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  1. They are my favorite class along with cavalier I love knights and tanky defensive units. They just seem hard to use especially after trying out Dreadfighter. The bases are amazing though giving a ton of defense and attack. I think I will reclass Valbar back into soldier after finishing Dreadfighter and make both Lukas and Forsyth into cavaliers. HP ATT SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Forsyth 40 40 30 40 40 30 3 Lukas 50 30 40 25 30 45 2 Valbar 60 40 40 30 25 50 1 As just growths wise it seems like Valbar is most suited to the Knight classline. The others I think would be better as cavaliers just because they are more useful on Alm's larger maps. I will probably end up not using Valbar on the terrain heavy maps. The downside is no one on Celica's side gets warp as far as I know but I gave Valbar the boots so hopefully he will be alright. Sorry for the shitty graph it did not copy paste well.
  2. After reclassing Valbar into Dreadfighter after getting the bases from Baron I just do not see a gameplay reason to use Barons. Does the overclass do anything to make them better?
  3. Well don't hate Awakening too much it saved the series after all. Without it Fire Emblem would be dead.
  4. Lol what is that chain axe? Also I think he makes a terrible one just because my ocd won't let me make him a class that can't use swords. It would be like making Chrom an archer just ugh.
  5. Yeah that is probably why I did not like it as much as Corrin makes a terrible general in that game when I did well with Robin. I like Effie though.
  6. They did not seem as good when I played it. I did not really have a favorite class in that game I used all of them. My favorite character was Arthur though so maybe hero was my favorite class.
  7. I am probably stupid I made everyone I could into a general even Sumia .
  8. I never really looked at tier lists much in awakening and their max stat caps were pretty high so I made it work pairing them with flyers and such to get around. I grinded a lot though without grinding flyers and knights seem like they would suck. They also have an armor weakness and most people dislike axes.
  9. I have only played Shadow Dragon and the 3DS games. Although I have not finished a game yet and only played the first few chapters in Shadow Dragon. Never used knights in Shadow Dragon yet but in Valentia they seem the worst I have seen so far. Possibly because of the fewer class options maybe they have always sucked but because there were more classes they did not stick out as much. I have always liked knights and tanky/defensive playstyles and characters in games.
  10. I gave my mages rings to boost their magic or steel shields to boost their defense they have high resistance already. Also the archers in this game I either got really unlucky with or suck the only good one I have is Tobin both Python and Leon can't do much. Python never hits and Leon never doubles and almost never hits. I gave them good bows too they just do not perform.
  11. I made valbar a dreadfighter just to do a loop and get some speed and instead I am keeping him there he take NO DAMAGE from anything. Barons are terrible. Although I did find a shield that halves all magic damage in the dlc so I may decide to use that on a baron instead but then he would do less damage where as a dread fighter he could have a brave sword and do the same thing. I also found an emperors shield which is absolutely worthless. I think it is supposed to increase your resistance (says it does on the wiki) but it doesn't and weighs more than a steel shield and is worse.
  12. The first two suggestions would be fine but the problem is dread fighters get that stupid skill to halve all magic damage so in order to make armored guys good you have to nerf dread fighter too. I do not understand why dread fighters get 7 movement, resistance boost, and half all magic damage. Cavaliers just get movement I think and barons get nothing.
  13. The movement overall seems much shorter than fire emblem. Are the maps a lot smaller?
  14. Are they better than in Valentia? I think Valentia knights are probably the worst class but there is not much competition and certain things can make them good enough. Although I did not think they were the worst until this discussion. What is the percentage on movement growth anyway how would that even work?
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