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  1. Yes that's the thing, My theory is that when Shadow dragon was released and it was a huge hit back then in Japan and when Falchion was the first divine blade, to me I'm assuming that when they were creating a different fire emblem game (besides the world of Archanea, but example such as the world of Genealogy), they looked back at how Falchion was an iconic and popular blade that they created a Falchion-like sword so that the game would be more appealing and more interesting (excluding the incest....)
  2. So a while back, I've heard some commotion about the Falchion and the tyrfing looking the exact same sword via appearance, so what I did was that I took screenshots of the swords from heroes, cropped it, made a collage, and did an analysis with a friend of mine in class at school, and so this is what me and him saw: Why does the Hilt of the sword look the exact same? Actually, it doesn't, on the Falchion, you can see that on the very edge of the hilt or what it's called, it is very cut, but on the tyrfing, it's not, it's fairly sharpened Why is the gem in the middle the same gem? Actually, it is the same gem, but as you can see the color varies, sure it's the same color, but the color scheme is different, on the tyrfing, its a little darker, but on the Falchion, it's a little brighter Remember, each blade is created differently and named differently (except the pararlell Falchion and Chroms Falchion) but yeah, that's all that I found on the two swords, I hope this analysation helped clear everyone's questions on why the swords sorta look the same.
  3. (since Im literally replying to a topic thats been like 8 years ago) apparently almost Everytime I find out about ROMs like this, I try to download it, and the .exe file to start it up is literally the only obstacle for my Firsthand experience with the new rom, and it keeps saying when i tap on the file to play it, it says "sorry, no application is available" and I literally want to throw my phone across the room, and no I don't own a laptop :/ I quote on quote, "own", a Chromebook, but its actually only useable for school purposes -_- so I basically lose every opportunity to play the best ROMs and rom hacks that's listed in different threads.
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