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  1. I'm not sure if this has already been addressed, but I encountered a glitch in the Prologue. Sylvester does 0 damage (in Easy mode, just to be clear) to the Knight in the west corridor, and, as he doubles, the Knight's health starts going up, up to ?? HP (I think 200 or so). I think it doesn't have any effect on gameplay, but better safe than sorry.
  2. Well, I'm actually building it (currently three chapters, plus FE8's standard chapter 4 with different characters, in) , and I was considering adding personal skills becauseā€¦ rookie eagerness, I guess?
  3. I see. Thanks for your time. :D I'll try to re-add the patch later, and hope for the best. Unless someone who had the same problem can give me some pointers on how to work around that.
  4. 1)Yes 2)Yes 3)A hack (Also, in case the solution is just uninstalling the patch, are there ones that just show growth rates in game and make so the killing blow to a boss is always a crit?)
  5. So, as the title might suggest, I'm experiencing a problem with the patch that allows to add skills into FE8: since I enabled it, my thief (15 Speed) can't seem to steal an item from an enemy (4 Speed). I tried with a personal skill, without it, even with double Cunning. Any idea or suggestion? (Also, is it the right section to ask this in?)
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