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  1. I wasn't expecting this but I got Dimitri. You always seem to know how to act in any given situation — polite around elders and witty around your friends. However, you don’t feel like anyone truly understands you. For one reason or the other it’s incredibly difficult for you to open up and you often question if your social endeavours are just an act. Due to this, you can often spiral into episodes and disappear from your social circles for weeks at a time. However, when you’re able to talk things out, you feel as if you can take on the world. It’s difficult to hate someone like you. I'm actually really happy I got Dimitri because although I never really thought about it much, I do relate to him and the above description a lot. At least for me, this seems like a pretty accurate quiz. Count me impressed.
  2. My favourite map themes are Fodlan Winds, Dwellings of the goddess, blue skies and a battle, tearing through heaven, tempest of seasons, roar of dominion, chasing daybreak, the long road, between heaven and earth, god shattering star, funeral of flowers, apex of the world and Corridors of the tempest. Yes that is all of them except Shambala which is just eh for me. I just love this soundtrack to death. If I had to pick 5 though it would be. 1.Tempest of Seasons (Paralogue theme) 2. Between Heaven and Earth (Gronder Rematch) 3. The Long Road (Late Game map theme - especially on Blue Lions) 4. Roar of Dominion (Chapter 12) 5, Dwellings of the goddess (Goddess related chapters) And my Favourite Final theme would go to Funeral of Flowers.
  3. I need more exposure on the children of the goddess. From what I can gather Serios, Macuil, Indech, Cichol, Cethleen's mother, and the 11 dragons slain by the elites are all children of the goddess. But I'm unsure on Cethleen because she is like a grandchild so can she still transform and does she have her own unique crest, or is her crest's original owner her mother and she just inherited it. Also does that meant Cichol and his wife did Incest? I am very confused but I need to know more about the. Also the 5 other unmentioned Crest stones especially Noa and Timotheos as I believe those are the two on Nemesis' sword, and Ernest as I think that is the crest on Anna's clothes. That said I have full faith the dlc will explain these things as why would you bother to make 5 non existent crests for no reason.
  4. You'd probably end up teaching the Golden deer then, since Manuela teaches Black Eagles in 2/3 paths, and Hanneman teaches Blue Lions in 2/3 paths which suggests that those are the canon houses for them and that the teacher who ran away at the beginning would likely be teaching The Golden Deer. Speaking of that Teacher, my biggest want for the dlc is to know who the hell they are. I am way too curious about this.
  5. Mostly only included Playable Characters, or at least relevant non-villain characters. I included the Flame Emperor because (Identity spoilers)
  6. I went into the game despising Female Byleth's design and thinking Male Byleth was the coolest design every. After 4 playthroughs 2 male 2 female however, she grew on me. A lot. I still like Male Byleth's design don't get me wrong and as others have said he really portrays the emotionless vibe a lot better, but I really enjoy playing as the female avatar now. No it's not just because Byleth x Dimitri is a thing........ok so it's mainly that but I also find Rhea's interactions with the avater a lot less awkward. Though that's just the game as a whole, for each route I say. Silver Snow: Female Byleth - I prefer the dynamics with Seteth and Rhea, also this is the route where Byleth being the goddes is the most relevant and so I like her actually being female. Azure Moon: Female Byleth - Dimitri x Byleth, and to balance out the gender ratio. A beautiful story about killing Dimitri's ex and becoming his new girl. But being serious I feel like the romatic tension adds a lot to Dimitri's character and his growth so female every time. Verdant Wind: Male Byleth - Despite all the horny for claude memes I never actually got the sense there was any romantic implications in this route. Dimitri and Edelgard have tons but Claude really just strikes me as a friend, not a lover. So to make sure it doesn't cross the line into romance I prefer male Byleth. Also since Nemesis is important in this one I like to be the same gender as him because during the fight it seems more like Byleth is his Successor, Bearer of the crest of Serios: Edelgard and Serios both Female, Crest of Flames: Byleth and Nemesis both Male. Crimson Flower: Male Byleth - Although Edelgard can be romantically involved with both Avaters, the pushing of Male Byleth with her during marketing has kind of stuck with me. I like Hubert's supports more if Byleth is male, as in his A support when he says he would devote a life to him as well, but as partners not master and servant, it helps to differentiate the relations. Apologise if this doesn't make much sense, I'm trying my best to properly explain it. Finally since your connection to the goddess disappears this route I like Byleth being the incorrect gender as it makes it seem like he is more natural without the goddess' power.
