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I was play Fire Emblem since 2018.I am not a native English speaker so I apologize if my grammar not perfect.(still practice and Fire Emblem help a lot to practice reading.)

Here my Fire Emblem Cleared list. (until now)

Fates: Birthright (Casual/Normal)
Fates: Conquest (Casual/Normal)
Fates: Revelation (Classic/Normal)
Awakening (Classic/Normal)
Path of Radiance (Normal)
Radiant Dawn (Normal)
The Blazing Blade (Eliwood/Normal)
Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Classic/Hard)
Three Houses (Golden Deer-Verdant Wind/Classic/Hard)
Three Houses (Blue Lions-Azure Moon/Classic/Hard/New Game+)
Three Houses (Black Eagles-Crimson Flower/Classic/Hard/New Game+)
Three Houses (Black Eagles-Silver Snow/Classic/Maddening)
The Sacred Stones (Eirika/Normal)

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