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  1. I ran into that too at one point. if memory serves, there isn't an unarmed placeholder for joshua, so make sure he's equipped with a sword before you promote
  2. It's notoriety is equal parts earned and attributed; Balance is all over the place, from the relative effectiveness of your cast of characters, to difficulty curve to abrupt spike, and end game becomes an absolute mess of both you and the enemy slinging absurd numbers back and forth and dice rolling your way to victory. That the author got something of reputation for responding... tersely to criticism and claims of lack of quality/theft/etc didn't do much to ingratiate it in some parts of the community. Having said that, it has a full fledged post game mode, original (" ") maps, new weapons, halberdier integration, a original plot and a whole heap of new mugs and a few new animations, before the community really developed enough to open create and share content and create tools to facilitate the process Bear in mind, some of this is only secondhand I've heard from streams and forums, but the short is TLP was one of the first to do it in a big way, and made a few mistakes everyone has made strides to not do again
  3. consider yourself top of the list, unless someone else asks here in the near future. Thank you for responding!
  4. In a bold and original move, I aim to include a dog character in a work-in-progress hack. Unfortunately, I'm not well versed in spriting, and current open-access content doesn't have what I'm looking for. To keep it simple, all I need is a portrait. Blink/mouth frames are unnecessary, mini-mug is optional, but appreciated, and if it is FEbuilder friendly and potentially re-colorable with those tools, it would be perfect. I was thinking something like Repede from Vesperia (see images, minus the pipe/chains/etc of course), with a scarred eye and damaged ear on one side; Earth tone/naturalist colors would be ideal, as he will still be a fairly normal wolf character I apologize if this seems pushy or overly specific- I'm up for re-working the character with whomever is interested in taking the commission, and we can rework the details before we nail down a price Thank you so much!
  5. You sir, are a hero and a saint. Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck in your continuing misadventures in coding greatness
  6. Apologies, I did my best to search the forum for a solution before asking a previously resolved question, but I am trying to figure out how to implement a feature I've been digging through both FEbuilder and the rom for patched Midori, and have yet to figure out A. how to split magic and strength or B. how to implement growths for stats like movement and Con (a la Midori/FE4) in an FE8 hacked rom Any answers are appreciated, even if it just "lol, can't be done in FE8, get nightmare and FE7, scrub" Thank you!
  7. Would builder be a good baseline to use, basically take one patched rom and get the sprites, etc, etc and edit them in individually? Thank you for replying back, by the way. This isn’t exactly following forum decorum I know
  8. I suspect two at the same time is impossible; they are both fe8 patches, so I figured if I could access the character and sprite files for one, I could edit with the other sorry, let me elaborate- both are fairly extensive rebuilds of stones, however one had some sprites, class changes, and the circles skill kit I was trying to integrate into the other, and was stumped as to how to go about that. I figured next step was asking mod authors themselves
  9. So I’ve got two quality of life ups that I’m attempting to mix and match, so to speak, for my own personal use. Essentially, one has the circles skill system and class/sprite updates I would like to add to the other. Is there a resource or any tips I could use to facilitate the process. I understand if this is frowned upon in the community and no one wants to suggest anything, of course Edit: working with FEbuilder to frankenstein one into the other. Big shoot-out to Bl00d and eclipse for the help
  10. Hey Blood, I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You've done a lot of great work in making a good game even better, got back to all the feedback with quick and effective patches, and endured the process of tweaking and weeding out this hack with absurd levels of patience. I hope your romhacks keep getting better from here, and you finally get a chance to kick back and enjoy this gift you've presented for yourself
  11. Fair enough. Having said that, there are a few reworks that made unbreakable holy weapons, albiet sans stat boosts and weight adjustments, mostly tossing the idea out at any rate The current skill suite works ( I had more elaborate thoughts on the matter, but that would be a wall of test), but if you are willing to reassign, I'll happily give it a fresh start and see what new choices give the cast a breath of fresh air You sure you don't want to give it to the berserker right outside of jehanna in ch 15 as a drop to add yet another reason to savestate/reset? #makeaxesgreatagain
  12. I've put some thought into skills myself, and it's probably equally busted, but there's a skill in the circles engine that's basically axe-thrift (lucky axe?) that feels more balanced for Ross, especially since hatchet is basically his go to axe. For lute and amelia, I'm stumped. Lute makes the most sense, but breaks power curve, even without monster skirmishes. I like the idea of blossom instead, but I don't think that's coded in with this particular skill suite. With amelia, she feels like a graduate of the Nephenee school of "if-I-proc-strength-I-swear-I-will-kill-you-all" methodology, so either wrath or resolve seem appropriate, albeit out of character. On that note, Pugi for FE8 Reskin when?
  13. I'm on random growths, version 2.4. It could very well be my fault; I patched version 2.2 with the fixes from the latest version around chapter 10, use savestates, and speed up gameplay, so if it's my fault, I wouldn't be surprised Edit: I tried fixed growths as well (2.4) same snag at event spawn By the by, this hiccup aside, I like everything you've done with the tweak. The spites and palettes are great, skills give everyone a chance to shine, and the rebalance/diversity in the enemy really breathes new life in stages I've played a dozen times
  14. Not sure if this is scripting error, or operator error on my part, but Hard Mode, Hamill Canyon seems to lock up on pablo's spawn event without triggering his text. Any thoughts?
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