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  1. Hey not sure if it's a bug but on chapter 19 there are lvl 31 Swordmasters with pretty crazy stats.
  2. Yea it's quite possible mine was lvl 20 had strength rally and Ephraim personal
  3. Oh sheesh you might want to buff lyon I just massacred him with myrrh.
  4. Alright dude take your time. This is definitely the best rebalance for FE8 I've played.
  5. Hey loving the hack one thing I noticed is that on promotion units gain a ton of weapon experience which seems to run counter intuitive to lowering weapon exp gain on use. As an example I insta promoted Cormag and he got all A ranks in weapons. Another is I promoted Amelia to Halberdier after about 4 lvls and she now has s rank lances.
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