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  1. I’ve heard of it, and a couple of my friends are playing it atm, but I’ve never tried it myself.
  2. Lorenz is a shame. I enjoy him as a character, and the art is glorious, but his stats are even worse than his luck with finding a suitable wife to marry into the great and noble House Gloucester. As an added insult to injury, I already have a +10 Raigh, so he doesn't even fill the niche of "infantry red mage with... uhhh... balanced stats" in my barracks. As for the others, art is good, particularly Sylvain and Dorothea, but I'm trying to save orbs, so I guess it's just the free pull for me.
  3. In terms of difficulty, yes, birthright is pretty easy (especially compared to Conquest) Lunatic difficulty isn't on the level of hair-pullingly frustrating as Awakening, but their mentality for enemy design seemed to be quantity over quality (especially near the end), so keep that in mind if you decide to go lunatic. I've never actually played Hard mode, so I can't say for sure what that's like. In terms of permadeath, I'll admit that I've never actually played an ironman before so I'm not the most qualified to give advice. I will say that you get most of your recruits before the last half of the game, then get like 3 towards the end. Oh yeah. He really is.
  4. FYI those tracks come from amiibo, I believe, so you won't get them by playing through the game.
  5. Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore was that game for me too. I missed out on the original because I wasn't interested in FE back then, so when it came around on the Switch I was curious, considering all the hate it got from fans. I was on the fence, because I kinda wanted a game I could just not take seriously and have fun with, but I wasn't sure if it would be that.kind of game. Seeing a lot of positive reviews swayed me to give it a chance, and I ended up really enjoying it.
  6. There are only a couple characters that are competitive with Raphael at all for the physical tank niche. Dedue does outclass him, but at the same time is BL only, so unless you go out of your way to recruit Raphael, there isn't a competition because you can't use Dedue. The other character is Balthus, but it's not as hopeless as you might think. Raphael has 2 higher base hp and a 15% higher HP growth, and actually ties with Balthus in defence, both in base stats and growth rates. Balthus' ONLY advantage over Raphael is his personal skill, which, while it can make a fairly significant difference (+6 defence is pretty nice), it only works when under 50% hp. I'm not too familiar with Maddening stat benchmarks, so I couldn't tell you if it actually would make a significant difference, or if the defence boost will usually come too little, too late. Regardless, I think Raphael can at least hold his own when compared to Balthus (in terms of physical tanking, that is, Balthus obviously has a lot of other advantages). In OP's case, however, Balthus doesn't exist because they don't have DLC. So Raphael basically becomes the best tank of GD. So yeah, I'd say Raphael at least has one thing going for him, that can be utilised pretty well on Golden Deer at the very least, if you so desire. Ok, now to actually respond to the topic at hand: I second Linhardt for his Leonie paralogue + he can at least find some use as another warp bot. And others have already suggested Felix and Petra as recruits- they're just good. My personal pick for worst unit in the game would have to be Anna, since all around mediocre stats + bad personal + no supports is just not a good combo at all. But if we're going specifically in the context of this playthrough, I'd have to reluctantly agree with Ashe- there's just not really anything significant he offers that can't be replicated by somebody else. I like Ashe, so I try and make him at least usable when I can, but without that bias there isn't much reason that I can see to use him. Caspar at least performs well once you get him to War Master/Grappler (if you stick with him long enough, at least) and poor bases aside, he has one of the easiest times getting there, plus using him will get you the Rafail gem and potentially the Scythe of Sariel through Mercedes' paralogue.
  7. Worst: Chapter 5: Best: Dedue's Paralogue CF Chapter 17: Non-CF Chapter 14: CS Chapter 7:
  8. I like to switch it up usually, because I get bored of the same song after a couple battles (though I don't do too many battles anyway) I usually switch between Roar of Dominion, A Funeral of Flowers and Chasing Daybreak. ...Actually can we use music from Cindered Shadows once we've beaten that? If so, then I will be listening to At What Cost? a lot next playthrough.
  9. I see. At least I know my memory is wrong now, so thanks
  10. So I haven't really been keeping up with 3H too much recently, and I haven't been on the main site for it in ages. But I went back onto it today, and noticed that the requirements for a few classes were lower than I remembered them (like Dark Knight needs B+ Reason when I could swear I remembered A reason) So my question is: Am I going crazy or was this actually edited at some point, and if it was, when?
  11. Welcome to the forum! SoV is my favourite as well. It wasn't my first game, but the music, the voice acting, and the art were so beautiful its become the game I look back on the most. I also really enjoyed the characters and the writing as a whole, and Fernand is honestly one of my favourite villains in the series. I'm mixed on gameplay, I enjoyed some maps (the final battle of Act 3 and 4 on Alm's route, the one on the Rigel Plains where you get Zeke, and Grieth's Citadel) and hated others (Desert Stronghold, Celica's first fight of Act 4) but overall the dungeons, class system and village exploration won me over in the gameplay department. But yeah, overall SoV is like my breath of fresh air when I get tired of playing other FE games. I think I've beaten it 4 times at this point.
  12. I got my haircut the day before all the barbers closed up, so I went through quarantine without a haircut. Normally my parents make me get a haircut every couple months or so, so this was the first time my hair has grown out this long. I used to think of my hair as wavy, but it got really curly by the end of quarantine. Then the barbers opened up and I got forced to go get a haircut the day after. Shame. I actually liked my hair like that.
  13. Super Mario Odyssey. I just... could never get into this. In the game’s defence I’m not really a platforming type of person, and the only platformer I’ve finished from beginning to end is Super Mario Galaxy 2. By the praise the game got from reviews and from friends, I figured I’d enjoy Odyssey as much as that at least, and I’d get through it. But the gameplay just never clicked with me, and I dropped it after... the snow world? I honestly can’t remember. So now my copy just sits there gathering dust.
  14. He’s not universally hated or anything, but he’s definitely more controversial than, say, Shulk. At least on Reddit it seems to be a 50/50 split between love and hate him. For me at least, his perspective on the world around him and his story were a massive part of why the story resonated with me so much, which is why I feel he gets too much flack.
  15. For me, Rex from Xenoblade 2, for much the same reason. To this day I'd say he's probably one of my favourite protagonists from a video game.
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