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  1. They also mentioned that adjutants don’t take a deployment slot, so you can bring your benched characters into battle to help keep them from falling behind. Seems like a really solid mechanic.
  2. That cutscene was really awesome. I can’t believe there was so much blood. Every time they give us more info about this game I just get the dumbest smile on my face. See you all on the other side on the 26th.
  3. I wonder if they really plan to have only Peg knights as female exclusive, when males get 3 exclusive class lines. It’s kinda sad that the only brand new class we have seen so far is male locked. While it won’t hurt my enjoyment of the game since I’ll be playing male, it just seems strange to me that they would do that especially in the case of the hero class.
  4. Yeah, I felt it was worth mentioning since so far most of the audio is either quiet or has someone talking over it. Cool that Player Essence made sure to include some clear audio at the request of his viewers!
  5. This has clear audio of Rhea, Lysithea, Ferdinand, Linhardt, and Seteth’s English voices. That’s probably the biggest takeaway from this, so it’s worth watching if anyone wants to hear them speak.
  6. Ah, interesting. I guess it’s likely then that whichever house you choose will end up seizing control of the monastery.
  7. Just looking at the the background behind the students, it’s not the same location that tutoring takes place in at the academy. The tutoring mechanic is still be there in some form, but I don’t necessarily think it is at the school. In fact, looking at the floor beneath their feet those two students are not being tutored in the same spot.
  8. We can really only speculate of course, but I can think of a couple scenarios. Maybe she’s the abused type? Treated terribly and works almost as a slave to her masters. Maybe she’s just evil but is being strangled for failing in her duty after a defeat by the player. Maybe she’s just insane. Who knows!
  9. I think that girl is the orange hair/eyed one who had the close up on her eye during the second trailer. She also might be the silhouette from the recent trailer that was getting choked.
  10. https://imgur.com/78gn4gB So the latest issue of the Nintendo Dream magazine comes with some cipher cards and Three Houses posters... but if you zoom in on the character poster you can see three character portraits we have yet to be shown.
  11. I have the American one preordered. This release is something I’m really hyped for and I generally don’t allow myself to splurge on special editions. I really wanted the art book and CD, plus that sweet steelbook case. Calendar is ehhhh but that’s fine.
  12. I would argue that it’s normal to have some shared traits here and there. What will matter is if they do enough to help us understand why Bernadetta and Marianne are shy and differentiate the two of them. Just looking at these two characters, from my perspective at least, I see Bernadetta as a classically shy character who is not very complex. Marianne on the other hand seems to have her shyness rooted in problems she has with her self worth. It’s intriguing, I wonder if something happened to her to make her want to isolate herself.
  13. I don’t think the sword has anything to do with it, just having a crest reveals that a person is not from a common bloodline. That being said it would be cool to have a student like Leonie find out her family is secretly of noble blood. I doubt it would happen though because that is Byleth’s story as far as we know right now.
  14. I’ve only known Marianne for 20 minutes, but if anything were to happen to her... 😠
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