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  1. I guess Corrin is in the exception. And maybe Sylvain and Felix.
  2. And of course they made the most androgynous male be the gay option, AGAIN... I am so mad at Nintendo.
  3. I found the script of the supports in the fire emblem wikia. In the B rank support of Gaius and Sumia, he says this "Gaius: Heh heh. There's bound to be a hive around here somewhere. Plus, this meadow of tall flowers should hide me from that oddball noblewoman..."
  4. Are we sure that Sumia is a commoner? Didn't Gaius call her a noblewoman in a support of his?
  5. Thanks for your input I kinf of forgot Henry and Robin on the list. I added Henry as a Commoner and I answered that I considered Robin to be a Noble in another reply. Whats your take on this?
  6. So you would put Sully and Frederick as Commoners?
  7. Robin - Noble Walhart - Noble Gangrel - Noble Yen'fay - Noble Emmeryn - Noble Aversa - Commoner? Priam - Commoner Yeah I know they count as first generation characters, but they aren't human characters so I wasn't sure if i should even be included on this list.
  8. So which would be the starting classes of the fire emblem awakening 1st generation characters, if they were in Three Houses? Here is my interpretation (although i am not so sure about some of them): Chrom - Noble Lissa- Noble Frederick - Noble? Vaike - Commoner Maribelle - Noble Ricken - Noble Stahl - Noble? Sully - Noble? Panne/Nowi - Do they even count? Kellam - Commoner Gaius - Commoner Virion - Noble Sumia - Noble Lon'qu - Commoner Miriel - Noble? Cordelia - Noble? Libra - Commoner? Gregor - Commoner? Olivia - Commoner Cherche - Commoner? Tharja - Commoner? Flavia - Noble Basilio - Noble Say'ri - Noble Henry - Commoner
  9. Is there any way we can contact nintendo to at least try and implement some more S supports for male byleth?
  10. Wonderful news! I hope more game news media talk about this controversial aspect of the game. As for the new characters that three houses are going to introduce... I am HOPING that this isn't another one of those new crossover characters from previous games. I really disliked those Nohr and Hoshido characters appearing out of nowhere in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
  11. They are happier with 1M/1F because at least the number was equal and it was both options were problematic. With the 1M/3F options we get on three houses, we not only get an imbalanced between the number of M|M and F|F supports, but the reasons for that imbalance just completely ticks us off: 1- The fact that Alois and Gilbert S supports are not same sex marriage supports like Lindhardt (and you even marry a WOMAN in Alois ending) - queerbaiting to the extreme. 2- The fact that even if Alois and Gilbert were in fact options and the number of same sex supports became equal, the LGBT representation of the game would still be criticized because Alois and Gilbert are two married old men, who knew the protagonist since birth. 3- The fact that the high number of lesbian supports is most likely linked to the fetishization of lesbians. 4- The fact that the lesbian options are more linked to the plot of the game. etc etc
  12. When stuff like this appears, what I do is to remind myself how far lgbt rights have come. And to look for better representation in the media, specially in books.
  13. I completely agree. Can anyone confirm to me the possibility that new updates of the game could unlock S supports between some characters?
  14. In what way does this make Byleth a more real character? How? He can still marry a bunch of the female characters if he is straight!! How does that make FE not an eroge?
  15. So nintendo just queerbaited everyone... wtf with that Alois support
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