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  1. I know, but I can’t move it, so I’m making it use assets from other games aswell so it could be general
  2. @ElephantusFirst off, these are some great ideas. Secondly, this is for fun, but I will be drawing characters and any other features that I could draw
  3. Hey guys, I’m creating ideas for a remastered version of FE Three Houses. I really want to improve on it’s mechanics more than anything. I would love it if we could incorporate new characters, classes and locations. Note: please do not include memes or replacing characters
  4. Blitztank from Akatsuki Blitzkampf. True Troll Character
  5. Wow, this is amazing! How did you do all this?
  6. Hey guys. I have been wondering about making another FE Sacred Stones hack. I want to implement custom classes. How do I make one??
  7. It said what are some neat details. So I thought that the thread was a neat detail
  8. Don't worry about not getting it. It was mean't to be a joke about this thread
  9. For the tomes, try a lot of Ruin tomes forged. It's a 50% Crit, but only has ten uses
  10. Firstly this thread. Secondly, the soldiers in the battles being very proportional to doors in the zoomed in battles.
  11. I'm quite interested in this. I'm a spriter on the RPG Maker Forums. Also I would make sprites for free because this will be like my second attempt at a fire emblem sprite.
  12. Me, I'm happy with anybody who makes it in to Smash Ultimate. I personally think that Terry was a good choice. I don't understand why people are upset over other characters getting in, like I know people like Edelgard for smash and I'm included in there, but I would be happy with anyone.
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