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  1. Mmm... could we restrict using an item by unit as a weapon? If we could, the issue that I'm having is fixed. Btw, ty!
  2. is there any command for promotions? Example: *dialogue* *promotes X character to Sage* edit: in that case by a requirement for the story.
  3. I have a question. Will be a Linux version for this wonderful engine?
  4. I've changed the txt file encoding from ANSI to UTF-8; It worked.
  5. Branch dialogue options? Do you refer it as "if this unit -> this happens", else "this one"? [In that case] Yep, you can. In my case I have to looked for in the githlab page and find the txt "de4th quote.txt" and there're some conditions, like if an unit is de4d or not, or if this unit's team is player or enemy; tho and I hope that helps. Awesome!
  6. I've been looking for that fonts, and I've got some of them: utf-8 chars If you need more of them, tell me and I'll try to get more!
  7. I don't know how to say it but, I want to make a petition: Could you add UTF-8 text char for dialogues and units? I know that this engine is used by (like 95%) English speakers, but It could be great if we have special chars too like 'ñ', 'á', etc...! Btw, Keep doing great rainlash!!!
  8. wow, they sound amazing!!! Most of them sounds like a castle or a village or a support theme (like FE4); but IntSys (probably) made them exclusively for sound testing.
  9. It's just appearances. If you need more map sprites, I've made more (with green faction included, but not purple): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n81rn32yk05zq4f/AABCXJ-xQfEOgyFJOqiANawKa?dl=0
  10. Sorry, I have no idea if open-source programmers or rainlash want(s) to extend that limit. You can make a request.
  11. In rainlash's Gitlab webpage, there's a section about animations. If you want custom animations for each class (0-4 for males and 5-9 for females), do this; for example: Bishop0-MagicAnima-GenericBlue = male bishop animation (generic) Bishop5-MagicAnima-GenericBlue = female bishop animation (generic) Bishop6-MagicAnima-GenericBlue = Serra bishop animation... Now you have "generic" units with custom anims. specifically, if you want custom palette for each anim, then: Bishop6-MagicAnima-NAME (NAME is your character's name), and now you have Serra's battler but with your fav palette. Hope this helps! Ed: I forgot it: Don't forget edit "unit.xml" file at "<gender>N</gender>". (N=0 generic male, 1-4 custom male, 5 as generic female and 6-9 custom female)
  12. Does the engine allow it? Sorry, I didn't know it. I didn't know that fe_repo_to_lex could compile FE8 spells either. Moreover, I don't know how to extract them from FEBuilder and put them into Lion Throne ^^"
  13. Bishop (FE8), Mage Knight(FE8), Dark Druid (Nergal) and Valkyrie(FE8) animations work. Mage(FE8), Sage(FE8), Dark Mage (Shaman FE8), Sorcerer (Druid FE8), and Archsage (Athos' class) don't, because they crash when they cast their spell, so I am using rainlash's default animations of these classes.
  14. Edit: sorry for my useless post, issues were easy to fix. Now I have a question: Is there any command (like "Sword", "Lance", "Axe", "Bow" or "Magic" but called "stone/wrath" or something) on the software "fe_repo_to_lex" which compiles manakete animations transforming into a dragon and "untransforming" them?
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