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  1. I got the game to run through retroarch . I basically downloaded the Japanese ROM, patched it with flips then opened Hakchi and selected Thracia 776. I then manually forced the ROM to open in retroarch by adding“ —retroarch” at the end of the command line. I then synced the games and Thracia 776 was working fine on my SNES mini. The only FE game I got running natively is Mystery of the Emblem.
  2. I can confirm that this works on the SNES mini 100%. I now have all 3 SNES FE games on 1 system. Can't thank you guys enough for that!
  3. All I can say is wow. I've never been a fan of Thracia 776 but I think the old fan translation patch was a part of the reason why I didn't enjoy it as much. Looking forward to being able to play this game with the new updated patch that you guys have worked hard to complete. Gonna try to put this on my SNES mini when the patch comes out.
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