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  1. ... That's....the problem, I basically solo'd every chapter with only them and now all my other units are under level 30 I'm screwed 😶
  2. Yet another post asking for help...I really suck at this game, huh? So I'm stuck on chapter 22 of the blue lions route. I've tried over 10 times to beat it but to no avail. All my units except Byleth and Dimitri are very underpowered, and since I can't go back to the monastery at this point I have no way of fixing them...Have I basically softlocked myself at this point? What am I supposed to do?
  3. So I've been placing Byleth and Dimitri next to eachother pretty much every turn, I'm at the start of chapter 21 and they're still only support level B. I'm trying to S support them but it seems their support level isn't building? Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Recently got into Overwatch, so I've been playing a lot of that lately. I also got Omega Ruby the other day so I'll be starting that soon
  5. Looks really cool, I'm interested! Also, the invite link doesn't work (says its invalid).
  6. Considering the remake for the DS, is there any point in playing the original over that one?
  7. I've seen this one a lot on the thread, but Shadows of Valentia. I really wanted to like this game, but the gameplay ruined it for me. Some parts of it feel impossible to play through, and I felt myself getting more frustrated with the game than I was having fun with it. I didn't care too much for the characters either, only a handful of them I actually liked. I was just really disappointed, since I was so excited going into this game only to be really let down. The art and soundtrack for the game is amazing though, I'll give it that!
  8. Topic. I'm trying to find the project naga translation one. I would just playthrough to it myself, but my emulator keeps crashing and I can't ;-; Thanks!
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