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  1. That matches with the Byleth in the Treehouse presentation, Authority is a Strength for Ignatz, and the 4chan leaker is definitely actually playing the game. So I'll add it.
  2. I imagine you'll get a "Dancer Seal" for winning, rather than one character automatically becoming the designated Dancer.
  3. Use a Thief to Steal it off him on the exact same turn that you fulfill the other win condition? (I had speculated that Hanneman might just give you one - and that Manuela hands you a "Dancer Seal".)
  4. Looks like he drops a Dark Seal. I wonder if that's the only way to get one.
  5. If I were designing things that'd be my philosophy. But Dorothea needs Charisma and Authority, so you'll probably have to avoid recruiting her.
  6. Thank you very much! I will say that it seems a little weird that Sylvain and Lorenz have the same requirements.
  7. Awesome! Can I enquire as to which video that's from?
  8. Hey! Lorenz' haircut is all that's keeping the peace in Fodlan. The peasantry look up at the nobility and wish to cast them down in the name of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. But then they realise that at least one of them'd have to get that haircut, and they all nope out of the revolution. // I know this is an ask, but can anyone with a Twitter account maybe tweet at someone with a review copy to see if they could fill out the list?
  9. In the E3 Treehouse presentation, when the player chose to "finish exploring" (with one action point remaining) the weekend auto progressed to Monday's Tutorials/Goal setting.
  10. Mastering Noble/Commoner seems to give [ HP +5 ] as a Skill Ability.
  11. Big thanks @throwaway. @Bk1234 do you have a source for that?
  12. Neither, it seems. We don't know how it works, but we have seen them unlock at different ranks and that tutoring once won't necessarily fill in one of the stars.
  13. Generally agree with this, except I'd say Great Knight will be A Lances, A Riding, and C Armour. It seems less a progression for Fortress Knights than Paladins. Also, with Dancer... (using a bit of info from the Thani-leak, so I'll put it in spoilers just to be safe):
  14. What I'm confident on: Dimitri: ^^ Swords, Lances, Authority, Riding ---- vv Bows, Faith ---- HT ??? Dedue: ^^ Lances, Axes, Brawling, Armour ---- vv Faith, Riding, Flying ---- HT None Felix: ^^ Swords, Bows, Brawling ---- vv Reason, Authority ---- HT Reason Ashe: ^^ Axes, Bows ---- vv Reason ---- HT Lances Mercedes: ^^ Reason, Faith ---- vv Swords, Spears, Axes ---- HT Bows Annette: ^^ Axes, Reason, Authority ---- vv ??? ---- HT ??? Sylvain: ^^ Lances, Axes, Riding ---- vv Bows ---- HT ??? Ingrid: ^^ Swords, Lances, Riding, Flying ---- vv ??? ---- HT ??? Notes: Dimitri's only unknowns are Armour and Flying. Both Edelgard and Claude have Hidden Talents and we don't know if Dimitri has one yet. I could see Armour for him. Dedue is fully known. Felix is fully known, unless he has a second Hidden Talent in Riding or Flying but I doubt that's possible. Ashe's only questions are his Movement Skills, but we know he starts with E's in them so no Strengths at least. Mercedes might have a a Strength or Weakness in the Movement Skills that we haven't seen. Annette is the big question mark. She's definitely strong in Axes, Reason, Authority but we have no idea on anything else. Sylvain is known, except for any Hidden Talent. Ingrid has four Strengths known, but could have more. (Though so far we haven't seen anyone with more than four.) She seems to be Neutral in Brawling and Faith (from Seminar calculations), leaving Axes, Bows, Reason and Armour unknown. It's also unknown if she has a Hidden Talent. Edit: So like this:
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