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  1. Because he is using them. That was pretty explicitly stated that he wanted to use the Church to give his side more legitimacy. It's just another scheme. He doesn't side with Edelgard because she was responsible for the war, and he never wanted a war.
  2. Neither. I just looked at the stats of the weapons. Brave weapons all have worse Might, Hit, and Weight than Silver+ weapons. Durability often varies. I haven't looked too closely at Killer weapons, but I know from previous games that Killer weapons are best on high-crit characters. Besides most of the time crits are superfluous. Most of the time they trigger when I'm killing the unit I'm attacking anyway, or they trigger when I'm trying to soften up a unit for another unit to take down. I am having a bit of trouble upgrading from Silver to Silver+ due to it taking 16 Smithing Stones to do so. The 1 Might increase isn't really worth it, but the 10 Durability increase is.
  3. From my experience Killer weapons aren't that great. Silver+ seems to be the best in terms of Might, Weight, Durability, and Hit. Of course I could be wrong. But yeah, Vantage+Wrath is a great combo for a Counterattacker.
  4. Sylvain does have a Magic Growth of 30%. Add in the 10% from the Mage, Dark Mage, and Warlock classes that gives him a decent 40% Growth Rate for quite a few levels. He most likely won't have as high a Magic stat as Lorenz but still decent. Felix actually has the same growth rate, but has a 55% in Strength compared to Sylvain's 45%, so the Mage classes aren't that great for him.
  5. 1. I sent them down the Warlock route to boost their Magic. Sylvain is a very physically tanky mage. 2. I go Warrior if Counterattacking and Fortress Knight if Tanking. Also probably not a good idea to make Dedue a Wyvern Lord. He has a Weakness in Flying. Getting a Neutral to A rank is tough enough. I'm learning how bad it is getting A rank with a Weakness getting Manuela's Reason up. Lysithea, Felix, and Dorothea are the only ones with a Budding Talent in their Weakness, so should be the only ones actually training their Weaknesses. And that's only if you want Felix as a Mortal Savant, or Lysithea to use a Levin Sword.
  6. Finally got the game myself. Verdant Wind route on Normal/Classic Chapter 17. I recruited everyone before the time skip. Most of my guys are Lv 32-34 and so far only Lysithea and Lorenz have certified for their Master Classes. Only Byleth has mastered all the classes he's needed due to him being required in any Story and Paralogue battles, and having no Advanced or Master Classes to master. Most characters are on their 2nd Intermediate Class, with a few on their 1st Advanced Class and a few late joiners on their 1st Intermediate Class. Going NG+ should get everyone trough their classes quicker since I've been spreading the renown between the St Statues evenly. Been doing every Paralogue battle and completing all quests. Pissed that I missed Marianne and Ashe's C rank due to the time limit on it. Ashe was one of my last recruits in Part 1 due to being the only one to require Lances, as was Ferdinand and his Heavy Armor requirement.
  7. Goddamn it. I missed that. Apologies.
  8. No. He had D in Bows, not D+. Also I already linked that. Again, D in Bows, not D+.
  9. Nope, he talked to her during exploration. He does only seem to care about recruiting her and Dorothea though, no idea why. And since he's blind he doesn't realize he needs tons of Charm for Dorothea.
  10. I know that. He had a C Rank with her which according to the recruitment chart on this site, doesn't reduce the requirement from needing a C in Bows. https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/characters/recruitment/. A B Rank with her would of been needed to reduce the required Bow Rank from C to D.
  11. Was watching Tom Fawkes's blind LP of Three Houses and he recruited Bernadetta with a D in bows, and didn't have a B Rank with her. WTF? He does have 23 Strength, but I don't think extra Strength helps.
  12. Blame Tom Fawkes's LP of Three Houses. It was the first Three Houses LP I watched and he made Hilda an Armored Knight and I loved it. Haven't seen post Time Skip though. So yeah, Hilda will always go Heavy Armor in my mind.
  13. Here are the Archetypes and who's in what. Lords: Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude Mounted Hybrid: Hubert, Sylvain, Lorenz Tank: Ferdinand, Dedue, Raphael Master Magician: Dorothea, Annette, Lysithea Counterattacker: Caspar, Felix, Hilda Flier: Petra, Ingrid, Leonie Archer: Bernadetta, Ashe, Ignatz Support: Linhardt, Mercedes, Marianne Edit: Though I could be convinced to swap Hilda and Raphael.
  14. Petra is the Flier and Caspar is the Counterattacker.
  15. Which is mitigated by the 19 base strength of Warrior. Edit: Alright I gave it some more thought and decided to change it up a little. Each house now has a unit natively in it that qualifies for each of these archtypes: Lord, Mounted Hybrid, Archer, Flyer, Master Magician, Counterattacker, Tank, and Support. I had to do quite a bit of thinking for this and it may not be perfect.
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