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  1. I need a thracia save at around chapter 8 as I've played thought the first part of the game (to Manster and a bit after) like 5 times and have no will to play through again. Can some one give me save file for around then (with no deaths if possible and like and scrolls and gaiden chapters done and such) Thanks in advance
  2. I have considered doing project like reskins and balances which I may properly release one day but the reason its is kind of defeating the point for me. What I like about hacking is making new things but I will consider what you have said. And as for srpg studio maybe one day but I'm too cheap right now
  3. They both are either too long and too much of an undertaking (a shorter project would be preferable) or fundamentally flawed so that's why they have just been ideas and regarding your first point I was thinking something like the battle of hastings
  4. Either A: basing it of irl wars but with fire emblem or B: having a hack where the main gameplay loop is not just fighting but convening enemy's to revolt thus turning them too green units
  5. I have an amount of half baked ideas which would require people to ease the work load with graphics/writing and such
  6. Soooo I'm looking to develop an fe hack but am not able to do it all on my own due to time constraints so this is a 'call to arms' if you will of budding fe hackers to band together and hopefully make something worth a dam So if your interested just comment on this with what you can do and we will try and take things from there
  7. These are great, especially the persona one
  8. MSAtlos


    Welcome to the forest Alice!
  9. What's the best final map theme? God shattered star (golden deer route) or twilight of the gods (shadows of valentia).
  10. MSAtlos


    Welcome to the forest! Most of the major spoilers (at least in the black eagle root, its the only one I've played) happen pre time skip or at the time skip so you should mostly be fine, if possible just try and stick to black eagle threads.
  11. Welcome to the forest! Enjoy your stay
  12. MSAtlos


    I would recommend staying with hoshido as it is easier than nohr
  13. I don't have a personal favourite but I really like Byleth and Bernadetta's B support
  14. Not really, she is about as important as any other teacher. Except Byleth (of course) and Setheth too some extent.
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