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  1. 37,080 we are on trending
  2. 👺 You need Mercedes AND Caspar in order to unlock a funky Paralogue mission !! Realized this when I realized they never had a proper paralogue. And it’s cool ! 👍 👺 I thought Golden Deer was a good bow house but... god, neither Claude nor Ignatz have the funky Eagle Eye skill that Bernie or Ashe have... man !! 👺It took me some pretty long time to understand how beasts armor breakage works... and I still don’t know’where to find Agarthium except Firhiad missions ! 👺 not me but my friend missed Edelgard true route because she forgot to speak to her once in Garreg Mach and she’s pissed I think to leave her and Hubie 😿
  3. This is the first hack good enough that I felt the need to complete it ! It’s a must play. I almost thought it was bad because of Mangs review video.... well, it’s fabulous ! -> story is a solid 10/10 , it’s what got me playing until the end. I often get bored after 10 chapters in other hacks. -> gameplay is a good, weapon diversity was a big factor in making this hack feel fresh. Green units are sometimes stealing loots and this is painful. Generic soldiers was a good idea tho, gave me some Advance Wars vibes ! :P -> sprites are a good, they convey emotions well making you care or despise the characters. Thanks a lot Primefusion and your team. Minor bug report : after maxing Geraldt support with his partner, I lost it because of an accidental support with the bishop... Here is my top 5 unit review, without big spoilers : Play this hack !!1!
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