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  1. Wow... been a while. Sorry everyone. I was doodling in my sketchbook and posting on Discord. Here's some new stuff! Fates characters ahoy, as different classes! First off, Prince Xander as a slightly tweaked designed General class! I think I based it off Garon's armour. Next, little Kana, if he was a Kitsune! I kept that giant scarf of his in the design. XD Velouria as a Hero now! Based off the concept art version, complete with her classic hood! Finally, a family portrait! Kana the Wolfskin, Keaton the Malig knight, Corrin the Hero, and Velouria the Nohr Princess! What do you guys think? Hope you like them!
  2. Oof. Yeah I'll have to think about it. Thanks for the help! ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Oh, so that's how. Awesome. Is photoshop worth getting if I want to do concept art for a living?
  4. Good idea! Well, here we go. They kinda tell a story don't they? The moral? Don't rush into battle without thinking I guess.
  5. Aww what a cute eevee! One of my favourite pokemon for sure. I do have a question though. On your Kael artwork (also awesome by the way!) how do you get the linework so neat? Are you using special tools, or is it just steady hand and plenty of practice?
  6. I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I've been looking at other's art, and I thought I'd like to give it a go. First post. Okay, here goes! Here's a sketch I did of Female Corrin and Male Kana. I tried my best :P. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  7. I can see that happening, though after thinking about it more may be a bit too strong for all maps. Maybe the shapeshifting units would be better off as a one tile unit, like you said. It would be cool to use a giant one though, at least for one map. Maybe something like having to defend the unit from being destroyed of the like. Also, it seems I really need to play the older FE games. I didn't know transforming actually worked like that before lol. Here's hoping it returns to being like that. ๐Ÿ˜„ P>S Thanks for liking the pics. They took a while.
  8. Isn't this the Unpopular opinion thread? I'm sorry. I was simply excited replying to someones comment here. Wrong thread I guess... Sorry.
  9. This actually made me think on how I'd like to see them done. I'd like to seem them deal with it like mounts in three houses; but rather than mount/dismount it'd be transform between forms. I kinda went over board and drew how I envisioned it, using Corrin as an example. When as a human, Corrin would use his sword to attack, along with special moves akin to the weapon arts in three houses, each special move depleting his sword's hp. When transformed, Corrin could use breath attacks for aoe attacks and his horns/claws for regular attacks. This would be very useful against hordes of enemies, though you'd want to be careful, as being much bigger could lead to some rather nasty situations! ๐Ÿ˜ฎBeing this size would also bring trouble with small spaces. Small corridors won't let you through if you're as big as a truck. You'd have to change back to human form. This could lead to having interesting tactics, having to change between forms to deal with certain enemies and terrain.
  10. My unpopular opinion? Alright, but prepare for a looong one. I think (please don't hate me XD ) that Fates needs a remake/redo. Not for a long time of course, as there's other games in the series that deserve it way more, like thracia and genealogy (seriously remakes in style of SoV would be nice ๐Ÿ˜„ ), but eventually I'd like to see a remake done. Not just a remake though. A total directors-cut sort of deal. Potential spoilers ahead, be warned. :) First off, Fates writing reaaaallly needs a good rework. There's some story in there, to be sure, deep down, and it does have potential, but the writing in some places just makes it fall flat, or worse just downright bad. For instance, when Azura shows Corrin that crystal thingamajig in Conquest. Said crystal is able to show a persons true self, like a mini-hoshidan throne, but can only be used once. So, why do you use it when only Corrin is around? Why not wait until all the siblings are available and then show them, then everyone knows, and they could have dealt with things much sooner. Was there a rule that it could only be used in Valla or something? Another time that made me question characters intelligence is Corrin in chapter 3. Now Corrin can be quite, uh, dense at times?; and doesn't really seem to think about things much, but when the sword that Garon gave him/her tries to swoosh them into the bottomless ravine, why on earth do they keep it!? The only reason they were okay is because they were saved at the last minute by Lilith. (A deus-ex-machina to be sure. Where did they even come from?) I know first thing I'd do if that happened is fling it as far way as possible and run. But no, they keep it. And by keeping it, it lead to Mikoto's death. Speaking of Mikoto, this leads me onto the next bit... In some points in the game, it tries to make us feel emotion, such as when Lady Mikoto dies. Now while we see Corrin get really REALLY upset, and honestly who could blame them?, the problem it this. Corrin hardly knows her thanks to memory loss, and WE the players hardly know her because she barely has any screen time, so the impact to us is lessened. Same with Lilith. In both Conquest and Birthright, she dies protecting Corrin from an attack, and while again Corrin is deeply saddened by this, we the players don't end up feeling as sad as we should, mainly because we don't really interact with them at all. No supports, special cutscenes, nothing. All this is a shame really, because I want to care about these characters, but the game just doesn't give us the time TO care about them. It's storywriting 101: Show, don't tell. If they did a remake though, they could add this sort of stuff in. All in all, I think this game would really benefit from a rework. Personally speaking I think think that if they did do a remake, they should take notes from Three Houses' writing. Who knows, perhaps it could improve it. ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. I always thought it would have been cool to see how the First Exalt defeated and sealed away Grima. Like a prequel sort of thing. In 'Shadows of Valentia', we see that Grima was locked away in the Thabes labyrinth behind the shield seal of flames. But Grima somehow gets out eventually. So how? Did Grima just get so powerful that they could simply break the seal? Did some foolish thief sneak into the labyrinth and mistake it for treasure and steal it, releasing Grima into the world? And how did that shield get into the hands of the Yllisians? How did the person who became the First Exalt use it to seal Grima away again? Is this when the Grimleal were formed? I want to know darn it! XD
  12. Hello everyone. Just a random villager here :). I'd been hovering around the forums for a while now but finally gained the courage to join today. I really love seeing how creative people are in this fandom, and I hope to be able to contribute as well.
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