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  1. Ah damn, 2.6 is gonna force a re-do... Oh well. I still want to finish off my 2.5 since I just got Eirika Promoted so I want to stick on this until the end-game. Here's my team if anyone wants to see them, it's my Girls-Only Run team: As far as Supports go:
  2. Okay sweet. I'd rather of not lose that progress if you know what I mean? The all girls run is certainly difficult when you only have a few characters to work with haha. Oh, I know I can recruit her on Chapter 13, but I always pride myself to catch her before then so it's another addition to my army. :P
  3. That's fair. No wonder I enjoyed Re;birth 1 so much, it spiked up in difficulty and made me have to work to beat them XD You still haven't beaten the Final Boss? Yikes. I hope you manage to complete it someday ^_^ Agreed. That's what made it so hard for me, because there wasn't a break midway to heal.
  4. Is there a way to implement this change into a 2.2 ROM without going through an entirely new ROM? I just had to fight through a pretty tough Chapter 8 of Eirika's route because of my current run, someone either kept dying or Amelia kept running away.
  5. Ah yes, Least Favourite Boss Fights... I can name a few on the top of my head: Ultros (Final Fantasy VI) - I really like him as a character because he's a reoccurring boss, but it's just the fact that he's literally just the same except has higher stats whenever you face him. Least favourite just because of that. Otherwise, he'd probably be my favourite. Queen Myra (Gears of War 3) - Normally, I wouldn't dislike this fight purely because it's so great how it's created, mechanics wise. But I hated it because me and a friend tried to do this on Insane to finish the entire Campaign on Insane, and We. Absolutely. Struggled. The only reason we managed to beat it was because for some reason the game had glitched out where no enemy reinforcements spawned, it was just Myra. Thank god for that, otherwise we'd of never of done it. Black Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 1) - This was when I was new to JRPG's and encountered her fight in the story for the first time and lost so many times. She's so strong compared to you at first if you don't grind some levels, especially when one member of your time isn't very tanky. (*Cough* Compa *Cough*) That's all I could really think of at first glance really.
  6. So I've just gotten to Chapter 7 of version 2.2 (Didn't take any chances on keeping my save.) and I've encountered a visual bug: Is this supposed to happen? For some reason the game thinks I'm able to use the Ballista with Vanessa. (I tried selecting other enemies with both a Iron Lance and Javelin equipped, but it doesn't select.) Otherwise, I absolutely love this re-balancing patch! I really like how you've mixed it up by having some units have different weapons. (I was caught off guard on Chapter 5 with a Swordslayer Brigand who nearly killed Eirika.) I've made it extra difficult on myself and am doing a Girls-Only runthrough of the hack, here's my team so far on Chapter 7:
  7. So I just updated to the latest version of your hack, and I've encountered something: Is Riev and Selena supposed to be here? Edit: I've just gotten to Chapter 1 after having Riev trade over the dropped Blizzard from Selena to Eirika and killed the boss. The game now believes that I own Riev but Riev isn't in this Chapter. The game is confused and believes that I still have a unit to move when I don't:
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