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  1. Erinys passes down pursuit by herself. You don't need to have the father pass it down as well. As for general pairings Erinys can really work with anyone. Her best pairing is obviously Lewyn for Forseti Ced, but you might have paired Lewyn with Tailtyu instead which is arguably better. If you didn't then definitely do it for this one. Disregarding Lewyn the 2 best choices I've found are Claude or Noish. Claude allows Ced to use all types of staves including the Valkyrie staff in addition to giving him a high magic growth, he also raises Fee's staff rank when promoted from C to B which allows use of staves like Warp, physic or recover and also makes her very competent with magic swords. Noish on the other hand is focused on making fee the best she can be, giving her good strength and defense along with critical and accost(meaning when she promotes she'll have Pursuit, adept, accost and critical). It hurts Ced a lot, giving him a think a 5 or 10% magic growth, but his bases and weapons types are plenty enough for him to still be great, plus he also has the 4 skill combo Fee has at base due to starting as a Sage so he won't struggle killing things. I listed these instead because I assume you picked Azel and Alec purely for pursuit and not because you thought they were the best fathers available for her. But if you do have to choose between them then I would go for Alec. Ced doesn't need help from a father to be good and while technically neither does Fee, it certainly helps giving her a physical dad(Nihil is nice too).
  2. I think the weapons should be able to tell you. If a steel sword says "Steel sword" or just "Steel" for example. If it has the full name then it is Naga, if it's just the one word then it's Gharnef.
  3. I like to think Side B and fully charged Neutral B represent Atrocity and Fallen star in smash, with Down B being Raging storm. They're powerful enough for it.
  4. Actually she would lose 3 Boltings. Trickster and War Cleric are half caster, like Noble and commoner, meaning they have half as many spells as a normal magic class and a quarter of the spells a gremory would get. Now the big problem with this build is that War cleric is a frontline class. Constance has abysmal 20% hp and 15% def growths so if you want use her as a War cleric you will have to devote you units to constantly protecting her from any other enemy in range. While 70% mag and fistfaire aura knuckles does sound devastating the cost of having to protect her just isn't worth it. Dark flier, gremory or Valkyrie are much better options. Gremory gives more magic and 3 more bolting along with 4 more rescue uses for saving units in danger or moving others to the action. Dark Flier has 7 move flying rescue which is great, and the black tomefaire gives more mag than War cleric even with the 10% growth bonus(1 extra point per 10 levels.) and she's not locked to 1 range to do proper damage like War Cleric giving it a total of 9 normal effective range, 17 with bolting. Valkyrie's extra range also as the same effective range meaning she doesn't have to expose herself to danger as she can attack from further and then canto back . In regards to the low hit on Dark flier being a problem you gave the solution yourself. Train her to C rank in riding to get Uncanny blow from Valkyrie which is 30 hit on player phase btw. That's the same bonus Macuil would give and she doesn't need +60 hit to be viable. But overall I don't think Constance should be used as an offensive powerhouse like Hubert or Lysithea, but rather a support mage with Bolting's and rescues(Gremory for more of the former and DF for the latter). Wasting all that utility by making her a War cleric doesn't make sense to me. EDIT: Can someone actually check if War cleric is half caster? I haven't got it unlocked on my current run and I remember it being but that might just have been trickster and I got confused.
