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  1. My personal enjoyment of Nemesis as a boss comes more from the map itself and having to take down the elites, so if you asked me to fix it I'd have the Elites be the ones who chase you down. Maybe have Nemesis start moving after a few turns and have that coincide with his "I will kill Seiros now" line. Though that makes it way harder to pull off killing him with all the elites still alive, which was where most of my enjoyment of the map came last playthrough.
  2. For me at least I never got the chance to really utilise that since my units spawned too far away to do much- the best I could do was have like 2 or 3 units go for the attack, and depending on the units that might have taken out a single health bar.
  3. I think Three Houses has the best bosses from the games I’ve played, but that’s more because there are very few memorable bosses from other games- Rudolf is the only boss I legitimately enjoy fighting, and even then the fact that he won’t ever attack Alm makes it pretty easy to deal with if you want. Anyway, I’d say 3H has the best bosses because there are a few I legitimately enjoy like Nemesis, The Umbral Beast, Ladislava, etc. But overall its boss quality isn’t good. If you want a reason I’d point to the fact that it’s so easy to break 3H that even with strong bosses like monsters and stuff, you’re still shredding through them anyway. Something like the Wind Caller may have been memorable if he didnt go out like a chump regardless. And we’ve all heard the memes of the Death Knight and how threatening HE is. A bit of training and focus on areas like Reason for Lysithea or Lances for Bernie and Dedue trivialises this supposedly super strong enemy to the point he’s literally become a meme. Cindered Shadows was a good example of what bosses in 3H become when you take away that freedom to customise, and while people’s opinions on the final boss are mixed I personally loved it. It wasn’t the kind of boss you could one shot, it was the kind of boss you needed to throw your whole army at to take on, both in terms of damaging it and in taking out the phantoms that heal it, plus the random position shifts force different units to the frontlines and leave you constantly scrambling to regain your footing. It doesn’t ever let up and you need to focus to take it on, and ultimately that level of engagement is how I measure a good boss. So thats my take home message I guess. 3H would have had far more memorable fights if those bosses were in a game where the customisation of your units wasn’t so central. But overall I’d still rank it the best in terms of bosses just because at least the ideas were there and they tried.
  4. To be fair I wouldn't exactly call Fates' story clear either. Unless I missed something, yours is the first and so far only analysis of Fates' story that has brought up the idea of trust as a core theme, though perhaps something else is out there that has done the same thing. So seemingly there aren't a ton of people who view Fates' narrative the way you do. Point being, authorial intent still isn't cut and dry for Fates either. Also, sometimes writers just make mistakes. To give an example, take Xander's death in Birthright. Your interpretation of it would state that he died in order to demonstrate how wrong he was to blindly trust Garon just because they were family (i think at least, its been a while since I read your original analysis, so correct me if that's wrong). Most other people say that he died because the writers wanted to inject tragedy into the story by having Xander die in an uncharacteristically stupid show of Camus-ness. And because no writer is perfect we can't exactly tell what they were going for or if they simply made an error. To be clear I actually do like your version, I just don't agree with it overall. But the other thing is that its so easy to interpret a story in almost any way you want. For example I could interpret Fates as being a story about the importance of hanging onto innocence: Despite being one of your siblings, Elise, arguably the most innocent character in the game, sides with you no matter what route you pick, helping Corrin and always at his/her side. Corrin, obviously, is like the poster child of innocence in this game, and its treated as her main strength. I remember at one particular moment someone basically says "I know trusting people and being wrong sucks, but that's kind of the main good thing about you, so don't change that" but I can't remember who delivered this particular nugget of wisdom, when they delivered it, or even in what route it was delivered. I feel like I should have more points but at this point I'm tired. Apologies for this being a half-assed argument on my part. Authorial intent usually seems perfectly clear to everybody, but then that vision disagrees with those around them. Which is why I say that criticism, especially when we get into the themes and ideas of a story, is fundamentally about the story we see rather than the story that is.
  5. It cuts both ways. Authorial intent is difficult to deduce unless the author straight up admits what they were trying to do, which is why so many stories/characters/whatever end up with so many different interpretations of them by fans. In Fates' case, people deduce what the story was "supposed" to be from the trailers pre-release, which as people pointed out before me, seemed very geared towards the idea of making choices and determining the fate (hehe) of both yourself and the world around you. With that in mind it makes perfect sense that most people's criticism is directed towards making Fates a story that better conveys that struggle to choose and the consequences of each action. Which is fine. As I said, people interpret things their own way and each interpretation is perfectly valid. But if someone criticises a story for failing to do what they expected of it, that's fair too. And since we can never know what the authors of Fates were really thinking, our criticism will always come down to just how we judge our perception of the story before us.
