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  1. Nah i got everything, better then the 50 min tutorials i watched lol
  2. I think i got everything from here thank you so so so much i never thought somone would help XD
  3. did the first part and you mean the second part after editing everything or ?
  4. allright i did all of that 😄 i already tried opening the new thing in nightmare and it worked 😄 edit: I think i just gotta rebuild after I edited everything right ? ((or is there more to it ? ) feel free to correct me 🙂)
  5. alright i got the folder now whats next ? 🙂
  6. Idk what i did wrong 😮 maybe i missclicked or somethin, im just gonna try again sry 😕
  7. alright i did all the stuff with the romFS thing now, heres the picture so whats next ? 😄
  8. idk if i have to quote you so you get a message so im just gonna do that xD ( the last time i used this site was a year ago so dont blame me )
  9. alright i did all the stuff with the romFS thing heres the picture so whats next 🙂 ?
  10. I think this is the first time i already guessed that xD Edit: lol that sounded rude pls dont take it that way
  11. would you mind linking a tool like that 😕 , i searched for it and idk if the one i found is right edit: ( and btw thx for all the help i wouldnt have thought that someone was willing to help me this much 😄 )
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