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  1. I would say start at normal and then progress to hard if that is too easy
  2. Atlos

    FE8 Siege Emblem

    I'll either just fix the animation issue or just prevent the demon kings animation from playing EDIT: There is a new patch that has animations working
  3. I have created a small hack for FE8 that gives every weapon the range of a siege tome, Seth also has a warp staff. Download!
  4. Genealogy or thracia, probably genealogy though
  5. I think this is a great idea that should be used in all rom hacks. Having to get specific promotion items is a pain
  6. This sounds like a cool idea but I have no idea how to code it. Maybe have a default state for the sword and have it change if there is a certain item in the inventory.
  7. Banned because hedgehog's are good
  8. There are just to many units in fe6, I shouldn't have to bench them as soon they join me. It is also too long to beat some of the later levels to the point that it can become a chore to play through
  9. 1. Roy has an earlier promotion 2. No more ambush spawn 3. Less units 4. smaller maps 5. make Liliana a lord with an actual defense stat 6. Make it less of a test of patience through balancing
  10. If someone can change something they will. Also if the rom hack is going for a more serious tone the vanilla fighter animation can come across as a bit childish or silly Maybe
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