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  1. >Nil should not be on the frontlines but he’s a great support unit! >can’t even use the one staff in his inventory
  2. Lucina's actually a really good idea I'd never considered. My dumbass Bunet theorycraft (assuming you have DLC) is Edelgard. Raging Storm burns all her engage turns, meaning he can attempt to get his Engage back on the following turn and basically spam Edelgard every couple turns. I'm trying it out on this run, haven't reached Chapter 21 yet but I'm nearly there. The one good thing about Bunet joining right after Celica leaves is that you have time to raise him with Starsphere and hopefully make his luck not shit lol. If I'm doing this, I'm going all out.
  3. Sage Yunaka is a ton of fun- disclaimer that I put Starsphere on her so her performance in my run isn’t necessarily reflective of a normal Sage Yunaka, but she’s one of my strongest units. I’m stacking crit on her with wrath, her personal and a Corrin/Camilla engrave, with the idea being that she’ll be able to abuse Celica’s Echo to get multiple kills per player phase. Haven’t got Celica back to try it but even without she’s nuts.
  4. I’m beginning to see why they added a separate difficulty setting for it. I doubt anybody will want to play Maddening more than once, if they even play it at all. But even on Normal this seems like it’ll be such a pain.
  5. Good points all around. Multiverse gonna multiverse and all that. It would be pretty funny to imagine a universe where each Emblem on its own is powerful enough to perform the miracle. Actually, on that train of thought, such a universe would basically give every Emblem from that world the kind of "i stand on my own" energy that Sombron described the Zero Emblem as having. So you may be onto something there. ...And right out of the blue while I was bemoaning the lack of information the DLC seems to be giving us in this regard, a thought struck me.
  6. All emblems now work the way they do in chapter 22.
  7. Holy Stance does work on both phases, so I assume Unholy Stance is similar.
  8. For the sake of curiosity (and at the risk of going completely off topic) how do you feel about, say, Framme vs Hortensia? Both of them are dedicated staff bots, but Hortensia has her own unique advantages that lead to her being put in S in a lot of tier lists, where I usually see Framme around C. The availability discrepancy is even larger between these two than it is between Lapis/Kagetsu, but even still Framme gets almost no love. Lapis may have the availability advantage, but her main issue is simply that not enough people see that as enough to compete with Kagetsu’s… everything else. Same with the healer comparison- Framme is a good healer who does her job when you get her, yet Hortensia’s advantages completely outweigh that on most tier lists. I’m not saying that Lapis/Framme should always be benched as soon as their stronger counterparts join, but that using those counterparts is more likely to make the game (overall) easier for you. And yeah if your personal play style results in Lapis becoming a monster to surpass even the mighty Kagetsu then that’s totally valid. It’s just that the fact that it is seemingly a play style thing makes it harder to generalise Lapis as top tier in the same way that Kagetsu is universally seen as god. RE: redundancy and the fighting game stuff, I believe since most tier lists account for placings in tournaments, removing a similar character from the game would bump them up. Consider Marth vs Lucina in more recent smash games. Marth has his tipper mechanic that can make his attacks hit harder, whereas Lucina’s damage is more balanced along her entire blade. AFAIK (and keep in mind I don’t play too much smash) they’re played basically the same way, but Marth has a greater emphasis on spacing to get his best results. Some players prefer Marth’s greater damage potential, others prefer Lucina’s consistency. But if you look at the most recent tier list (I just used the smash wiki tier list), Lucina is a whole two tiers above Marth. Lucina gets better results because more top players prefer her consistency, so Marth gets used less and hence he drops tiers. Get rid of Lucina and many of these players would pick up Marth and raise his ranking (or so I’d guess). So, yeah I’d argue redundancy can totally exist on fighting game tier lists- something like your Yun/Yang scenario could totally happen, even if most of the time the similar characters do end up in similar spots. (Disclaimer that I am not as familiar with competitive smash as I’d like to appear, there may be other reasons for the Marth/Lucina differences I’m not aware of, but yeah)
