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  1. I’ll have to give this a try as well. While I’m at it I may as well give him Alert Stance + from a NG+ file. All the avoid shall be stacked. All of it.
  2. I've always wanted to try a build like this for Annette and stuff like this just makes me want to do it even more. Those damage numbers are insane.
  3. Ferdinand von Aegir as a noble.
  4. Other than the ones already mentioned, the only person who I’d say comes close to a rival is Jeritza. The thing with Byleth is that he’s so bland that he doesn’t even see himself as having rivals, as evidenced by his Leonie support where he seemingly doesn’t care about her efforts to one up him. So I think it’s fine to consider Jeritza a rival despite the fact that Jeritza is the only one of the pair who thinks so.
  5. If he’s the only person in an enemy’s range stealth won’t do anything, he’ll still get attacked regardless. And typically you’d only keep a tank in an enemy’s range anyway, to bait them with minimal risk to your units. Bear with me on this part because I’m not 100% sure how the AI works, but if there are two units in an enemy’s range (neither with stealth), one of them can be severely damaged while the other can be severely damaged but with an exceedingly low chance to hit them, I assume the AI would target the first one. I’m not sure how it changes if, say, the non tank can barely survive and the dodge tank would die if he got hit. But generally speaking a tank won’t be drawing enemy attention if they’re not the only target, so stealth or no stealth makes little difference.
  6. Basically this. If you're into FE for the story, characters, and worldbuilding, then I think you'll like 3H. Most of 3H's gameplay revolves around the optimising and building of your units, so if you're into that kinda sandbox style gameplay, then you'll enjoy the gameplay too. From my point of view, I love 3H because I value characters and I enjoy that sandbox style gameplay. But if you like FE for its traditional gameplay- with well designed maps and a linear progression throughout the game, then you may not enjoy it.
  7. I've never really bothered to mess around with Wild Abandon before, but that does sound pretty good. Stacking hit and crit seems like it'd be key with a build like that. I have done Wyvern Lord Ferdinand with Sword Avo before, and its nuts. In practice I don't think there's much difference between Swordmaster and Wyvern Lord for a dodgetank build, considering flying battalions have a lower maximum avoid (15, for battalions like Immortal Corps, Secret Transport Force, etc) compared to the 20 given by the highest avoid infantry battalions. So Wyvern Lord only gives like an extra 5 avoid compared to Swordmaster. Regardless, dodgetank Ferdinand is a beast.
  8. Depends on the character really. I'm OK with most forms of abrasive or immoral. Downright mean characters are typically OK in my book as well, and as you say, I enjoy seeing their interactions and learning more about them. Characters like Felix, Hubert, Severa, etc are all enjoyable to me- not my favourite characters usually, but I like them. But there are some characters whose particular brand of nastiness annoys me, like Lysithea. To this day I'm not sure where the distinction lies- whether it's just me being a contrarian, her bratty and hypocritical nature being the place where I draw the line, or the fact that she bullies characters I actually like (Ignatz and Raphael). So I guess I can see both sides of the argument- characters like that are well-written, sure, but that doesn't automatically mean you should or have to like them.
  9. im scared now help. I’ve heard of vantage wrath but I don’t think I’ve ever seen dodgetank wrath before. That’s a really cool idea. Looks to be really effective as well.
  10. Ah, I see. Yeah I can agree with that. Once she gets physic she’s best for those early chapters- Linhardt won’t have warp and Marianne probably won’t be one shotting anything yet, but Mercedes still has Live to Serve.
  11. From what I remember: Plains: Charm. Savescumming for a different booster seems to only yield a bullion iirc. Forest: Defence and Resistance Lake Teutates: I believe this one is Dex and Luck Conand Tower: HP and Speed Meaning the 5th battle, which I’m pretty sure exists but can’t remember what it is, gives strength and magic. In my experience those last 2 battles didn’t show up at all until post timeskip, so that might be worth noting. Magic Bow Sniper is still a build I need to try. Maybe I can do it in this current run. I ran WM Byleth on that run as well. It basically turned him from OK into “yeah you’re probably dead if you fight him”. Not as dominant as Yuri was, but still one of my most powerful units, easily.
  12. Great Knights are honestly so much fun to use. Like you said, they're considered bad enough to be a meme, but they can actually get results when built well. And the Swift Strikes users are good enough to fulfill the second part of that statement. I honestly need to try using it because at this point I've either never recruited the users in time, or, in the case of Seteth, kept him benched because the rest of my team was already too good to ditch anybody.
  13. My favourite is Azure Moon. As much as I love grand stories about heroes and stuff, it's often the smaller, more personal stories that resonate with me the most, and AM delivers on that front. While there are a few flops in terms of execution, the overall narrative really resonated with me and I love Dimitri's overall journey. Even stuff like how Dimitri's redemption is kickstarted makes sense to me- how Rodrigue's death and his dying words were what Dimitri needed to re-evaluate his own mindset and goals. And the final few chapters, where Dimitri's arc became more and more Edelgard-centric is so good from a narrative standpoint, showing how Dimitri has learned to learn from and remember the past, but to grow beyond it, while Edelgard is still obsessed with her ideal future to the point where she has neglected the past and present. Overall, it's not perfect, but I find it to be a beautifully told story and my favourite route in 3H.
  14. I'm gonna be honest, I dunno how this thread will actually do, but I figured it'd be nice to have a thread dedicated to the most overpowered builds we've ever had the pleasure of using in 3H. Building strong units is such an integral part of the game that I'm sure we've all had to have had some amazingly strong units at some point, and I don't know if anybody else feels the same way, but sometimes I just want to gush about them even if nobody would listen. Well, this is a thread where people will listen. Whether it be an insanely stat blessed unit, one you spent ages feeding all your stat boosters to, or simply one with a powerful skill set that led to them trivialising your runs- post your strongest 3H units here! I guess I'll start with my two favourite builds from my last run, which was a VW NG+ Maddening run, for the purpose of taking the Ashen Wolves for a spin. Balthus, Yuri and Constance all turned out incredible (poor Hapi ended up as an adjutant for Constance), but while Constance was a great unit, Balthus and Yuri were on another level. Yuri: Balthus: Anyway, I'm interested in hearing about everybody else's OP units!
  15. Teal/Aquamarine/any kind of light blue/green, and orange.
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