  5. That's a no from me. Chance are if you're slow enough to use a shield, you're not going to suddenly survive mages easily from 3 or 4 extra res. Shields in general are too heavy for me this game. Only times I'd ever use them is Aegis on Felix, Ochain shield on Seteth (combined with spear of assal he gets 60% health back every turn. My tank.) and varying shields on Byleth when I needed more defenses (Convoy cheese is nice). These ones do nothing for me and I'd never even consider using them
  6. Ummmmmm......so I haven't actually tried this yet....buuuuuut.....what about Mortal Savant Yuri? He's got ridiculous speed anyway with 65% growth and since he'll be going through Thief and assassin or trickster until level 30 his speed should be stupidly high. So minus 10% growth for his remaining 10 or less levels really wont impact him. Yeah it's technically -30% cause of no assassin but assuming he ends at level 40 (which most characters don't from my experience) its only 3 speed loss and that isn't going to mean anything to him when he's already that stupidly fast. Mortal Savant is both Stronger than assassin, and also lets him use his magic as well (while also boosting it from a faire). His reason list isn't great but the light spells complement his fast nature, meaning he should always be doubling with a faire which will net him a lot of kills even as a mortal savant. Recover and silence are also nice to have, especially the former since with his 7 move and canto he can heal someone up to full and then retreat and peace out to somewhere else without spending entire turn for healing like others do. A swords and A reason isn't hard when he's talented in both. What do you guys think? When I get round to using this lot I'm definitely trying this out. For Balthus Grappler is obvious. He isn't fast enough to quad as a War master, his dex and luck are really low so less crits, and he doesn't have any good axe or brawling arts that could either warrant needing axefaire, or not needing fierce iron fist. War monk is really only useful for it's mastery and if you desperately want a female gauntlet user. I'd still get B Axes and D+ Faith to pick up QR and Brawl avoid before staying Grappler though. Constance i'd stay as a Dark flier purely for flying rescue. Again I haven't used these yet but that just sounds too good to be true. Since rescue requires B faith i'd probably get Gremory too, so if flying or fast movement isn't required I can switch to that(an indoor map for example). Hapi is the one I'm the least sure about, She just seems like she could work anywhere. I'm considering Bishop or Gremory for X2 white magic (Warp and Physic) and just make her a dedicated healer, but that wastes her great reason list. But she's really not that strong stat wise anyway (Similar to Lorenz and Dorothea but without the Bulk/Meteor). I guess I'll say Gremory but I'd need to try her out.
  7. Didn't mean to imply Lysithea's magic was leagues ahead of the cast cause it isn't. I just meant that I already have trouble finding uses for Luna when I use her, even when she has the highest magic, so for others with less magic I'd find even less use. As for Swarm I don't think it's amazing or anything. But it is the lightest dark magic at 4 weight (miasma has 5) so sometimes you might be able to double with swarm when you couldn't with a heavier spell. It's only 1 less weight but since mages won't be over 25 str for most of the game (Sometimes for all of it) it still stays relevant. The -5 speed is pretty nice early on, it's more than rally speed and does damage, with the downside of needing to hit or be in range. It can sometimes stay relevant towards the mid and late game though tbh most enemies will either be way too fast for it to matter, or units can one round anyway so there is no need for it. Maybe i'm not valuing Luna enough and it should replace Swarm on the best list, but I struggle to think of times where I actually used Luna in Three houses. I suppose the obvious answer is mages but I always had other units around who could deal with them better.
  8. I feel like Banshee doesn't get nearly enough praise. It's another form of encloser, an incredible tool that can help you stop very dangerous enemies from killing your team members, it does way more chip damage than encloser will do to the dangerous enemies and can also be cast at longer distances with Valkryie/Cadeccus/thrysus/range+1. On my CF maddening run Hubert saved my whole times multiple times with it. One example I had was when the Falcon Knights in chapter 17 were hovering over a lake, they were in range of my units but none of my units in range could kill them. My units were also surrounded by ground units and monsters, and the wasteland and other terrain also meant they couldn't get away. Hubert slowed them down to 3 move with the help of a dancer, which allowed the whole team to stay and clear the enemies near them while not having to run from the falcons. Also I really don't think Luna is that good. It's only seen as useful because Lysithea learns it and she has lots of magic which helps her one shot high res enemies. Since it can't double, in order for it to be useful you have to have high enough magic to beat their HP, and Hapi along with many other mages wouldn't be able to reach that threshold, making Luna situational at best. The inability to double really hurts luna in this game imo and I don't think it should be called one of the best spells. I'd say the best dark magic list would be Miasma(They'd have to have this), Mire, Swarm, Banshee and Dark Spikes. Replace Swarm for Hades if the mage doesn't have a magic combat art they can nuke with, like Hapi. So that's still two important spells not there, but Death is interchangeable with Mire since they both have 3 range. That's all you need from them. The def debuff only matters very early game, but i'd say mire is better due to it purely having double the uses. Overall not as good as Hubert's list but much better than Lysithea's dark magic list since she lacks any 3 range at all. Agree on the Neutral faith point though. That's really going to hurt Hapi, so we can't just call her better Linhardt. And honestly I'd take restore over seraphim any day. Offensive white magic just isn't impressive in this game, and means the unit misses on out on important utility spells instead.
