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  1. Yeah I think so too but cant make a character who an puuesdo-lord to bad though.
  2. Is there a need for center villians in every FE Game or games in general. In Three houses there no over all ccenter villian. Though all the character do questionable methods can we call those characters evil or are they emotional damage characters. There is a group of evil team but they are kind of thrown out the window.
  3. Because of miscommunication and her not knowing TWSITD are the true villains not the chruch. My post above. I say if she knew the whole truth of the matter and not the twisted story her family told her about her views would be different and maybe knowing her beloved teacher will become the new leader of thw chruch will sooth her heart of conquest. That my theory anyway. I think people who juat want a war story dont think with in the context of the story if it has a 5th route.
  4. Oh yeah tara platt is El and Mirial/Flavia. Never knew Gerome VA was Basilio either lol. Man I might play Awakening just for fun. Been having it since 2013. Been 6 years wow time flies away sometime.
  5. Oh okay why does NA keep chaning names. Sad to not have Cordelia VA in a main game again. At least Panne VA doing FE work. No other Awakening VA in the game?
  6. The first option would not work, since if all 4 leaders got told the truth of the history of Fodlan there wouldnt be any more conflict the whole plot runs on miscommunication. if Byleth is there for all but 1;(Claude he the most stable), of the lords/leaders than they will likely talk it out. Byleth is basically El, Dimitri and Rhea therapists. With a 5th route all their miscommunications and issues can be resloved. Only thing I see going bad is if Rhea madness isnt cured. But they can do a des ex machina with her getting a dragon stone to control her powers. The true or at least the 5th route villians would be TWSITD and Nememisis since the whole plot is behind their schemes.
  7. good point but you are overall bias with your views on heroes and villians. Eldegard is distinct and she keep her thoughts to herself we really dont know how she feels for real. War ugly and it brings the worse out of us your looking at Eldegard as a civil modern mind.
  8. Alright I understand now. weird she was pushed the main lord of the game but she got the shortest route. probably to show she not one to prolong war even though she the antivillian character. hopefully some dlc come to expand on eldegard and the other lords character come out. I know they are adding new characters and locations DLC. also when part 2 star is it just chapter whatever number or does it start with part 2 chapter 1 for all the routes.
  9. I haven't the game yet waiting for the switch light to drop got the game though lol. is Eldegard route insanely rush or filter to the hilt with scenes from other routes. planing on doing hers first because she interest me most.
  10. Seem like to me your kind of bias. you have fe 8 main male lead as your avatar lol. no hate though seem like you like the 'Hero' type of lead. I made this post because I been just looking at post and all your post I haven seen. put Eldegard as the villain he does everything evil and Dimitri as everything good.
  11. He bi man not gay. Full on gay is leon and maybe lucius in fe7 remake.
  12. Just felt like stating my opinion that all. I dont care really if its the wrong opinion to some one else
  13. Seem like most people opioion of her are she evil or bias to BL since it the most 'FE' story out of FE Three Houses. I guess it true most people wants to be the hero of the stories instead of the morally grey characters. I guess that why most people sided with Hoshido over Nohr. People say they want grey character but not really. Most folk want black or white stories. Myself personally like grey stories and happy ends but eh cant please everybody.
  14. They could bring a plot device with somekind mcguffin like a potion that cures madness or bring in dragon stones like in the Arcanaia games. Marth, Chrome and alm games.
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