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  1. Hello folks! This is Teach! I'm here today to showcase an Abridged series that I'm making. Octopath Traveler Machinabridged, based off the game Octopath Traveler. What is Octopath Traveler you might ask? It's a story about eight travelers, each with their own talents, personality and goals. And here is where it starts...with Season 0...a prologue season, where each episode is the start of another person's journey. Watch the episodes within the spoiler text: Or you can watch this quick little recap right here: Season 0 is now complete. And Season 1 is on its way. But before that happens, we have first reached...A DECISION POINT! The question is...Which of these eight protagonists should be the main character? The best way to answer that question is through you! Please take a moment and vote for who you want to be the main character of this awesome new series! VOTE TO PICK THE MAIN CHARACTER FOR THIS ABRIDGED SERIES: https://strawpoll.com/1833er6r I'm kinda straddling the topic on this thread I know. But I figure since I'm doing an abridged series based off a video game, the Video Game topic would be the best spot to put this under. If you want...feel free to talk about the video game itself as well!
  2. Honestly, I for one welcome knowing what the scrolls do without having to look up a guide. The game was released 20 years ago and the director's vision has already been realized by this point. Besides, I'm sure there'll be a good number of additional changes to be made when the inevitable remake rolls around. They did it in Shadows of Valentia after all.
  3. A good patch with all the menu translations and everything gets released. People still bitch. I'm just gonna play through this one. I haven't waited nearly as long as most of you...but I was really looking forward to this patch. So I'm gonna play through it. Sadly though due to "reasons" (which I'll explain later) I'll be playing though slowly. I just reached chapter 3. P.S.: I know that liberties were taken here as far as dialogue. And I'm glad for helpful hints every so often. And I know that not everyone will agree on this matter, but the simple fact is, translation is an art, not a science.
  4. Thanks! Greatly appreciated. Can't wait for the game to come out tomorrow!
  5. Say, is there any chance you can provide a picture of the Thracia map that you guys have touched up on. It would be nice to have a picture of the new and improved game map.
  6. Thanks. I had a feeling it would be either here or Creative. Hopefully I'll be able to get this Abridged Series ready for you guys before the end of the year.
  7. So I was wondering. I know the "Fan Projects" board is used for Patch's and Hacks. But I was wondering. If someone were to...say...make an Abridged series of a Fire Emblem game would that fall under the banner of Fan Projects? If not, which board would it go under?
  8. Dude I'm really excited for this game. I really was looking forward to playing this game. One with an actual readable menu. Thank you so much. Finish up and finish strong! You're almost there!
  9. Amazing! You're doing God's work here. I can't wait to give it a play once you've finished! I'm quite eager to see how I fare in Thracia 776.
  10. I got a question. A stupid one, but I'm pretty new when it comes to patches. You have 30 of the 35 chapters completed. But once you get a later patch out, will it be compatible with the save I have if I decide to go with the current patch of your game? Also, out of curiosity, how long does it take to go through a chapter?
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