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  1. Is there any way we can contact nintendo to at least try and implement some more S supports for male byleth?
  2. I just want thank everyone involved in this project. Thank you so much for your hardwork. Because of you Fire Emblem fans can now play this"infamous" game and enjoy it's difficulty 😛. Joking aside, I am really grateful to you guys for making this.
  3. Wonderful news! I hope more game news media talk about this controversial aspect of the game. As for the new characters that three houses are going to introduce... I am HOPING that this isn't another one of those new crossover characters from previous games. I really disliked those Nohr and Hoshido characters appearing out of nowhere in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.
  4. They are happier with 1M/1F because at least the number was equal and it was both options were problematic. With the 1M/3F options we get on three houses, we not only get an imbalanced between the number of M|M and F|F supports, but the reasons for that imbalance just completely ticks us off: 1- The fact that Alois and Gilbert S supports are not same sex marriage supports like Lindhardt (and you even marry a WOMAN in Alois ending) - queerbaiting to the extreme. 2- The fact that even if Alois and Gilbert were in fact options and the number of same sex supports became equal, the LGBT representation of the game would still be criticized because Alois and Gilbert are two married old men, who knew the protagonist since birth. 3- The fact that the high number of lesbian supports is most likely linked to the fetishization of lesbians. 4- The fact that the lesbian options are more linked to the plot of the game. etc etc
  5. When stuff like this appears, what I do is to remind myself how far lgbt rights have come. And to look for better representation in the media, specially in books.
  6. I completely agree. Can anyone confirm to me the possibility that new updates of the game could unlock S supports between some characters?
  7. In what way does this make Byleth a more real character? How? He can still marry a bunch of the female characters if he is straight!! How does that make FE not an eroge?
  8. So nintendo just queerbaited everyone... wtf with that Alois support
  9. The real ship sinking for me is Raphael and the hotness that he is going to be after the timeskip.
  10. So you don't think Soren looks at least a little bit feminine. And that thus he doesn't fall into the yaoi stereotype of the uke that was present with Lucius in blazing blade? I mean just look at Soren and Lucius. And now look at Lindharth, you really don't see any similarities?
  11. When there is actually a thread with a voting poll in this website about this very topic, than yes I am being serious here. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/14749-who-thought-soren-was-a-girl/page/2/#comments
  12. I am not being trolled right? Because a lot of people thought Lindhardt was a girl at first. Am I the only one that thinks he looks like a mix of Midayle and Soren? Two characters that have also been confused as female by fans.
  13. So they make Lindharth a gay option, even though he also fits the uke design of yaoi mangas. How is trying not to fit stereotypes?
  14. Please point out the sentences where OP said that. Because to me the OP is saying that the characters that we got reflect what straight japanese " gay people should be like", that they get these ideas from yaoi and yuri and that what we got is what they think we want. In other words a feminine guy and two old people. One of them being a widower.
  15. My point is that one of the stereotypes of the gay community in japan, besides extremely feminine guys, are guys with big muscles. So I am expressing my big suprise on the fact that they didn't make Raphael, who fits that stereotype, a same sex option.
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