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  1. I'm holding off my first Crimson Flower run for now, in the event that playable Jeritza is a thing. Assuming he joins of his own accord, like Gilbert in Azure Moon, hopefully my Black Eagles run will work when the new update drops (I saved after Chapter 11 so I could jump right back to the route split)
  2. I’ve been listening to this a bit recently, though in my defence it just came out like two days ago, so...
  3. I want the legal right to send anybody who smokes in a public place to the Shadow Realm. At home or whatever it’s fine, but can you seriously not smoke in front of this storefront, or right next to me at the bus stop, please and thank you?
  4. I tried to do this with my brother, but he’s such a bad player it was actually hurting me to watch him. He damn nearly failed the prologue while I was facepalming into the desk, sobbing. Either way, sounds fun!
  5. Cyril is honestly a legend. His bluntness is always entertaining to watch, his devotion to Rhea, while annoying to some, is understandable considering his age, and his simplicity as a character is refreshing to me- in a cast where most everyone has a stake in Fodlan’s politics, he stands out as a character who couldn’t care less about that stuff, which I honestly think is pretty relatable. As a unit, I will just say that War Master Cyril is really, really good. He did pretty well as a Bolt Axe Wyvern too, if you feel like a meme build. Anyway, it’s nice to know I’m not the only person who thinks Cyril is at the very least a redeemable character. Thanks for the video, it was a really interesting watch!
  6. When I was younger, I was really into writing. The name for one of the characters I created was Anathaco, which was made by messing around with my IRL name (Anthony). It just stuck. My Discord name is a more interesting story, though I'm not on the forum's official discord, so very few people here know it. The name is Destroyer of Ecosystems, based on an epithet I was given in eighth grade. In science class, we were outside looking at plants for some reason or another. One of my friends saw an earthworm and picked it up and moved it from where it was chilling, enjoying its life. I made a massive deal about it, condemning him for ruining the life of this poor earthworm and taking him away from his family. I teased him about that for a week or so... Up until we went on an excursion to a nearby mangrove swamp. We came to an area where there were a bunch of little holes that were made by little tiny crabs burrowing underneath the ground. Apparently I stepped on one of these holes, and apparently I collapsed it. My friend started making an even bigger deal than I did about the earthworm, saying I had murdered an entire ecosystem of crabs, and unfortunately for me, more friends were around to witness this and join in the condemnation. They say history is written by the victors, which I know firsthand to be absolutely true. Nobody even remembers that poor earthworm, but the teasing about me being the "Destroyer of Ecosystems" has lasted to this day, to the point where I just accepted it and made it my Discord name.
  7. Mine would go something like this: The protagonist is the second prince of a wartorn nation (let's call it Marsabel), that has been at war with the neighbouring kingdom of Volkrel for generations, over religious disagreements. The protagonist, plain and simple, is a prick. Think someone like Fernand from Echoes. After a prologue battle/another chapter or so to set the scene, the entire royal family (including the protagonist's older brother, the heir, and their father, the king of Marsabel) and a great deal of the servants/staff is slaughtered in a shockingly well planned assassination attempt. Only the protagonist survives, though he is critically injured and barely escapes. Found by an underground rebel movement, they capture him in the hopes of using him for ransom, but when they realise that they're being blamed for the assassination, and the prince is being framed as having conspired with them, they all flee the country to avoid persecution. Initially reluctant to trust each other, the prince (and the few retainers that survived the attack) and the rebels are forced to work together to clear all their names, and they decide to investigate the nation of Volkrel, believing them to be behind it. The prince re-evaluates his opinions of commoners as the story goes along, and slowly grows out of his prick-ishness. The rebels, on the other hand, develop a bit of respect for the protagonist as his military and political expertise helps them out of a few rough spots, and as his attitude towards them changes. The prince stumbles upon some evidence that his brother may still be alive, and his suspicions grow when they reunite around the halfway point of the story. Flashbacks a la Sacred Stones show the two interacting before the events of the story, his compassion toward the protagonist and people in general, and his worries that he lacks the charm/charisma to rule Marsabel, especially considering the unrest rife within the country. This is contrasted with how he is now, aloof, cold, and distant. Eventually, through standard Fire Emblem logic, their army grows strong enough to challenge the King of Volkrel directly, as retaliation for the assassination. Slain on the field of battle, the king tells them that he had absolutely no involvement in the assassination. Unfortunately, his death stirs the people of Volkrel into a fury, and their armies rally for one final assault on Marsabel. Meanwhile, the protagonists's brother suddenly retakes the throne, claiming that he actually did die, and was revived as the mouthpiece of the goddess that Marsabel's religion follows. Turns out that his mounting insecurities about his inability to rule effectively plus the pressure of fighting a bitter, never-ending war slowly eroded his sanity until he became convinced that the only way he could control the people was through religion. After that, he commands his subjects against the invading force of Volkrel just to prove to himself that he has actually gained the authority so that his subjects are willing to fight- and die- for him. Both Marsabel and Volkrel clash in a bloody and frenzied battle until the protagonist and his party intervene, killing the hastily installed regent of Volkrel and the brother-turned-alleged-God of Marsabel. Gameplaywise, it'd be a three way battle, where the objective is defeat the enemy commanders, but if one of the enemy armies is completely routed, you lose. Happy endings all around, democracy yada yada, and I just realised I didn't mean to write a whole plot here lol. Anyway, tl;dr, a story where a noble is forced to work with commoners to clear his name, and eventually learns to trust and respect them like a more typical "peace and prosperity for all" type lord.
