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  1. Metal Sonic Hyperdrive is a heavy modification of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) by Darkon360/GothicReaper/LoneDevil for the Sega Genesis. with brand new Zones, Sonic CD style gameplay, Music, Playable Characters, and Modes. Starting Metal Sonic, taking Sonic's role as the main protagonist to stop Dr'Robotnik's greatest inventions yet. Also starting special guests such as Kirby, and Somari (who're meant to be Unlockables due to technical difficulties, also there for the lulz.). Credits: Metal Sonic Sprites - Yuski and CS Somari Sprites - Marioguru64 Smash Bros Melee Kirby Sprites - Drshnaps Music Ports - KCEXE Music - Nineko Sonic 2 Level Select & Options port - Esrael Sonic 2 Clone Driver - Tweaker Main Menu, Magnetize Rings, and Splash Screen code - HckTrox Peel Out, and Extended Camera - Selbi Sonic 1 Custom Title Screen Font - Dr-Luxcario Download Patch (Sonic 1 REV00 only)
  2. Thanks Guys! I mostly worked on this myself alone since March 2010 when my internet got cut off till a year later. I asked most of the people for Menu and Music. the important things. would't done it without them. and the hardest part about the hack is making the Level Design, It took days to make sure every layout is perfect or better. learning the coding through Trial and Error and Spriting is what makes it fun for me to complete the project, and I enjoyed it. I don't know about another update. this version is possibly the Last one (Full). i'm out of ideas except add Extra Zones (levels) which will be a huge pain the ass, due to editing the Collision, Level Order, Music Order, and Use one of the original Sonic 1 Levels as a Template. so maybe, there won't be any update for a long time. (or never)
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0vFYHpkZQI Download: http://www.4shared.c...ve_Ver10_I.html Note: Patch to clean Sonic 1 rom (REV00, the one with no moving clouds) with ".bin" as the extension or else, it may not work. you need a Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator like Kega Fusion or Gens+. A Full hack of Sonic the Hedgehog 1, with tons of Features, Brand New Levels, Playable Characters, and more. is already a whole new game. also works with Real Hardware. (thanks to robivy64) Credits: Vladikcomper - Destroy Enemy = Ring code (only for Somari) Hcktrox - Menu and Music Nineko - Music CS and Yuski - Metal Sonic Sprites Quricodoido - few Music GHFusion - Chaotix Music Mercury - Editable Walljump sourcecode Esrael - S2 Level Select MarkeytheJester - Sonic Crackers Music Selbi - Super Peelout Tweaker - Sound Driver
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