  6. Welp, I have been sufficiently intrigued, so let's go I'll basically piggy back a few of the arguments in this thread: Regarding worldbuilding, I think the best way to point to this problem is Mokushu, the ninja kingdom. Other than the fact that their ruler is a jerk and they have ninjas in a forest, we know nothing about them. We hear about their kingdom only when its time to cross through it, we fight people there, and then we leave and the name is never brought up again (I think its mentioned like once in birthright, but that's about it). Like, we murdered their king, left their army in a pretty shoddy state and left. And the game never does anything to establish what happened to it afterwards. Other kingdoms have this problem, but at the very least we get some characters who hail from there who give us a clue as to what it was like- Rinkah from the Flame Tribe, Izana from whatever the hell his kingdom was named, Fuga and Hayato from the Wind Tribe and Flora/Felicia from the Ice Tribe. Rebellions that were supposedly being organised under Nohrian rule in Birthright, but then you gotta run for it and you never hear what happened to that town. I get that its not necessarily relevant to the overall story, but what's the point of a game about the consequences of actions and deceptions if you never hear about what happened to the kingdom that betrayed yours? Fates isnt the only game in the series to have this issue of course, but I think it in particular was disappointing because people expected so much more. Which leads into the next point- a large amount of people who criticise this game do so because they wish it was so much more than that. It's not like people are criticising it out of spite, generally speaking. Though I do see the appeal of liking it for underdog reasons or because you can see the potential it had and value that more than the end result- which is fine too. As you say, nobody should ever get on anyone's case for having an opinion. With regards to Xander, I think its important to distinguish the differences between being a hypocrite and being inconsistently written. Clive from Echoes is an example of the former, he preaches equality among nobles and commoners, yet when push comes to shove he's unwilling to enforce that ideal, and values Delthea's life as less than, say, if she was a princess or a noblewoman. Clive grows over the course of the story to legitimately believe in what he preaches and comes to value Alm for the complete disregard he shows to matters of class- he literally resolves Echoes' commoner vs noble debate by combining the best of both worlds and inspiring them all to work together, and Clive comes around to that idea. Where Xander differs is the fact that his actions are inconsistent with his other actions. The classic support vs story Xander divide has already been done to death so I won't go into that. But despite arguing against Garon offscreen in supports, he never does it when it actually matters, and that's where the problem with his character comes in. Is people wanting Fates to be something else, something greater than it is not the exact definition of criticism? We point out the flaws that we see and why they don't work so the devs can do better next time. I don't see that as any more disrespectful than criticism for any other game.
  7. I’m pretty certain it does, it takes your physical attack but uses the enemy’s resilience if that’s lower than their prt.
  8. 9/10 (Maddening) Balthus IMO is the strongest of the Ashen Wolves. At first glance he seems like a better version of Raphael, with high strength (12 + 50%), defence (8 + 45%) and HP (29 + 50%). I say better because his weaknesses aren’t as polarising as Raphael’s, despite still being pretty low, with 6 + 30% magic, 8 + 30% speed and 5 + 30% res. His weakest stats by far are his Dex and luck though (5 + 25% and 3 + 20%, respectively) which result in a unit with poor hit unless/until you can get some skills or battalions to patch that up. Hit rate isn’t a massive deal in this game since there are so many ways to fix it but it’s still a flaw. Balthus has an absurd amount of boons, the highest in the game iirc. He’s proficient in swords, axes, brawling, reason (with his budding talent), faith, and armour- 6 boons in total. Realistically reason won’t see much use at all and Faith will see sketchy use at best, but still. He compensates for this by having some annoying banes in bows and flying, making it tricky for him to patch his accuracy or go Wyvern Lord, along with a bane in lances which is whatever. In terms of abilities and arts he learns rally strength, battalion desperation, Bane of Monsters, Diamond axe, armoured strike, draining blow and mighty blow. Rally strength is the only real noteworthy thing here which is why I lumped everything together. His spells are equally mediocre, learning fire, Bolganone and ragnarok on the reason side and seraphim and restore on the faith side. So there’s little point to making him a mage despite his proficiencies, thanks to mediocre magic and spells. So what about Balthus is so good? Well let me introduce you to my candidate for best personal skill in the game, King of Grappling. *slaps skill* This baby can fit so many stats in it. +6 strength/defence, to be precise. Needing to be below 50% health is a bit tricky, but Balthus is bulky enough that it won’t be much of an issue activating or maintaining. With this personal skill he basically becomes Dedue 2.0, without vengeance but freely recruitable and doesn’t miss a fair chunk of the timeskip. His massive bulk trivialises early chapters even on maddening, and when physical tanking falls off later on the massive strength boost his personal gives lets him keep up by outputting massive damage. Hell, if he takes a detour through hero with that sword boon of his, defiant strength + KoG + gauntlets basically gives him power to rival a vengeance hit, though admittedly much later. Still, assuming you use him, Balthus won’t fall off and will consistently be a heavy hitter until the end. Just keep him away from War Monk and in Grappler/War Master. So overall I’m giving Balthus a 9, accounting for a 0.5 bias. I’d give him the full + 1, but 9.5 feels a little too high even for me- hit issues + generally being a bit too straightforward prevent even this Balthus stan from ranking him that high. So 8.5 + 0.5 gives him his final rating of 9.
