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  1. Alright, I'm going live once more after a break. Today will be fire emblem radiant dawn. :)
  2. I play FF14 as well. I'm on the Hyperion server in the primal database. I've got a miqo'te that has 70 in paladin, samurai and white mage. working on getting the other classes up to 70.
  3. https://www.twitch.tv/hiro_wolfgang I am currently live playing Fire emblem radiant dawn.
  4. Thank you for the recommendations. I will do this. Need to figure out how to work on my signature.
  5. small time streamer. I will post when I am live from this from here on. link is in my signature now. (Edit: changed title and edited this to make more sense. apologies if I'm slow)
  6. Hello, finally made an account here thanks to some pushing from a viewer. I'm a small time streamer so I'll occasionally be on the forums to talk fire emblem. Don't know how else to say hi so hello :). and i probably failed at my introduction but hey, nerves. Not very good at being a people person.
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