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  1. Last thing I heard on the radio driving home was She Talks to Angels by the Black Crowes. Last thing I actually sat down to listen to was this
  2. I’m looking to buy a few cards: Any Raven/Raymond card, of any rarity Henry B18-069 Soren P17-010PR Lucius B07-22 I’m looking to get a bigger list started soon but for now these are at the top. I’ll be paying with PayPal and would prefer to buy from North American and/or US sellers. DM me if you have any to sell, thank you!
  3. Can't find this Soren anywhere that isn't shipped from Japan; anybody in North America got one for sale or a link to one?
  4. Wasps, rats and hornets can all die in a hellfire. Poison ivy and chiggerweeds are pain in the ass too.
  5. Hey I don't know anything about these cards. Anyone got any info? Especially interested in the Tibarn one.
  6. Having a hard time finding this Ike for a reasonable price. Anyone have him? Would prefer to buy from someone in North America, using PayPal.
  7. Looking to buy this Alfonse card if anyone has it, preferably from someone in the USA. I'm in TN, paying w/PayPal. Send a message if you can help!
  8. Looking for this Promo Soren if anyone has it for a reasonable price (I... really don't know how rare or expensive it is, I just collect Cipher cards for the art). Anyway, I'm in the USA (Tennessee), use PayPal and would prefer to buy from someone within the country. Send me a message if you can help me find it, thank you!
  9. I'm looking to buy this card. I don't have anything to trade but I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for one in good condition! I'm in the US (TN), and would prefer to buy from someone within the country.
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