  7. Well he would probably try to kill you in your sleep for starters just for making him one.
  8. Gd: Chapter 15: Ashe (Recruitable if recruited academy phase) Chapter 16: Ferdinand Chapter 17: Edelgard(Retreats), Hubert(Retreats), Petra(Retreats), Bernadetta, Felix, Ingrid, Sylvain, Mercedes, Dedue(Retreats), Dimitri(Retreats but dies offscreen) Chapter 18: Caspar and Linhardt Chapter 19: Hubert Chapter 20: Edelgard, Petra and Dorothea (I Believe Dedue can die as a green unit) So only Annette and maybe Dedue survive
  9. I Personally wouldn't bother training Dimitri in Heavy Armour, as a paladin he never had problems doubling and when he encountered faster enemies he was mostly able to one shot them anyway. Are you aiming for Great Lord or Paladin Dimitri by endgame, because if you plan to go Brigand/Cavalier - Paladin - High/Great Lord then he will not have any speed problems. He will have a 50% growth and plus 4 speed bonuses purely for being in the class, and you can always dump one of your many speed rings on him for a nice extra. If you want to stay a Paladin however for the extra movement then speed might be a bit more of a problem, though I have personally never attempted to keep him as one because Great Lord just kicked so much ass. Also Don't ever solo focus. You waste 1/4 of your experience when doing it and it can hurt a units skill ranks in the long run. Just train his Axes alongside Lances or Authority or Riding (But only after he gets his talent so you can maximise gain). So overall I would say if you just go for Death Blow on Brigand you should be fine but I would not recommend getting Weight -3 as it takes to much time away from other ranks and ultimately doesn't change much, at least from my experience.
  10. As long as in 2079 when they remake this game they make Sylvain the Death Knight, then I'll be happy. Seriously though, Sylvain would have worked so well as the Death Knight imo, he already has a hatred for crests, his cavalier armour looks identical, the crest of Gautier's tarot card is Death, he's a cynical enough person to fill the role and betray his former friends. And it would make for compelling drama.
  11. A lot of character motives in Three houses could be fulfilled if everyone just talked to each other and became Allies. - Have Edelgard and Dimitri marry and therefore fuse Empire and Kingdom into one Country. - Claude can freely fuck off to Almyra to be King there like he does in every other route while giving the Alliance to Edelgard and Dimitri. - Byleth inherits title of Archbishop from Rhea. This setup fulfils most of what everyone was trying to accomplish. Edelgard gets a united Fodlan and since she is the ruler she and Dimitri can work on Fixing the Noble System, Keeping Crests but using Hanneman and Linhardt's research to make them less mandatory and detrimental to life. Since they rule the world they can Gangbang TWSITD pretty easily to eliminate them and Since Byleth is now the Archbishop Edelgard doesn't have to wage war on the church or kill Rhea because Byleth could reform it to be less Harmful, and the church being around does more good than destroying it which Edelgard considers in her Manuela supports. Dimitri mainly just wanted to bring order back to Faerghus and of course, to get revenge on the people responsible for the Tragedy of Duscur. Unifying Fodlan would definitely bring order to Faerghus and If it was explained properly to him that Edelgard wasn't involved and that Lord Arundel was the cause of it, Dimitri would gladly go after TWSITD to get his revenge, since he trusts Edelgard deeply and truly doesn't want to hurt her either. Also him and Edelgard get a nice bonus of Marrying each other since they both have implied love for each other. Claude would get his goal of Bye Bye Racism because as Edelgard mentions in her Paralogue, she also wants to become friends with foreign countries in the future. Dimitri would also agree with this as he has seen the racism towards Duscur and finds it disgusting and so would 100% support this endeavour. And Finally Rhea wanted to A) Bring Mummy back and B) Make Byleth the new archbishop because she was tired of this shit. Of Course A) Partially fails but she would still be fine with Byleth becoming the Archbishop as she mentions this a lot and it actually happens in Azure Moon. Of Course this isn't a criticism of the story at all, because to get all the lords to have an open and honest conversation with each other would be hard to orchestrate (Mainly because of Edelgard trust issues). There is a chance of it happening but it might require to much hindsight and open thinking to actually realistically pull of. Still fun to think about though especially as it results in Dimitri x Edelgard which is something I need to happen in my life after my Blue lions playthrough.
  12. I think it's pretty safe to say Edelgard is talking to Byleth.
  13. I don't know for all of them but for the naturally skilled Reason user i'd say. Hubert: Dark Dorothea: Thunder Annette: Wind Lysithea: Dark (Those 4 are basically confirmed) Lorenz: Fire Mercedes: Fire Linhardt: Wind Since we've only seen 4 types of reason magic so far(to my knowledge, if sagittae can count as a dark spell) I'd be willing to bet the 4 budding talent users will have 1 each. Edelgard: Fire Sylvain: Dark Felix: Thunder/Wind Ignatz: Wind/Thunder As for Faith user, I can only say if I thin they will be more offensive or supportive. Linhardt - Healing (Crest ties into it) Mercedes - Support Marianne - Offensive Lysithea - Offensive Dorothea - Support Byleth - Healing
  14. Ignatz is strong with swords and authority, and he can still use bows pretty well considering how awful the snipers stats are. Additionally. Dancer lets him make use of his budding talent in reason, so that's 3 of his 4 skills being covered by Dancer and he can still shoot people well thanks to combat arts that increase bow range.
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