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  1. Hi folks! Back from real life...the laptop I was using to work on this got stolen, which pretty much killed my motivation. Let me take some time to address feedback! Yeah, her bases are quite poor, aren't they? I'd wondered if buffing her too much would take away from the spirit of the meme; this seems like something I'd have picked up on in a play test (if I'd ever used her!). I'll make a note to investigate this. Thanks for playing! Glad some of the early changes helped out. Just as EmeraldEnchanter said, Sophia's design here is intended to showcase the power of staffs in FE6. I've found that a lot of remakes give her raw power-ups, but since she's not quite human, I figured she should be a uniquely powerful unit in a nonconventional way...hence the movement and natural affinity for staff utility. =============== Now for a big update on the status of the project: I'll be chipping away at some of this work in the coming month(s?), but as always, anyone interested in helping on this project in any capacity (testing, coding, FEBuilder, reading through support conversations) is welcome to DM me. Happy 2020 folks!
  2. Hi, there! No, that actually isn't the case; it needs to be patched on top of a ROM with gringe's translation patch. Check the very end of the FAQ section; I believe I've linked it.
  3. Test patch file: https://github.com/nagasen314/fe6-not-thracia/raw/develop/fe6-nt-experimental.ups Includes changes for: - Yodel (S rank light) - Moved promotion items (C11A/10B village Orion's Bolt is a Knight Crest; C12 has a stealable Knight Crest, C13 has a stealable Hero Crest, C15 has a stealable Guiding Ring). - Extra status staffs (C13: Berserk replaces Al's Sword, C16: Sleep replaces Silver Bow, C16x: Silence given for free at chapter's end). - Beyond the Distant Skies no longer returns mid-game.
  4. I had a chance to think about some changes after some feedback from other sources. The big & ambitious change: - I'd like to insert cherrypicked support conversations between chapters/as on-map talk events to make up for axing the whole system. I could do some conditional checking to see if characters are still alive, or even if they're promoted (to indicate their active use). What's definitely going in: - Yodel needs S light magic. It makes no sense that he doesn't have this. - Switching out "Beyond the Distant Skies" when it returns inexplicably midgame. - Moving Murdock's Hero Crest to the Chapter 13 Hero. - Moving Zephiel's Knight Crest to Chapter 12 Cath. - Moving Brunja's Guiding Ring to the top Valkyrie on Chapter 15. The thing I'm in the middle about: - +1 of each status staff. I want the player's early-game staffbots to feel more powerful; I feel pretty good about this one, but I'm not sure where to put them. Current ideas for locations include: - replacing the C13 "Al's Sword." I was thinking of writing it in as a cursed weapon that the local villagers want to have nothing to do with. - replacing the C16 "Mend" with a Sleep staff. We're robbing a castle, so why not have some powerful treasure lying about? - giving a Silence staff after C16x. The Bishops are spamming it anyway; why not have a soldier find one lying around? Things I'm not sure about: - revert conversation changes. I'm not super adamant about keeping the changes I've made, but I've basically gotten two very vocal "CHANGE IT BACK" shouts. - revert Shanna's STR+1 buff. I could go either way on this; if anything, it makes her less RNG-screwable. - start bosses that have both a 1 range and 1-2 range weapon equipped with the 1-2 range weapon? As always, feel free to give any thoughts on what's already implemented & these prospective changes.
  5. "FE4-SoV" can be read as "from FE4-SoV," SoV = Shadows of Valentia. It's just a short way of explaining that I've cleared every Fire Emblem game except for 1, 2, and 3.
  6. Nope. Sounds like a pretty interesting idea, but it's "Not Thracia" after all :P . I don't have the knowledge to implement or properly rebalance the game around a capture system.
  7. I feel the same pain...I love the extra lore that supports provide in GBAFE! I feel that it really enriches the game's experience...that being said, having units stand next to each other forever and not focusing on efficient play bothers me. If IntSys remakes FE6, I would LOVE to see them fix the GBAFE support system. If I were a better ASM hacker, I'm sure I could implement leadership w/o salvaging support. Thanks for your interest and feedback!
  8. Hey Scraiza, mind taking a screenshot and pointing out which units specifically? I don't recall having to deal with enemies mobbing the Ogmiriusminabello (lol) group...maybe just a hunter...but then it's been a while since I've revisited H4.
  9. Thanks for the feedback! That's one of the motivations behind implementing the system. In the translation I played, I believe it was called a "Flame Sword." It provides a +5 boost to MAG in Thracia, and MAG doubles as a RES stat (just in case you didn't know!). A few reasons the Flame Brand exists as it does: The fact that it's fire magic is meant to align with the motif of fire (the Binding Blade spewing flames and all that), and the utility of a 1-2 range early game magic sword is inspired by Leif's Light Brand. Having the PRF simply BE the Light Brand felt a bit on the nose to me, and there are enemies that equip the Light Brand. It's also useful when obtained for sword-locked units. It gives +3 DEF as opposed to +5 RES because it was important to me that the bonus wasn't just an empty duplication. The slight boost to bulk early game can help Roy stay in the thick of things until he gains some survivability until it breaks.
