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  1. From me there are a couple of different thing that could make this fun. magic flier with A in flying and A in both faith and reason can add to in my mind a lacking in flier unit's A master class for assassin cause I usually have 1 in my team all the time so I don't waste money on keys and it have good utility I feel so a master class would be nice Like other have put out a master infantry something that can be a mix of Edelgard and Dimitri time skip class with A in lance, sword, and axes and maybe B or B+ in heavy armor Last thing that would be nice is a master class for your dancer something that give more to it maybe add flying or riding to it or just more utility to it's support option cause I can get behind adding to the dancer class some more.
  2. I know you can sell all but what you need to fight in chapter 22 and buy all of the battalions then sell them at the beginning of new game + to help with money some what but I am going to test some of it out and see what happens thank you.
  3. ok I am on the blue lions now did the golden deer first run and thank for the tips.
  4. I just beat my first playthrough and was wondering if it if possible to get all the supports that can be gotten in 1 playthrough I think if you can manage skill level to get some of them and work on b support it can be possible to get everyone that is not locked to a route in your house then after the time skip work on the support so my question is what skills should be worked on and what level dose it need to be like how some need sword and something else does it need to be at a B rank or?
  5. Does anyone know if this project is still on going or drop?
  6. I was planning on making a FE8 hack that changes all playable units into monster classes as well as changing growth's of the enemy units my problem is that the monster classes do not have a healing or dancing sprite I was wondering does anyone know of some spites for this it don't have to be the normal monster's I have seen in a post a Succubus and Elder Bael the uses Magic not sure if this can heal lol. So if anyone has a idea on sprites or a way to make the monster's in game heal and dance that would be nice as for the growth's I was thinking of changing the enemy growth's fro 10% to 40% which do you all think would be best hope everyone has a great day.
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