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  1. I was trying to make Annette either a Dark Knight or Valkyrie but I wasn’t able to do it before the end of the game. She just stayed as Warlock.
  2. It is not just the bow weakness but that in Maddening you rarely double and fliers tend to have bad strength. Infantry classes don’t have a weakness, have combat arts to double, get crit bonuses, and with Stride can still move a lot. With all the enemies you don’t want to be in range of more than one at a time anyway so the movement isn’t as useful. I still want at least one flier on my team but I see a lot of people saying to use only fliers. I use like 8 infantry 1 cav and 1 flier. Although I would use more cav if I had the ranks in riding to upgrade my mages. Cav have bad speed though so I only used Sylvain as a Paladin and Sniper is way better than Bow Knight.
  3. I didn’t think Alois would betray the church. I probably won’t play Classic because of all the BS ambushes and Pass enemies. Alois has Vantage, Wrath, Death Blow, and Hit+20 unlocked though so I just need the renown for it.
  4. I thought you just straight up could not recruit any of the knights besides Shamir if you were Black Eagles until part 2 when they auto join on Church route.
  5. I will probably recruit Shamir ASAP just because she can instantly become my best unit since she starts in Sniper. In New Game+ I think Shamir, Cathrine, Alois, and Seteth are better than in New Game where they are already really good since you can just get all the skills you need right away. Pretty sure I can only use Shamir in Crimson Flower though. All the other characters start in worse classes with worse growths.
  6. I plan to just pay renown to unlock Death Blow on characters rather than going into Brigand. As well as any other skills so them training their default skills is totally fine for me. I can get about 50k renown in a playthrough pretty easily and it is only like 500 for a skill. I can also pay renown to get A authority on characters I want to use or anything else I want since I pregrinded everyone in previous playthroughs since I went Silver Snow (first playthrough so Black Eagles may no be properly grinded definitely don't have Hit+20 unlocked on people), Azure Moon, Verdant Wind getting everyones skills up and mastering all the classes I want.
  7. Well I mean as late as possible including paralogues. So I will look up when each character's paralogue is and recruit them the month beforehand. Also not necessarily to maximize stats vs raising them myself but I plan to recruit everyone and use only a few of them so I want everyone to be somewhat combat viable without having to grind them up at all. Since having a level 5 unit in a paralogue will no be good.
  8. Yeah I did try this. I tried going fortress knight on Dedue and stacking protection to tank some but it was just too much for me. I lowered the difficulty to finish the last few chapters and am playing Golden Deer Hard Classic now and will try Maddening again on my Crimson Flower run. I will wait to recruit everyone until as late as possible and recruit every unit possible so they will have good stats and I can use renown to get them skills and abilities. Doing all prologues will also help since I didn't have Thyrsus in my Blue Lions run before. Hopefully that will be enough to get through pretty easily.
  9. Well I think I am giving up on my Maddening playthrough at Chapter 20. It seems impossible with my team. Every other chapter was extremely doable but I have no idea how to beat this chapter and it is just not even fun to try. I was really enjoying this game for awhile but Hard is way too easy and Maddening is just unfair. I even tried creeping along the edge of the map and going one enemy at a time but it doesn't matter they spam gambits and kill my tanky units and there are just way too many enemies and monsters. Half my team can't survive one round of combat so I can't do player phase stuff since there are too many enemies to keep everyone safe while attacking. So close to the end was just 2 chapters away.
  10. She gets hit rates of about 70%-80% WITH Hit+20. Not sure what her Dex is supposed to be but I assume mine is screwed there. I never have her wait in enemy range anyways and try to always Canto out of range after attacking. Also I was planning to make Leonie a Bow Knight since her Multihit Combat Art is a Bow one should I not do that for some reason? Bowfaire seems really important to be able to one round and double faire is even better. So I was planning to go Cavalier/Paladin/Bow Knight after getting Hit+20, Death Blow, and Darting Blow. I assume she needs Close Counter as well so it is not like she could make room for Alert Stance anyway. Although I guess she doesn't need Darting Blow. What about Cyril he has the same thing?
