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  1. Just want to add that in CF Byleth isn't even able to use the Sword of the Creator anymore so they lack a lot more firepower than in other routes and aren't nearly as strong. The only reason they could was because they had the literal Crest of Flames inside them, but now since that disappeared for some inexplicable reason, and they didn't die the second the crest was removed for some inexplicable reason, they no longer can use the sword, In fact, no one can now because it's not that no one has the required crest, it's that the sword doesn't have its power source anymore which is why Edelgard and others are unable to use it. Without the crest stone that Byleth had it's just a old sharpened heavy piece of bone. This is also confirmed in the Jeritza s support image, where Byleth is instead using the Sword of Serios. Sure Byleth is still a very competent Merc but they aren't a godlike being anymore. Probably just on par with Jeritza in strength levels, maybe even weaker because Jeritza has a crest.
  2. The dialogue three houses has are dodge/no damage quotes, Crit quotes, receive healing/helpful status effect, Gambit quotes, Assisting gambit quotes, after battle quotes, 3 select unit quotes depending on hp and will also comment if a nearby ally crits. A lot of these also change after timeskip as well. I think it's enough, they may not have the ally miss or unique ones between units, but there are plenty of new quotes that other games didn't have, gambit quotes being most prominent. I've never really thought to myself that my team is too silent.
  3. Damn, why do these mistakes have to happen? That line makes so much more sense than the one in English. Edelgard calling Dimitri out on being rich when she herself is the f**king emperor was such a stupid line. I like the meaning behind the original though, kinda sad.
  4. Well he did try to assassinate Rhea, and considering all countries acknowledge Rhea as the Archbishop it probably would be classed as treason. And If that happened to Edelgard, Dimitri or Claude then the assassin would have also been executed for treason. So Christophe isn't innocent. But anyway it's a morally grey point of conflict, both sides have wrongs and I happen to think Lonato was more wrong than the church, but this isn't the place for a discussion like that.
  5. War monk is the weirdest class addition for me because only Balthus and Byleth have brawling and faith talents, and if you want to brawl War master or Grappler seems much better. I suppose it's a female class with Fistfaire though so I guess that's okay but it only really fits Catherine and Byleth. Still would have prefered a trueblade master class with Swordfaire, Fistfaire and some other skill like darting blow to give both female brawlers and sword users a good endgame class, which is also the perfect class for Catherine and Byleth.(Assassin is usable but still not great by any means)
  6. That's true. I never really thought about it that way, that the elites were already in charge and Rhea just continued with it. This why the new dlc should have been set in the past so we can finally have concrete proof of what the hell happened. But there is still the chance we will learn more about it anyway so I'm hopeful.
  7. Like Jayvee94 said these are technically advanced classes although we know that they will require a different type of seal to promote into, no details on what or how we get them yet though. Also you don't need to replace them with master classes. Master classes aren't intended as the best in the game. Assassin, Paladin, Sniper, Grappler and even Warlock are still very viable classes and in a lot of cases are actually better than the master equivalent. Paladin and Assassin are the most prevalent of this, because Dark/Great knight and Mortal savant are not good classes for physical units. Think of Master classes as more side grades with some being purely superior( Wyvern Rider and Pegasus to Wyvern Lord and Falcon)
  8. This is a bit childish. You don't have to agree with the people you're talking to but just dismissing their arguments when they also use "Actual facts and logic" from the game, and look at the quotes in an equally correct way to yours is not okay. She equally could have just started helping people in need because she is actually a good person which is shown many times throughout the game in how she fosters the Almyran and Remire village orphans and in her S support she feels terrible for inadvertently causing the war through the crest system she made, even though she meant to protect and bring order to Fodlan through it but she didn't realize the consequences of her actions at the time. She even questions if she deserves to live after all that has happened to the people, showing she is not a monster. She can't just call herself a saint, people started calling her a Saint after witnessing her miracles. How is that coercing people and manipulating them to become her followers? In the end they chose to worship her and there is no actual proof that Rhea intended to mislead them, rather there is much more to suggest she was just helping people. Yes Rhea hoped that people would rally to her side to help defeat Nemesis and so that also may play a part into her demonstrations of miracles but that doesn't have to be framed in a negative light. From the people's view she came and inspired them, gave them to courage to stand up and fight against Nemesis and brought peace to a time of pain. After the People started worshiping her Rhea took the opportunity to bring order to Fodlan and established the Church of Serios. You might think that Rhea starts teaching all of the churches beliefs now but remember that the Elites are told to be warriors on Rhea's side in the Church lore, who later fought amongst themselves after their victory. If she started the whole Nemesis and Elites lore in that time, then how would she explain the Elites not actually being on her side. It's much more likely that Rhea brought in the cover up story of Nemesis and the Elites after the war ended, so as to not cause further conflict with the Elites's kin and the followers of the church. She didn't need to make a reason for the people to go against Nemesis because he was a Bandit King who had slaughtered innocents and the people probably lived in fear of him. That is reason enough. In the end I agree with what you say about Rhea's main motivation just being to strike down Nemesis, it's one of her biggest flaws as a character - she can get too caught up in revenge against Nemesis or sometimes Byleth to think straight about what she is doing. But I don't agree that she was purely manipulating people, she does care about others a great deal and so thought the war was in the people's best interests as well (Which it may or may not have been. We don't know enough about that era to have massive debates about justification when we have barely any details), and her implementing the crest system and the church was not done to spite or enslave humanity but to help and bring peace to the war ravaged world. I would say the Church was mostly successful although of course with the exception of hiding the truth of crests and idolizing them which she comes to realize at the end. But honestly who would have the incredible foresight to know that later down the line their actions would cause all those problems. I don't think any character can realistically be expected to know that and it's another flaw of Rhea's. Ultimately although her actions causes some undesired consequences, Rhea still did what was best for the people and didn't try to manipulate them. She is not a monster.