  9. Can confirm, I don't think I've ever gotten Windsweep without NG+ lol But yeah I second this, qualifying for a lower level flying class isn't an issue even for Byleth, and battles will basically be the main source of skill xp from then on
  10. Echoes for me. The difficulty isn’t too steep and the maps aren’t necessarily thoughtless but since I’m pretty familiar with them by now they are straightforward and require not a ton of thinking. Plus with the villages, the dungeons, the music and the voice acting, I can just take my time and chill while playing it- and unlike 3H I’m not obligated to go through villages and optimise in them for hours on end.
  11. 9/10 I think the main reason I think Jeritza is so good is that almost all his weaknesses are mitigated or downright negated by other aspects of him. Bane in Authority? Man joins you with B authority, letting him use most of the best battalions in the game with no training. Male unit who gets no access to Pegasus knight? He joins too late to take advantage of its early access to flight, and he gets darting blow from his budding talent. No Falcon Knight access is annoying, but Wyvern Lord works just as well if not better. And despite his magic oriented crest he’s not a great choice for a mage, so no Gremory isn’t an issue either. Joins late and with no earlier class masteries? He comes with equippable mastermind, so he can raise his skill levels and master classes quicker than most. This means that his worst attribute is that all this power isn’t around for longer, which tbf is an issue since he only has 6 chapters to work with. But other than that he comes with great stats, particularly strength and speed, a personal class that gives Counterattack upon mastery, and great skill levels that (apart from flying) leave him not too far away from something like Wyvern Lord if you so desire. He works well at base and has the tools to become even stronger if you want. Though he does have one other major flaw that I neglected to mention: WHERE ON EARTH IS YOUR RELIC YOU WERE HOLDING ONTO IT IN THE OTHER ROUTES WHY DONT YOU HAVE IT
  12. Those are his initial skill levels, true, but those are reflective of what his bases would be if he joined in chapter 1. By the time he joins in chapter 11 they’ve grown to an A in axes and B in brawling. His Cs in Authority and Heavy Armour do stay the same, however.
  13. Considering she literally threw the dagger at someone hiding in the bushes, going to retrieve it would be foolish, and it was safer just to escape. Regardless of whether or not she remembers the dagger’s significance, my guess is she decided she needed to cut her losses, forget the dagger, and get out of there.
  14. 5.5/10 Kind of a controversial rating since I rated Mercie a 5. But I truly prefer Flayn. Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion because a lot of the stuff that I’ll say will probably sound incredibly stupid to a lot of other people. Anyway, Flayn comes with some ok stats from the get go, the get go being chapter 7. 15 + 55% magic is decent for her level, though said level is perhaps a little low for chapter 7. Her res is also very nice, at 19 + 50%. Unfortunately those are her only real standout stats, her others are decent or just bad. Her personal skill is actually pretty damn good, except for the small issue that she comes too late to use it in the part of the game where it makes the biggest difference. Still, I’ve used it a fair amount, which is more than I can say for a lot of other personals in the game. Her proficiencies are few. Literally, few, she has 3 boons including her budding talent: faith, lance, and reason as her BT. She has armour and riding banes- the latter hurts since it makes classes like holy or dark Knight harder for her, but her armour bane is basically par for the course and it will almost never matter for her. By training authority she learns rally luck (which is situational at best) and battalion renewal (day 30: I have not encountered a single soul who uses this skill. send help.). And her learned combat arts come from training lances- she gets Hit and Run (I have legit never touched this art in my life) and Frozen Lance (which is great but A lances is way too late for it). Lastly for this section dedicated to Flayn’s mediocrities we have her crest, which occasionally lets her heal for an extra amount. Helpful but nothing game breaking. Flayn’s best asset is her faith spell list, which packs Restore, Rescue and Fortify. Physic is the notable missing link here, but (and here’s the controversial bit) I actually prefer her having Rescue. The way I play, at least, particularly on Maddening, involves my army moving as one ball of death together. In such an environment Physic finds less use since any healing I need can be done up close with heal. So I’d rather Flayn have utility of her own besides just healing, which is where rescue comes in. It’s the main thing she has over, say, Mercedes, and I legitimately value Rescue for hit and run strategies. Anyway, her reason list is ok. It has Excalibur at least, which can help Flayn contribute offensively against fliers. So those are my thoughts overall. She’s comparable to Mercedes in that they are healers who do little else. Their stats are largely similar (at least in terms of magic and res, which are probably the stats they’ll make use of the most), so the main difference is in spell list and availability, and I think Flayn’s advantage in spell lists puts her slightly ahead. So 5.5 is my rating.
  15. Whoops I never rated Cyril lol 7.5/10 Most people have already said everything worth mentioning about him and this score won’t count anyway, so I’ll keep it brief. But his starting stats are poor and made up for by his early access to Point Blank Volley. Fun fact, his growth total with aptitude is the highest in the game, but they tended to put his growths in areas that are kinda not necessary, like HP, Dex and Luck. At the very least these stats help his crit rate and damage with vengeance, which he also has. Overall he’s probably one of the highest crit units in the game, can make up for his poor start and get better over time thanks to his good growths. Low bases plus not too much to make him stand out other than PBV keep him from going any higher.
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