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  1. looooool bro he is easily the worst Lord combat wise. Dimitri has a 100% crit rate with his super broken Batallion Vantage + Batallion Wrath combo. Edelgard has Galeforce with Aymr. Blyat is also better than the funny upside down man.
  2. Do you have any plans to release a version without the rom hack tools of Lil Manster?
  3. Just play BL and stop there. The rest of the game sucks lolz.
  4. Like, what do you people like about FEH? It's not like the gameplay is so amazing. I'm genuinely curious.
  5. Oh no no no no no Juliusbros??? Why is the mean smiley man on the banner and not our guy? He's even on the thumbnail for crying out loud!!! What do we do now? Should we just send home our +10 Julius out of shame?
  6. Why are Lute and Tethys "You would be insane to bench"? Lute's speed is just awful. Sure, she'll double the zombies in her joining chapter, but she gets pounded after that. If you don't get speed on your first few level ups, she's as good as useless. As for Tethys, normally a dancer would be insanely good, but let's be real here. Do you really need a dancer in FE8?
  7. Like, why do so many people not realise that most FE games take place in the same world/universe? FE1,3,11 and 12 all take place in Archanea. FE2 and 15 are next to Archanea (in 15 you can even travel there). FE13 takes place in Archanea and Valentia like 3000 years later. This game also has the Deadlords from FE4 and FE5. FE4 and FE5 also have Naga as their God, just like in the Archanea games. FE13 also has Priam (and his Ragnell), who is 99% sure to be a descendant of Ike, which connects FE9 and FE10. That's already 11 games connected from lore alone. The remaining games are connected via the different weapons that appear in FE13 like the Sol Katti and Armads from FE7 (therefore also connecting FE6), "Ephraim's Pike", "Innes' Bow", etc. from FE8. And ofcourse FE16 has the Archanea relics, so that makes every game outside of FE14 connected with eachother. Sure, Fates has Inigo, Owain and Severa from Awakening, but they traveled through realms or whatever, so that doesn't count. It just baffles me that so many people spread false information that the games take place in many different universes.
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