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  1. Well, looks like it's time to restart. That's 20hrs down the drain. Thanks all. I'll be sure to get A with Kaze before Chapter 15.
  2. So, new to Fire Emblem Fates. I'm playing through Birthright, but I did buy the Conquest and Revelation path DLCs. In my play through, I had Kaze and Felicia get together....cause I liked their interactions in their other supports and thought they were cute together. They were the first couple to get married in my game. They married before I did Chapter 10, thanks to scouting, challenges and castle battles, and I'm currently in Chapter 16. Midori's paralogue mission has yet to show up. Was I suppose to have my Corrin get married first? Other couples have had their children paralogues showing up properly, so I already have Shigure, Shiro, Caeldori, Kana and Sophie.
  3. I did DM Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica with a mixed guild party. It was fun. As for War of the Spark, not too much hype for it. Was hoping to see more guild cards since it takes place on Ravnica. The spoilers are proving otherwise, so that quickly killed the hype for me. I got into MTG with the first Ravnica block back in 2005. I generally eat up anything from that setting, but only because I enjoy the flavors of the guilds so much. War of the Spark feels like they're doing with Planeswalkers what Kamigawa did with Legendary Creatures. EDIT: As for the lurking thing, if I like something I jump right into it. Although this isn't the first FE community I tried. The first had people telling me to go kill myself and saying other things I'd rather not repeat because I'm playing Fates. "Anything released in the last nine years isn't worth playing." - one of the mods of the other community. Let's just say I didn't stay there long.
  4. Hello. I'm new to the Fire Emblem franchise, having received Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright as a gift a few days ago. Became hooked, so I went to google to find a Fire Emblem community/fans forums and this was the first result. I've already purchased the other two paths and am currently playing through all three at once (alternating between the three each day). So....some things about me. I suffer from depression, social anxiety and agoraphobia. I'm actually getting better with agoraphobia thanks to some local friends I made online and currently DM a D&D campaign for. One of those friends got me a Nintendo 2DS, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright and Pokemon Ultra Moon. He intended it as a way to get me to leave the house more often, since I'll be able to game when doing so. So yeah, it helps. Went to the park a block away from my place yesterday and played Fire Emblem for about an hour. It's helping with my depression as well, although some of my family are worried I'm becoming too attached to the characters in the game. I am aware of the difference between fiction and reality, something I told them but I think they doubt me because of my mental illnesses and the fact I've been labelled as mentally retarded by the government. Either way, I've been feeling more calm, happy and willing to leave my bedroom since getting the 2DS and Birthright. Anyways, some other stuff about me. I enjoy most kinds of music, but my favorite performers are Alice Cooper and Gackt. I like any food with cheese on/in it. I can't have caffeine or chocolate unless I want to seriously mess up my insides, so I tend to drink Sprite and Root Beer when it comes to sodas. I love cranberry juice. I collect Magic: The Gathering cards and actively DM/GM games of Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons. I spent almost my entire time in my room and am enrolled in an online college to get my Associates of Applied Science in Digital Media & Web Design. I generally game for about 8 hours a day. Got Fire Emblem Fates on the 29th and have since logged 30 hours into the game. I'm thinking about picking up the other two Fire Emblem games for the 3DS/2DS. My main castle ID on Fates is 06959-91626 63535-28551. So far I enjoy the Revelation path the most, but I prefer the look of Nohrian troops.
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