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  1. So I'm attempting HHM for the second time and I'm wondering which characters so you suggest using the Energy Ring and Angelic robe on. I'm thinking of giving the Energy Ring to Florina and I'm not sure who I should give the Angelic Robe to What do you guys think?
  2. Kingdom Hearts - I hear the story is the most stupid and convoluted thing ever, also I have this strange negative bias towards anything Disney related GTA - Not interested I guess? Idk. Fortnite - played only 1 game and I had no idea what I was doing World of Warcraft - Don't care for MMOs Assassin's Creed - Never looked appealing to me Doom - Don't care for shooters Red Dead - Never looked appealing to me DOTA - Dislike most MOBAs Silent Hill - I'm a wuss and I hate anything horror
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