  8. Unfortunately for me, I have to wait until Christmas to actually play Astral Chain, but from what I've heard of the soundtrack (which is tiding me over until then) I'd really love to have some of those songs in Smash. The other one I can think of which hasn't been said yet is Dragalia Lost. Some of the raid boss music would be so much fun to Smash to.
  9. Isn’t Unfulfilled the song that plays when I thought Indomitable Will was the battle theme against lords. Anyway, I voted Tearing Through Heaven for my favourite song, because it’s just such a banger. Shame it only lasts 3 chapters. I voted A Funeral of Flowers as my favourite final map theme, because it really sets the tone for the battle at hand, and it’s just a really pretty song to listen to outside of the game as well. Also, that Thunder version is beautiful.
  10. Is it bad that my first thought was to turn the Blue Lions into a metal band? Following that thought: Byleth as the unwilling manager Dimitri: Unclean vocals (he's the guy screaming) Dedue: Drums Felix and Sylvain would both be on guitar. Ashe: Bass guitar Annette: Clean vocals (the more traditional singer). At first, the others weren't sure how Annette was going to do in a metal band, but her nonsensical food songs provide an absurd contrast with Dimitri's edgy screaming that has since come to define the band. Mercedes: Probably keyboard, if she even participated at all Ingrid: Organ, after everybody begged her to join so they could have an organist. Doesn't really want to be here, but too bad. Flayn: Her job is to throw stuff at Dedue while he's drumming, in the background of all their songs, you can hear a little *ting* *ting "weak". Cyril: Backup clean vocals, whenever the band feels like they want an extra singer (the joke was too good to resist, plus he actually sings occasionally). As a sidenote, why wasn't there a Cyril x Annette support of them both singing nonsensical songs?
  11. I found this out the hard way. Lost a rusted Gradivus because I didn't realise Edelgard would try and nick it. I honestly didn't like Edelgard to begin with, which was why I went Church instead of Crimson Flower. Now I'm extra annoyed.
  12. Updating a couple builds I've tried recently: Using the Great Knight class: I'm actually very surprised with how well this has turned out. Raphael and Leonie have become my Great Knights for this run. Raphael is a beast. I'm on chapter 18, and he has like 52 Prt or something crazy like that (with Empire Armoured Co and the Ochain Shield). I also gave him the Crest of Cichol via NG+, so he could take advantage of the Ochain shield's healing in addition to his personal (on the off chance it procs). Not sure how unconventional it is, seeing as how Fortress Knight is his canon class, and GK is just the next progression of that, but its hard for Raphael with that Riding weakness. Either way, its awesome. 10/10 would recommend. As for Leonie, she's not as physically imposing, but she has a lot more speed. Carrying an axe and a shield kinda kills her speed though, I may give her a Lampos shield or something instead (those have no weight, right?). Anyway, speedy Great Knights are fun. Not much else to say. Half-Baked-Malig-Knight Cyril: After seeing people talk about Bolt Axe WL, I figured I'd try it out with Cyril. His magic is kinda low, but his high speed and strength means he can wield a Bolt Axe and double fairly reliably. Plus his Dex gives him plenty of hit even with the 60 base hit of the Bolt Axe. Just to see how far I could take it, I trained him in Reason a bit so he could master Mage for Fiendish Blow, and he does really well. Plus he can always switch to a regular axe if he meets a foe with high res. The biggest issue is that he kinda needs a few Magic Herbs/Spirit Dusts to get going, and I think mine may have been Mag-blessed. But I honestly wasn't expecting him to hit for as much damage as he does. Overall, he performs pretty well. Overly-Sword-Specialised-Wyvern-Lord-Ferdinand von Aegir (also known as Can't Touch This): This is undoubtedly the most fun I have ever had with a unit in Fire Emblem. Ever. I am not ashamed to admit the amount of favoritism I have poured into this build, which includes heavy NG+ abuse, sacrificing my dancer for Sword Avo +20, giving him Claude's Immortal Corps, and a fair amount of gardening for speed stat boosters (not much, because I'm also farming magic for Cyril). The end result is a Wyvern Lord with S+ in Swords (because I wanted Swordfaire, but WL doesn't have it), 70 something attack with Mercurius, and 168 avoid, with Alert Stance +. Yeah. Full build is: Sword Prowess Lvl 5, Sword Crit + 10, Swordfaire, Sword Avo + 20, Alert Stance +, and an Evasion Ring. If you ever want to completely break your game, I recommend this.
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