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  1. I normally really prefer to lurk, especially on stuff that can get as heated as politics, but I really don't know what's going on anymore. How did we go from moderately unstable (more or less) to people storming their own capital? It's just surreal and I don't even know how to vocalize what's actually happening at this point.
  2. +1 laCruel Thanks for the cards and advice! Want: Have: I would prefer to trade, but I am willing to buy/sell cards if needed. I also have most of the N/HN cards for B04/B10/B14, including all of the Risen for B14, if you're interested.
  3. I've been behind on Cipher, so my list will be pretty big, but hopefully that means I'll have some older cards people will want too. I'd much rather trade, but I'm also able to buy cards if needed! Have: Want: +1 to Emblem-R Great first experience for this!
  4. The biggest issue I have with it is that most of it seems to be quality of life. I'd understand if it was just different skins/bonus 2 stats, and even increased summoner support, but the other ones I don't understand. I'd personally just have the extra art, merge, etc, but let the other features be free. Maybe take away the stat boosts entirely, make the undo pass-only, then leave the auto start and support for free. Then, keep the extra art and stuff for the pass as well.
  5. Honestly, you have a lot of options. If you'd like, you could go by series, color, both etc. If you play the game, you could set up certain pages to hold your decks/theory decks. A few other things you could do is sort by promotion or cost, support, attack, etc. There's a lot of variety so anything that sounds or looks good to you is probably best.
  6. The user can punch, and only punch, people incredibly fast, however it only has the effect of a snowball being lightly thrown. Pocket Dimensions.
  7. Yeah, trans people are normally as good as anybody else. I view it in the same light as feminism, which is it's fine to an extent. Don't overplay yourself or others or whatever, and I've got no problem with that stuff.
  8. Finally finished with cards I've got and cards I want, though if you've got another offer based on what I currently have, never hurts to ask right? I also have 3-5 black Heroes sleeves, depending on what's being traded, and I have the Awakening and Birthright starter decks if anyone's interested. Have: Wants:
  9. Hey! I'm completely new, so I don't know if I'm doing this right, but I'm just looking to trade cards, as I don't have PayPal or anything like that. I currently have the Awakening and Birthright starter decks (from what I understand, those cards are always the same), and am looking at getting a Crossroads box as well as a few Glittering Concert of Illusions(?). I am just looking to see what people have, so I won't be really picky. I am looking for the Summer Cordelia though, if anyone has one they don't want/an extra one. Thanks!
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