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  1. At this point I’ve pretty much quit myself (also day 1). Main reason why I say I haven’t yet is because I may open the game one more time to kick my friend’s butt on pvp, then he can never say my Lloyd is bad again. Then I’m uninstalling. Anywho, congratulations on beating the system. Where do you think your extra brain power will go now that it’s not being spent on reading weapon descriptions?
  2. Funny thing I think it’s the difficulty system used in Smash Wii U’s Classic mode (probably the earlier smash games as well but I don’t think it’s part of World of Light) which makes sense since they’re both the creations of Sakurai.
  3. never heard this term but I actually love it. Using those three criteria (character progression, actual combat, enemy design) my favourite battle system has to be Bravely Default. The job system and the amount of busted skills you can get throughout the game make it insanely rewarding to fight the harder content later on, like Nemesis fights and the hidden boss. The Brave and Default mechanics make the early game before you have access to any of that stuff a lot more interesting, and while I never found myself using default at all later on in the game, the strategy behind how many actions to take and how to maximise the amount of BP I could regenerate a turn while still setting up buffs and getting in attacks made the late game super super fun. And while the generic enemies are nothing special, I really enjoyed the repeating boss fights and how they both grew stronger and sorted into unique team compositions as the game went on. The changes encourage you to constantly vary your builds and test out new compositions as you progress and ties the previous two aspects together very well.
  4. Dancer Dimitri with Battalion Vantage/Wrath for peak combat dancer memes. Overall, yeah I agree with Shanty Pete and LoneStar- it wouldn't be optimal by any means, but it would definitely work and it could be pretty fun. Gives her a lot of mobility for a dancer which could definitely come in handy. Don't forget to add the Fetters of Dromi for bonus Canto.
  5. But even in such a situation you'd have to already be able to one-shot the archer or monster for it to not make a difference- the former is fairly probable but its not unlikely that Dust will make the difference. You probably won't one-shot most late game monsters regardless but Dust could still make the difference between a 3RKO and a 2RKO. Also if you're in a situation where you need the damage to kill an enemy no matter how risky the hit rate, that seems like extricating you from a shitty situation to me.
  6. wyvern annette go brrr Which is a joke, but is also central to the point that if you build around it, you're not restructuring your loadout at all, you're just... making a build. Warlock Annette with Crusher in her inventory? Sure, I might not agree that its bad but I can at least see where you're coming from. Wyvern Annette who is specifically built around hitting for res with her axes? The build basically becomes the standard physical class set up but with Fiendish Blow instead. And of course, Wyvern Annette is very mobile. As for the whole win more thing, I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying that its best suited for after a group has been baited and you just have to deal with them that player phase? If that's the case, isn't an attack that lets you one shot one of the enemies who you have to kill that player phase, thus maximising the actions you can take that turn, the very definition of practical?
  7. I recently fell back into the rabbit hole of Dragalia Lost (I blame @Shadow Mir for reminding me this game exists). Overall I’m having fun just screwing around and building the characters I want to build, though I’m hitting a bit of a snag in terms of progressing to harder content- the new endgame fights, Sindom, kick my butt since they dispel buffs and my strongest character relies on buffing himself. So I’ll have to build someone else if I wanna attempt that lol. I’m also continuing a replay of Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Ng+. Just finished the chapter where you unlock Mamori and now I have like 5 side stories to do lmao.
  8. Honestly I would put Cyril in A, since it gives off the impression that he actively learned the prayer specifically for Byleth/Jeralt’s sake, which is really nice. I think Dorothea’s is S tier honestly but that’s basically splitting hairs.
  9. Echoes: I think Sonya- between the downsides of her classline, her low joining level combined with her ridiculously high promotion level, and the fact that Deen is a pretty great unit in her own right, I think she has the most things going against her of the whole cast. Any unit can be raised and do well in Echoes (except Mycen and Nomah obviously, but they at least have utility when they join), but I think Sonya is the most costly to raise, even if she would turn out well in the end. 3H: Anna if we include DLC, but if not, Ashe. Sorry Ashe, but there's simply nothing you can do that would actually be useful. That one discussion recently about Wyvern Lord Hapi really made me realise just how poorly off Ashe is lmao.
  10. There are plenty of reasons one might be sad over a character’s death but the one I think fits Lilith the best is that some people just liked her character. That’s not to say that people are at fault for being sad over the death of a favourite character, but it doesn’t change the fact that from a thematic and plot driven perspective, there is no consequence for her death whatsoever. If the authors truly intended it to have meaning, they’d make it more important to the rest of the plot than her showing up as a ghost to encourage Corrin in the final chapter. Granted if someone could actually come up with a full length thesis on why her death was actually really important, I’m down to be proven wrong, but to be frank I’m keeping my expectations low.
  11. You know that big bridge connecting the rest of the monastery to the Cathedral? It might be some extension of that canyon thingy since I’m pretty sure they’re not actually fighting next to the cathedral.
  12. Closest thing we ever get to any information on his personality off the top of my head was Dimitri mentioning that Edgy Felix is remarkably similar to how Glenn once acted, which is actually kinda funny. But yeah I agree, I really like how everyone has their own thoughts on Glenn and his death.
  13. Yeah, he did. His music in general is amazing.
  14. Admittedly, no, I opted for War Master Jeritza instead. I think it’s to do with the fact that his budding talent incentivises you to train his flying anyway, and best class in the game with a unit who has some of the best stats in the game is a pretty sick combo in theory. Though the poor availability is definitely a knock against it. I’ve only played CF once anyway, and it was on hard, so i don’t really know if there’s a preferred strat to optimising his training or anything like that.
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