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  1. Well, Snow Shoes are a cross between Siamese and bi-color American Short-hairs. There is also speculation (that " cat authorities" are quick to dismiss) about them being related to Birmans. I personally believe that it's not much of a stretch to claim that some - if not all - are, as the Birman breed was rebuilt by breeding them with Siamese cats. Some Snow Shoes have physical and personality characteristics that are common in Birman cats. Also, the (modern day) Birman's coloring is very similar to the Siamese, except for their white paws. The Birman cats usually have dark blue/sapphire eyes and long hair, which Siamese and Snow Shoes usually don't. But that seems to be what people who claim there is no relation between the 3 point to as "evidence". You can read more about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowshoe_cat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birman http://www.acfacat.com/snowshoe_synopsis.htm
  2. I used my cat's name. Qiao Hu (巧虎) is Chinese and means "Skillful Tiger". I think it sounds pretty cool and it's like my cat "is on my computer, browsing the internets" ?.
  3. The vet said my 3 cats are just domestic shorthairs too. My first cat, Qiao Hu (yes, I stole his name for my profile ) looks like a Snow Shoe, though I do know he's mixed. His mama was just a plain grey cat. Some heartless person abandoned both of them at a meijer's store and a family friend managed to rescue the kitten. I ended up with him and he's been a wonderful little brother . I got my other 2 cats last year. The black one, Chen, was a feral kitten that another friend found in a gas station's trashcan eating pizza scraps. Of course he's addicted to pizza now . And then I ended up with the tortie, Rin, after a good samaritan saw her wandering around in the cold and mistook it for a neighbor's cat. She advertised the cat and no one claimed her, so I got to keep her. She's been a good adoptive mom to Chen.
  4. I live in a small town called Evart. It's in Michigan (USA). It's kinda far from any "well known" cities... the closest one people might know would be Big Rapids, and that's probably only because of Ferris State University being there... I've lived here my whole life, and will probably stay here for the rest of it.
  5. Hi! I'm new here and very shy, so you probably won't see me much ... My first FE game was Path of Radiance (I got it as soon as it came out), but my favorite is Blazing Blade.
  6. Hi, I just joined here to be part of the discord channel, but I still can't view anything. Can anyone tell please tell me how to get "validated"?
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