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  1. Armors get negative speed in this game but his issue isn't speed for me, it is resistance and movement. Conrad and the Whitewings kill everything before he can get there or a witch teleports and kills him. Celica also doesn't have warp so there is no way to fix this. I really want to use him but he just seems so bad.
  2. In that playthrough I actually ditched Leon for archer Atlas. I think Atlas was my best unit. My team was Celica, Conrad, the pegasus sisters, Boey who actually didn't suck, Saber, Jesse, Genny, Atlas. I am going to make Atlas a mercenary this time and use Leon.
  3. Later on in Celica's route there are maps with like 20 arcanists. In the dungeon there are sometimes all arcanist fights. Valbar has 0 resistance and 0% growth.
  4. You need 1 speed to double. A lot of enemies later have 20 speed. I want my mages to have 22 speed so they can double with Excalibur. I want them to have at least 20 attack as well by the end. None of the other stats really matter to me. Mae at level 10 has 18 atk and 13 spd Boey at 14 has 12 atk and 6 spd. I think I am going to make him use Sagittae mostly and be support. Dreadfighter has base 18 speed but I am planning for end game on this playthrough and know I don't want Boey on my endgame team. For mages I plan to use Kliff and Delthea. I will probably use mostly Alm units actually since they have supports with each other and I like them more. I will use Conrad though since I think he is the best cavalier.
  5. He still has terrible stats but he learned Sagittae and is useful now. It takes so long to grind to 20 though don't know if it is even worth it. Level 13 right now.
  6. I had to ditch him because of his resistance he kept dying. Conrad is a total chad and is my tank now.
  7. I have never gotten so screwed before. He has gotten only hp every level up and he is level 6! He can't do anything what do I do? I can't even grind him in DLC like this ugh. Edit: he got 1 point in attack now and nothing else. I am so mad. Level 8 with 27 hp 9 atk 3 skl 4 spd 9 lck 4 def 7 res he got 1 stat per level most of which was hp and he got 1 atk and 1 spd. Thinking about going all in and using a fork on him and going through dreadfighter and back to mage lol. Not sure how else to fix him and I don't want to ditch him. If anyone has any advice would love to hear it.
  8. I know armor knights are not good but I like them anyway. It is much easier to use Lukas though with Warp and Rescue as well as no desert maps. If I want to use Valbar without reclassing him are there any strategies I can use to make him as useful as possible? I will probably train more than 10 units and switch him out depending on the map. Definitely will use him in dungeons.
  9. I didn’t say it was good but for Shadows of Valentina 40 is pretty good when the average growth is 30. In most games anything above 35 is decent and 45+ is good I would say. By averages my Luthier should be about 14 speed but he is at 8 which is not because his growth is bad but because of rng.
  10. I am replaying Echoes right now and I grinded my Luthier up to level 20 mage and he only has 8 speed (his base is 7) he doesn’t even have a bad growth! (40%)
  11. I am only on chapter like 7 (on the one where you investigate the village with Jeralt) and Dedue already has B Faith, C Lances, S Axe, A+ Armor, D+ Riding, and no idea with gauntlets have not started with those yet. I think Bishop is worth it purely for the 15 resistance. Dude has not gotten a single resistance level up so far only the bases from Priest. I stormed through my other playthrough because I stopped playing for a few months and wanted to start over but I forced myself to finish the playthrough for new game+. I have not neglected anyone so far. I am using really efficient grinding in extra battles since I have max professor level. Sylvain is lagging a bit with his Faith at C but I will get it up (he has A+ Reason, A Lance, and A Riding) The hardest is actually Byleth since I am going female Byleth this time I thought Falcon Knight was a good way to go but it is so hard to get flying high enough for Pegasus Knight. It took me months talking with Seteth and Manuela and of course right when I need just one more talk the month where they are busy with the Death Knight starts. I have Annette as a Dark Flier which is pretty cool. Not going to use Flayn just using the 10 I have since you can always field at least 10 for the most part. Also I wanted to make Dedue a Great Knight because I have not ever used the class and I am already grinding a ton anyway what is the harm in giving him a weekly riding event nobody else needs it really except Ashe if I want him to be a Bow Knight so I just have both of them doing it. What do you mean by availability though? Dedue is there starting at chapter 1 that is super available? Luckily Felix and Dimitri were blessed so did not need Warrior or Fortress Knight for them but Byleth and Ingred badly needed it and Ashe needed Warrior since he got mega strength screwed. Dimitri is super speed screwed though but can’t really fix that with classes had to use my speed wings on him. It takes me 1 battle to level up a skill from E to like C and I can do ~6 characters at once and I get 3 battles per week. I just put my three units leveling weapons into either Armored Knight or Fortress Knight with broken or rusted weapons and put magic leveling units as adjutants then bunch everyone on the corner of the map with Mercedes. I just watch YouTube while pressing end turn with skip actions on and heal if someone is about to die. Only thing that I can’t really grind this way is flying since they get one shotted by archers and it is hard to kill them first without dying with only so few units. I think there is an item that fixes this weakness but I am sure by the time I get it it’s too late anyway. Also Ingrid and Byleth don’t have enough tank without the armor knight bonuses so they can’t really grind in Peggy Knight anyway. Also I have beaten Awakening, Fates, and Echoes on Hard/Classic although I let quite a few people die in Awakening and Fates since there are so many characters. I am going to try a grindmaster lunatic playthrough in Awakening sometime but will probably have to look up a guide for the first few chapters Frederick has to carry.
  12. That was also my first finished run am playing Blue Lions now. Only going to recruit Dorothea and make sure she becomes a dancer this time. I missed the event before I kind of forgot about it and fought battles instead of exploring. I am getting all my characters to try to become fortress knights warriors and bishops for defense strength and resistance. Probably won’t bother getting mages into anything past armored knight though. I realized I suck too much at this game to have glass cannons like Lysithea so I am making Sylvain a dark knight and Felix a mortal savant. I know it is not optimal but they can always target weaknesses with this setup like using weapons against mages and magic against armor knights. I will make sure they don’t get screwed by putting them through the mage line and fortress knight and warrior. Going to make Dedue the ultimate tank with pavise aegis renewal and quick repost (going to take a lot of grinding) probably will end in great knight or something.
  13. Just amazing info dude top notch. I just tuned down the difficulty and solo’d with Byleth, Wyvern Petra and Falcon Catherine helped, Caspar sat on the spot you mentioned. If I had spent a few more hours and seen this post earlier I probably could have beat it on hard. I will try to do better next time. All my other units just died I had Lysithea she killed a monster then got surrounded and 1 shotted along with my healers Mercedes and Linhardt. My archers Anna and Bernadetta killed a few flyers but then got killed along the way and didn’t make it to Rhea. Ferdinand didn’t do anything he just got destroyed. I tried to protect Cyril gave him some expensive bows made him a Wyvern Rider but in the end he died as well. I think that is everyone might be missing a few. In the end I had Byleth solo all the enemies on the left side of the map while everyone else tried to clear the enemies on the bottom of the map. I left Caspar there to guard and the survivors Catherine and Petra regrouped with Byleth after his massacre and then the three of them killed Rhea pretty easily.
  14. No I was just trying to finish the game quickly so I can start new game plus. I guess I will try lowering the difficulty to normal and just remember to not rush through the months skipping training.
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