instead of "sword"-style. Model X from ZX has a double charged shot that is arguably mroe powerful than X2's double charge shot Model A from ZXA has Homing Shots and Giga Crush Gal*Gun, a game also by IC, is a shooter GV doesn't have the "up-close-and-personal" feel of MMZ Zero, but he definitely has that skill play aspect, since you still have a reason to try and avoid everything (Kudos system from GV1 was painful), plus the aspect that like Zero/ZX, the base gun itself isn't the main source of damage. GV doesnt kill like how Zero does, but he needs to be as skillful as Zero is to achieve those high scores. Copen on the other hand, "combines" both X and Zero imo. (with X being the larger influence ofc.) To make the most use out of his weapons, you do need to "get close" to them like Zero by homing in and literally making physical contact with the enemy. Once that "Zero" part of getting close is done, the "X" part (and arguably Model A) does the rest by homing shots AND homing special weapons. In conclusion i think the Azure Striker series is more like the culmination of IC's contribution to the development of Zero-ZX series, rather than a complete "Spiritual successor". If ZX needs anything, it's not a successor but rather that third game.
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