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  1. Stahl for me. It’s gotten to the point where getting just one of him is an omen of good summoning. At one point I went an entire year without summoning a single copy. I did manage to pull two in a single circle last night, so now I’m at +9. I’ll update the + 10 compendium in 2022 when I pull the last copy lol
  2. Just found out that you can restart the trial defence until you get a good song to play in the background lol. And apparently Twilight of the Gods and FE7’s final map theme can be played. I am satisfied with this mode.
  3. No, the objective just changes. At least on Church route, anyway. Haven’t tried letting him escape on Golden Deer, but I see no reason why the same thing wouldn’t happen.
  4. I’ve done Great Knight Raphael before. His riding weakness made it annoying, but he made it to C+ pretty easily, which gave him a decent chance to pass the certification. Actually having the mobility to keep up with the rest of the party meant he was my go-to wall. Dude even took no damage from the final boss (SS)
  5. Oh well I’m just curious what did I say about it and then you can just walk out on your own to do with the kids I think you should have just got a good time for it to you get to it because I just got a little better I don’t think you can do anything for me to get over it and I Yu was a way I can just build it up for a while but then I’ll just be there to get them to do it.
  6. I’m sorry. Surtr: Hel’s Scythe Gray Waves (or whatever assist you want) Black Luna: DC Wrath Surtrs Menace/Solitary Dream/Honestly no idea Mystic Boost sacred seal Pair with B!Lucina for instant Black Luna. In the event that he gets killed, Hels Scythe saves him, then he heals a bit with MB. Now he keeps activating its miracle effect, one shotting them back, healing, rinse, repeat. Most broken thing I can come up with? Probably not, considering guard beats it. Mages too, but Surtr’s res is decent. Most fun I would ever have in this game? Hel yeah.
  7. Had 6 orbs and decided to go in on the legendary banner. Got one colourless orb Clicked on it +HP/-Spd L!Leif Nice.
  8. Joined Jacob for revenge after Henry lost. I hate when this happens. Don't know if I should keep obsessively pursuing revenge (despite the fact that I really don't like Mia) or just bite the bullet and join Ilyana.
  9. As a player of this forum game, I, in accordance with the assigned ruleset of the aforementioned game, have demonstrated the proper conceptualisation of my thought process, to such a masterful degree that even the basest of life forms who happened to find this thread will possess the proper rational capabilities to comprehend the intent of my statement, and thus will be able to, themselves, become players of this forum game, so they may be able to continue the game in their subsequent posts.
  10. Brave Ike's refine doesn't actually guarantee a follow up for the enemy. It's kind of confusing, but what it basically does is give the foe the desperation effect. So null follow up doesn't affect it, because it's a speed based follow up, not a guaranteed follow up. Hardy Bearing is the skill that can work against the refine, by allowing B!Ike to get his attack in first, thus preventing him from reducing the foe's follow up attack by 80%
  11. I'll be honest- I don't have much experience with friends and loved ones dying. So there's not really a lot of advice I can offer in this situation. I sincerely hope your friend wakes up before Saturday. If the worst does come to pass, my regards to you and his family.
  12. For Halloween, I will be... studying for my exam the next day. If I get bored, I'll probably go shout at the kids running around making too much noise outside , just to unwind a bit.
  13. TV and I have always had a weird relationship, in that I only ever watched a few shows for a couple episodes before getting bored of them. When I'm at my grandmother's, there's generally not much to do, so I occasionally watch some cartoons like The Amazing World of Gumball, and... actually that's about it. Come to think of it, the one show I've watched from beginning to end is Gravity Falls, and that was only two seasons. But I can't even say I still watch that, because it got a little boring watching the same episodes over and over. Though it has been a while, so maybe I should try watching some of it again. Other cartoons that I remember from my childhood include: Angelo Rules, which I think was on Cartoon Network, and Chowder, also on CN. Chowder has the best theme song ever and I will fight you on that.
  14. In Elibe lived a girl named Lyn "A swordmaster! Yay! Instant win!" But in terms of attack, Of this stat she did lack, And so she was placed in the bin. There once was a crown prince of Rigel, It was known in battle, he never fell Lost to some village guys, "Nothing but lies! Lies, LIES!" And with him his girlfriend went to hell.
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