  9. I think it's good. I liked all the new characters, classes and maps (Except chapter 3 that is one of the worst maps i've ever played). Trickster is a lot of fun to play with especially combined with yuri's canto ring. The story is subpar but it serves its purpose. You do get some cool lore and some interesting interactions between the original characters as well. The 5 new music tracks are among the best in the entire game (which is high praise) especially the 2 map themes. I haven't seen or done the new paralogues yet so I can't say if that sweetens the deal or not. But overall I think it was overpriced. Not nearly as badly as echoes dlc, but like others have said it should have been around £15. If you love Three houses then I would say it was worth the money, I'm not mad over it, but I was still hoping for more.
  10. Well now we know why Balthus goes down Mercenary naturally even though he's brawling and axes based. It's so he can pick up Vantage to help his brazen personal skill. I hope he has Vantage available in cindered shadows, that would be fun to play around. Bit awkward on him though since he has a 50% to heal when using combat arts cause of his crest which could put him out of range, but I suppose you don't normally use combat arts for gauntlets that aren't fierce iron fist.
  11. It really isn't important. I've played all chapter 13's without a dancer at all and it's fine. I'd actually argue that having your dancer among your first wave might actually be a disadvantage as you will need to keep them alive among pass assassins and silver bow snipers that will both one round them. If you've optimised for a dodge build (Sword avoid, sword prowess, evasion ring and jeralt's mercs) it should be fine and might actually help the team stay alive. But in general it's really not necessary and can backfire, so if you have other plans for those units and would rather your dancer be someone else then do that.
  12. Do you mean Verdant wind least difficult? Because you said most and then started talking about how they have big advantages over the others. If so I absolutely agree. Gd has a solid academy phase and the easiest war phase by far of the routes. I'd probably say AM>CF>SS>VW from Hardest to easiest. Blue Lions may have the best academy phase but their maps are considerably harder than others in war phase (especially the last three). Add that two of your main units can't be tutored all the time (with one leaving your party) and it definitely gives you more problems than in other routes. Cf and SS both have the hardest academy phase as the units take a while to get rolling, but I actually rank SS easier as it still shares the same easy maps as VW. Yes it's chapter 13 is by far the hardest version of it but besides that there really isn't any super challenging maps. Final map really wasn't as hard as I was expecting. I just warped someone down to stop reinforcements and then slowly made my way up the map, breaking armour with the onager and then using wyverns (Seteth and Petra) to kill the monsters and fly back over the walls out of harms way. The golems at the back can be left alive as they don't restore Rhea's health and can't reach your party anyway. CF in comparison has a very easy 13-16 but chapters 17, 18 and Insurmountable (Edelgard's paralogue) are very challenging maps, with Insurmountable being my nominee for hardest map in the game.
  13. I'm still hoping that the class mastery skills that were datamined are just placeholders, since all but War monk/cleric get abilities that are already learn able. I'd like more variations in skills.
  14. That's a pretty unusual order of routes. Normally people will either like SS or CF depending on their stance on Edelgard. Also surprising to see SS and VW so far apart when they are mostly the exact same, although honestly I also liked SS more. Happy stories never really carry the same weight as more serious ones and the Black Eagles group dialogue was much more impact-full and realistic than the Golden deers' trope reminders but I still don't see them that far apart. Care to explain why you ranked them this way? I'm just curious.
  15. I like Hubert, Ferdinand and Dorothea equally, though since Hubert seems to be the least popular he's getting my vote.
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