  11. I actually cleared the map by using stride on Ingrid and killing the boss so she is not as useless now as she was earlier in the game. Glad the stat boosters paid off plus she just unlock Lancefaire from S+ Lances so with double Faire and Death Blow she is a lot better. Here is my Ingrid Lvl 42 HP 59 Str 37 Dex 25 Spd 45 Lck 26 Def 25 Res 28 Cha 30 Lance Prowess 5, Hit+20, Death Blow, Darting Blow, Lancefaire She was one of my worst units for pretty much the entire game especially in part 1. Now with the plus 16 damage from abilities she can one round most things with Silver Lance+ I gave her pretty much all of my stat boosters in part 2 to try to patch her up. She has the max Galatea Pegasus Battalion as well. I gave her like +10 Str and Spd from boosters and like +14 HP and +5 Def or so. She can survive one hit now so as long as she is never in range of archers or multiple enemies she is fine. Her Dex is kinda bad though so her Hit is worse than some of my other units and she doesn't have any good Combat Arts. Frozen Lance is based on Dex and that is her worst stat. All my other units do more than just attack though. Byleth can heal and use Retribution Gambit as well as use Windsweep and Bane of Monsters, Dimitri can tank many enemies and does really good damage even if he can't double, Dedue has the low health build stuff, Annette has 50 Magic now and one shots everything, etc. I should have gotten that flying Stride Battalion but that map was so frustrating I skipped it.
  12. I am not having a hard time at all really. Warlock Annette and Sniper Ashe can one round everything and Byleth and Dimitri can tank a few enemies each. I spent a lot of time grinding up Dedue into a monster as well. He is a Warmaster with Killer Lance, Vengeance, Deathblow, Vantage, Wrath, Hit+20, and Lancefaire. On every map there are archers covering 90% of the map. I usually count at least 5 usually closer to 10 as well as ambush spawns that one shot my fliers. My weaker units are Swordmaster Felix, Paladin Sylvain, and Falcon Knight Ingrid. I gave Ingrid a bunch of stat boosters in Strength, Speed, HP, and Defense so I don't think she is screwed she is just bad. Sylvain can one round easily but he is a piece of glass and dies in one or two hits usually. I got Hit+20 and Death Blow or Fiendish Blow for everyone except Mercedes. I am on chapter 19 right now and counted 7 archers that cover literally the entire map.
  13. If there were more maps with terrain penalties I would agree flying is really good but the amount of archers in this game and the lack of terrain makes it not as useful I think. Almost none of the maps have terrain just some walls you can fly over. The only map I can remember is Seteth and Flayn's paralogue. I never really use dismount though which is probably why I have such a problem with archers I guess.
  14. There are archers everywhere and none of the fliers I have are very bulky to begin with. The flying doesn't really benefit them much if they can never go into enemy range anyways. I am not all that great at Fire Emblem so surely there is a reason people think they are the best. They are amazing in my favorite game Shadows of Valentia. I always use all three Pegasus Sisters in that game. Here I am doing Blue Lions New Game+ Maddening and Ingrid and Seteth suck. Ingrid has like 40+ Speed and still can't double all the time and when she can she doesn't even one round. She gets killed by anything that doubles her. Seteth just came too late I just unlocked Swiftstrikes and I am on like Chapter 20 and he is only level 32 and just got into Wyvern Lord when all my other units are like level 40+. I remember in my original Silver Snow run on Hard New Game Petra was like my best unit but Maddening is way different. Snipers and Warmasters just seem like way better classes with the Hunter's Volley and Crit bonus respectively. I grinded up Flayn into Dark Flier once I discovered she gave a might bonus to Byleth and I had to use her for Felix's Paralogue to stop the villagers from committing suicide. I will see if she is good with that on my next New Game+ for Golden Deer. I will also try to use Seteth more in that playthrough as well and give him more of a chance since I can get Hit+20 and Deathblow right away for him next time as well as give him Swiftstrikes. Claude is probably good too.
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