  10. Project "Not Thracia" - A Novice's Attempt at Reworking FE6 Overview Let's be honest...Roy's never felt great to use. He moves very slowly, has a late promotion, and doesn't offer value at the vanguard. Oh, and FE6 hit rates? Ugh! So, inspired by Leif and a few Thracia things, it occurred to a few friends and me that we might be able to change some of that. With nothing more than a misplaced sense of optimism and some faint memories of learning x86 ASM in college, I began this FE6 rework: Project "Not Thracia." Notes: This was designed & tested exclusively on FE6 HM. No custom animations/sprites were added; this is a basic hack with minimal ASM. Uses gringe's translation patch. Patching Instructions Install a UPS patcher from (http://www.feshrine.net/hacking/patchers.php). Apply .ups patch. You'll want to check the "ignore" box for errors! Enjoy! Gameplay Changes I personally love FE6 HM; it's my second favorite difficulty from FE4-SoV, right behind FE12 H4. With that in mind, we set out to try to make a few adjustments while not messing with how the base game plays too much. Here's a few high-level categories we identified: For a complete list of changes made, see this README. Leadership System This was the biggest change to the game I made, and it takes two things into account: FE6 support grinding is slow and tedious for the efficient player. FE6 hit rates can be janky. Unit Calibration Here are some of the more interesting changes that have been made and a brief discussion of the thought processes behind them. There are a few that I didn't bother to go into detail here, see the README for the full list. Weapon Calibration Some weapons have atrocious hit rates, but buffing these also powers up enemies that use them. For example, I wanted to make Short Bows a little scarier/useful, so they've got +5 to hit from vanilla. Other weapons, like the Steel Bow, are rarely enemy-equipped, but are important for the player (e.g. Steel Bow for Sue), so that has a +5 to hit as well. See the README for the complete list! Links [v2 Patch download] [v2: README + changelog + credits] A big thanks to the folks on the HMNG discord and the FEU discord for helping make this foolish dream of mine come true. FAQ (gathered from Reddit thread) Q: Will you be making any additional changes to this hack? A: If the hack is received enthusiastically, then, yes! Q: Will you be supporting the other translation patch? A: If interest leads to another iteration, I could look into rebuilding these changes onto the other patch, but it's tedious work. I'd need motivated testers to make sure the build is stable and bug-free. That being said, every change and both ASM routines are accessible and documented on Github. There's nothing stopping anyone with the right skills from rebuilding the patch. I'd be happy to support anyone who'd want to take the initiative to do that. Q: How can I support the hack? A: If you like what you see and/or you're interested in helping tune a next iteration, the best thing you can do is give the hack a playthrough and get in touch with me. I don't plan on working on this anymore, besides emergency bugfixes, but enough interest could change my mind. Naga bless, and have fun! Q: Is this compatible with Leafy's FE6 Recolor project? A: Yes, it is! When patching, you'll want to check the "ignore" box. Q: Which translation patch does this hack support? A: gringe's!
  11. You hit the nail on the head. FYI Rescue tile priority is down -> right -> left -> up; some chapters (chapter 7 immediately comes to mind) can greatly benefit from using Rescue to move. From the sound of things, you're close to success! Just keep calm and carry on go faster :P .
  12. I strongly, strongly disagree. FE12 H3 unit viability covers far more units than Awakening Lunatic does. I've seen General Etzel used effectively on H4, not even H3, runs. This is @Ziggy McDougal's H4 (Reverse Lunatic) SOYO roster.
  13. Joke's on you; I've yoinked every Rewarp in sight ;)
  14. Challenging and extremely fair. You've got to plan out every move, study AI behavior*, figure out reinforcement zones, use Starsphere shards intelligently, promote your units at good times (i.e. if you're waiting until 20, you're making the wrong choice), and make good use of Rescue as a movement tool. You also need to be aware of weapon rank bonuses, be smart about your forges, and use the drill grounds when you can. Even H4 (reverse lunatic) is fair. I do think that FE12 H3/4 are the hardest difficulties in the entire series, so players not used to doing so much math may struggle. *FE12 AI will always try to do the most damage possible, and also treats non-zero crit attacks as guaranteed crits. You can use luck to manipulate the AI this way.
  15. Hey all, I'm a long-time user of SF data, having completed FE4-SoV (on hardest difficulty when available) + TRS and am working through Berwick. I've done a few RR's and did a bit of RD 0% growths until I got bored out of my skull. I'm also a retired small-time streamer. Figured I'd finally stop lurking since I've completed a basic FE6 ROM hack.
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