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  1. Maybe the Engadget one? They mentioned Fates a few times.
  2. Preview written by someone who has played through the game once, but still bound by embargo. Includes general impressions on the story, characters and the game in general. No spoilers. Edit2: Thank _Xavi_ for quick action and saving the article: https://imgur.com/gallery/v27AaFD Original link, now dead: https://www.engadget.com/2019/07/11/fire-emblem-three-houses-preview/ Edit. And the link is gone. Perhaps broke the embargo. Removed the tweet too.
  3. This could well be accurate, just based on how much the monastery will add playtime. It's an overhaul of the traditional core gameplay loop where there was very little to do outside of story and side battles. It's not really comparable with previous entries. As for Treehouse demo, difficulty was on normal, played by someone who has very likely already beat the game at least once. I found another interview, with some different questions and answers. http://www.gameblog.fr/news/84295-fire-emblem-three-houses-rencontre-avec-ses-createurs-la-ver Short bits about working with Kozaki, Advance Wars and what they are most proud of in Three Houses.
  4. Gamespot posted a video preview, has some new footage. https://www.gamespot.com/videos/fire-emblem-three-houses-reminds-us-of-persona/2300-6450036/ Child units finally confirmed NOT to be in the game.
  5. In the artbook pictures , you see a character that looks like Edelgard in a very different outfit. She seems to have some sort of head ornament and hairbuns: In the top middle of the right page Then we have the leak describing Edelgard's appearance: Full exchange with the one who asked the question. A character getting a major design overhaul midgame for pre-rendered cutscenes is maybe the first visual hint we have that supports the possibility of a timeskip (since all footage has been from the early game).
  6. So Petra comes from Brigid. (The Islands southeast of Adrastea). Since she calls Edelgard -sama, maybe Brigid is a tributary state of some kind. At least not entirely independent. Also the game looks way better in motion, as expected.
  7. That could make the worldbuilding inconsistent. So far every imperial noble has had a surname beginning with "von", so they seem to be establishing it as the standard imperial naming convention. (though I wonder if there's a specific reason why Claude also has it...?) You can try translating it as "of Varley" or "from Varley" in your head if that makes it less awkward.
  8. The difference here is that Grimleal, Duma and Loptyr are not depicted as main religions to the viewpoint charaters. They are something outsiders(enemies) practise in other places. Seiros Church being antagonistic is comparable to Mila or Naga cults being antagonistic. In Three Houses, the player character begins by working directly FOR the church. Can you say anything comparable about Grimleal or Duma cults?
  9. RPG dialogue trees having several different options for saying the same thing is nothing new. I'd personally argue it's even desirable since it allows you to build your own image of how the character behaves. The alternative is being a passive onlooker watching characters talk, while this at least allows to do some roleplaying. In this case, option 1 would be the more confident/enthusiastic response (promises success) while option 2 is more reserved (only promises to do what they can). Most of the time dialogue options are not about making constant "meaningful" choices, but keeping the player as an active participant while allowing them to season the conversation with small variations. For example in Dragon Age Origins, after the prologue you are forced to join an order for the rest of the game no matter what you choose. The plot would never move forward if you didn't join. When presented with the offer the dialogue tree offers you not one, not two, not three but four different ways of saying "Yes": 1. I would be honored. 2. I accept. 3. Well, I can't see as I have much choice. 4. If it gets me out of the Deep Roads, I'm yours. Three Houses is already promising to have a major(?) route choice with three options, which is more than most games that are not VNs or choose your own story-adventure games. If anything they are maybe being a bit too ambitious with their promise of choice.
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