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  1. This makes a lot of sense. Jeralt doesn't seem to have any similarities with Byleth though, and I am not just talking about the hair. Their clothing is completely different and I think that's intentional.
  2. Why would they accept Byleth to teach at the academy if he was seen as a threat though?
  3. That could also be a thing! I think it's kind of too simple for fire emblem though. Maybe. Sometimes the unexpected happens
  4. All three of those could work! To be honest I really like the first one.
  5. "Oh my goodness, what is she wearing? that's so painful to watch..." (Ensemble Stars! It's a mobile school idol game. His name is Subaru!)
  6. I was actually thinking the same! That mayhaps he killed Byleth's mother somehow and felt bad for the child so he decided to protect him after all.
  7. I know it's still pretty early for theories, but if anyone has any interesting idea as to who or what made Jeralt leave the Knights of Seiros and start a mercenary company, I would be delighted to read! Also, if you believe that he is Byleth's biological father.
  8. Kind of generic but I'll go with lost in thoughts, it's just an amazing song.
  9. Personally I will be joining Blue Lions. It was between them and Black Eagles but I prefer the characters in Blue Lions (visually wise) more. I'll probably play through every House once and then I'll be able to tell which is my favourite. But so far it's Blue Lions. (I mean have you seen Sylvain? ?)
  10. Banned because Luma is cropped in the picture.
  11. Personally it's the 3DS era. Fates has very nice gameplay and Echoes' story is just so good.
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