  9. Totally gonna jump into this discussion out of nowhere, but the way I see it is that characters in FE are completely different to something like a fighting game. In a fighting game, you pick one character and use them for a match, and their options, matchups, playstyles and overall ease of use combine to create a likelihood of obtaining victory with that character. Characters who are more likely to bring their players victory get tiered higher (normally measured through tournament placings and stuff), but there are a lot of factors that determine that. I think that's the reason similar characters in fighting games tend to be ranked in similar tiers- there's no real redundancy to them because they could have slightly different matchups, or could work better with different playstyles, that change their usefulness in a tournament setting. In FE, you want an army to be as well rounded as possible, so overloading on one particular unit type is actively a bad thing (unless its 3H, in which case wyverns all the way babyyyyy). This is the main issue with Lapis in the eyes of most tier list makers I've seen. Sure you can make her a hard carry, but Chloe can do the same and comes earlier, so many players will give her the XP and resources to make that happen, and you simply have no need of Lapis. Or maybe you do use her, but Kagetsu comes in a few chapters later and is just better, so players tend to prefer using him and Lapis unfortunately hits the bench as a result. She's in an awkward in-between where she's neither the earliest joining speedy frontline type, nor the one with the highest stats.
  10. Hypothetically I suppose you could Canter back and then Reposition your Silence user out of danger. Though maybe the threat range is too big to get your Reposition user out of range completely, idk. But yeah the best strat is probably just to Astra Storm bait Marni out of Fracture range and plop a mage in front of her. Though the true big brain strat is to Astra Storm Hortensia's first life away so she spams Diabolical Dance instead of Fracture. Truly genius. I think I mathed it out at one point, and it does end up outdamaging her Gremory build (though both can consistently kill most enemies). For a much harder time initially using her, sure, but if the end result works well and it looks funny, I'd argue its worth it (personally speaking. Not tryna say everyone should use it or anything. I just think its evidence for Aura Knuckles being way more useful than Hurricane Axe would ever be).
  11. Unless you hit the staff user with Silence. Then you’re good. Oh, they’re absolutely a gimmick, no question about that. But it’s a gimmick that can at least output some serious magic damage. My point is more that there is a niche use case for them to work super well. For that reason I wouldn’t say that her BT is bait, it’s just a different way to build her that can be used very effectively.
  12. Boucheron’s personal will always be hilarious to me. Needs someone else to chain attack for him… but he’s the only one who can chain attack for like the first 5 maps you get him. By the time you get Anna (or second seals to reclass someone into a backup unit) good chance you’ve benched the poor guy. I don’t even think it’s too bad once you can actually use it but it’s just so unfortunate. True but ideally you’d just bait her with a mage and watch her die before she can even hit them. Tbf to the Aura Knuckles, at least Constance’s budding talent put her in a good spot to use them and actually get great results with them. Sucks that you need DLC to really take full advantage of it, but at least the option is there. Hurricane Axe may get good results if you use it against a flier, but it’s far less likely to kill other stuff with its single hit than the brave effect from aura knuckles. And yeah, the struggle is finding a good unit to use it- Anna may be the best bet but she’s so frail she doesn’t like being forced to hit last. Anywho, congratulations for finally beating Engage! Glad you enjoyed the game overall, I was surprised by just how much fun it was all the way through. Looking forward to whichever game you end up playlogging next!
  13. If you need to, you can always use a spoiler box to hide the question. When you type it out, there should be a little eye icon on the top bar, you can click that and type the question in the box that comes out.
  14. Yeah I made this comment before I started using Bunet I changed my mind Bunet is the most deranged.
  15. Worth pointing out that if you use the X button to actually view the descriptions of each emblem it straight up tells you who’s from which world. So essentially the only knowledge you have to rely on without spoiling it for you is the title itself. Figured I’d mention it in case you tried looking for extra information only to have the whole thing ruined for you.
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