  9. You might actually be right about that. I mean the dlcs are going to be usable in the base game too so it could still be there, but I hope you are right. That's a nice selection of characters to work with.
  10. How is that proof? Do you have anyway to prove that Almyran reinforcements were not just for defense against the eventual attack from the empire Claude feared. The alliance alone is no match for the empires strength and Claude realizes this and brings in reinforcements to defend. All you are doing is speculating that Claude might is planning an attack. All Hubert is doing is speculating that Claude might be planning an attack. None of that is proof. You know who did attack though? Edelgard. No matter what Claude might have done, he didn't. And I assume by the history of Almyra with Fodlan you mean Almyra constantly attack the Alliance right. And that is somehow proof that Claude is conspiring with them to attack the Empire. I think you're grasping. Also a major point here, Edelgard and Hubert didn't know he had summoned Almyran reinforcements, so you saying that was obviously a sign of the alliances approaching attack doesn't mean anything towards justifying Edelgard's invasion because she invaded even without that knowledge.
  11. I believe all the game tells us is that Lonato suddenly raises an army and starts advancing towards the church (at a leisurely pass of course because we've got a whole month to fill), and the church sends the Knights to stop him before he can gain more support or enter the monastery grounds. Then you as the player are sent to scout and assist if any threats remain, at which point you are ambushed and forced to fight you're way out and kill him as he will not stop the rebellion no matter who talks to him, not even his Prince or his adopted Son who were both at the monastery at the time of his rebellion. Overall not much detail on what Lonato did exactly after he raised his army, but an approaching army is still a threat to the people and needs to be quelled. For what it's worth all House leaders agree that while what happened is sad, it was still necessary to stop him.
  12. I am very happy with how this mode is turning out. I feel like this opinion may be contrary to most others but I prefer when I am restricted in what units and Classes I can use and from the sounds of this you only have a set cast, and It doesn't seem like you'll be able to change classes since there is no teachings. Finally! Our units are going to get their identities back and not just be blocks of stats. I always go for the canon classes (Post timeskip design classes) anyway when I play so this is cool with me. As for which units can be used so far we can see Byleth, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Linhardt, Ashe, Hilda and the Ashen Wolves. I doubt this is the full roster though honestly, I'd be down. Ashe and LInhardt are seen when Yuri uses his new switch spell (Ashe is being switched and Linhardt is in the back). There is also a wyvern above them in this shot which could be another character but for now I'm assuming that's Claude's Abyss class instead of Sniper. I really like how instead of picking the usual important character form each house like Hubert, Ferdinand, Dorothea, Dedue, Felix etc they went for Ashe and Linhardt who are honestly very minor in the overall story, I always like that kind of thing. Hilda's still there though. Best girl cannot be replaced. One last point is when it says it will be harder than the base game, but it doesn't have a maddening difficulty. So is it harder than base game hard but not as hard as Maddening, or in the best case scenario, is it harder/same difficulty as maddening but better designed and more balanced. I do love playing Maddening but at some points in the game it just feels badly designed (Chapter 2/5 and SS/CF endgame) or stupidly easy and boring(8-10 + non CF 15). My hopes are definitely up though, the new classes needing specific seal to promote to is also a good sign of balance, so I hope they don't make these super easy to get. Hapi and Yuri best New characters
  13. You say that like Nemesis was the good guy here. From everything we've been told Rhea was fighting a righteous war, no manipulation. There's always the possibility (and hope) that Cindered Shadows might give motivations to Nemesis and the elites beyond just I want power and these random people told me too. But as of right now they have no redeeming qualities and were purely in the wrong. Rhea wanted justice for her family who were slaughtered, and Wilhelm wanted to unify Fodlan so it would be a more secure and safer continent without Nemesis and the bandits of the north. I guess desires of unification run in the Emperor gene pool. On a side note what do we think Rhea's original name was? You'd think it's Serios and that Rhea was a cover-up like Seteth and Flayn, but the quote omegaxis1 posted implies that she was not originally called Serios. So was Rhea her real name after all? The only other explanation I can think of is that none of the Nabateans had real names before they became saints but that seems a bit weird.
  14. I think this class is going to be great for Annette and flayn in particular. Annette for the point you made plus more mobility for her amazing rallies. And Flayn for FLYING RESCUE. Others can go this class for fun but I think all other mages are suited best elsewhere (obviously not including the new dlc though I imagine it would be Constanze's best class based on the datamined spells and growths.)
  15. Yeah I agree with most of what's been said so far. Cavalier is a great skill but Desperation is such a bad skill, especially for cav but even for anyone else. The biggest problem for me is even if this skill was useful and you didn't have an infinite amount of ways to kill/double/keep everyone on full health so they don't die, to make use of this skill. I still wouldn't equip it because I'd rather have anything else. Weapon prowesses, speed +2, weight -5, move +1, alert stance, fiendish/death/darting blow, quick riposte, every breaker skill, HP + 5, rallies, hit +20.......I could go on.
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