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  1. I choose Dimitri because he begged me not to and his charm stat was in the 30's. I am never going to use it, it was just hilarious. Maybe he can dance away that little anger problem
  2. Seth X Eirika (simply cuz) Scarlet X Ryoma (I so wish these two had a support, but after revelations bullshit I see why they don’t ) Tharja X Libra (For starts the priest and Dark Mage contrast is cool, plus the overall development Tharja and Libra get is outstanding) Henry X Panne (Henry gets some development in terms of backstory, and there is a connection between them because of that) FCorrin X Takumi (... I’m trash) Kaden X Oboro (I love their support)
  3. Granted, but immediately after Nintendo ceases making FE games in favor of making cheap merchandise. I wish there were tons of previous beast units all in one game, and they were balanced and well implemented.
  4. These are just opinions, you can disagree but please don’t take anything personally! I was curious about what other people consider their favorite Artstyle in the series, in terms of both the character portraits, menus, and just general graphics. For character portraits, I think Fates takes the cake. I like the texture underlay they use, that gives it that dirtier feel compared to Awakening. I really disliked the older games Artstyle in this regard, it just doesn’t look... good. I haven’t played Hero’s, but I think the Chibi map is absolutely adorable. I don’t prefer any map style over another as long as it’s 2D (I really dislike the 3D models on or as the map). As for general character models, for some reason I think awakening had more charm. I like the pixel art of the older games, but I just think the characters without feet give them a certain degree of uniqueness. One thing I dislike about FE as a whole is the horrible clipping that happens (Just give Corrin a fox tail and see what I mean). I also think the FE warriors models are... kinda weird? I don’t know what it is about them, I just dislike them (and again with the 3D models as the portraits, ugh) notice I haven’t talked about the Wii era of Games, that’s because I haven’t seen enough of them to make an opinion.
  5. I'm looking for any Xander, Leo, Camilla, Laslow, Nyx and Beruka's, as I'm collecting Nohrian units in my Hoshidan file.
  6. The broken plot of Revelations is to blame also takumi
  7. I’m sorry, I’ll try to be more mindful here!
  8. It was just a lighthearted joke pointed more toward the older side of the fandom, heh. I guess just any, which ones seem to be most abundant (so far modern AU’s seem pretty popular)
  9. Granted, but even worse corrupt wishes take their place. I wish there were good, in character supports of every single character with every other character.
  10. I've just decided to connect with the FE fandom, and since I'm migrating from the Undertale trash heap, I have an interest in AU's (or, alternate universes). I've seen a few mentions of them here and there, but are they popular? I've been thinking of reskinning an old idea of mine onto Fates. Are there any AU's you would like to share? (Who knows, maybe I'll do some fanart, but keep in mind I'm a normie and I only played Fates and Awakening thus far) Also, what other sites are good for connecting with the fandom?
  11. Granted, but it is multiplayer only, becomes mainstream and gets flooded by cringy 12 year old boys like fortnite to the point where it's unlikable. I wish they actually released the drama cds in English. In fact, all extra content in English.
  12. That's actually pretty neat, maybe grounds for a special challenge run aiming to use only captured units (when possible.) I don't think Wolfskins are capturable, just tried (also now read above that they are not capturable)
  13. I agree. It's like they said "okay screw Scarlet and Izana fans in particular" and threw fuga in. Like, no one cares about Fuga. Why.
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