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  1. I am pretty sure Haruhi/Lucy(Fairy Tail) VA got shit because she had an sex scandle with her band back in 2009 or 2010.
  2. Wellthat sucksbut I am not someone who get stuck on one aspect of a game I am still getting the game. Since I never played the wii u version.
  3. So japan don't like black people. well damn majority of anime fans are black.. well were I live anyways lol
  4. You said it yourself if everybody act rationally, Eldegard and Dimitri to be precise. Everybody joined forces it would be a typical FE story. to add spice to the fromula that had to take out a few brain cells. the last part of BE routes says she brought a era of peace we dont know how long and should we care really? After this the games history probably wont be mention after this except for references or a spinoff happens for cash.
  5. I think it the same reason all most all the guy have six packs and look like models no body want an average MC. Well that and there are guys and female who have muscles(males)'and big assets(females)
  6. would like one myself. woulnt really dimish the other routes for me because the games plays like a visual novel and like most visual novel they have multiple endings exist. does a good ending excempt a bad ending no not really, take fsn that visual novel has multiple endings but it doesn't cancel out the other endings and vis versa.
  7. And the game just sucking off the lords because are main character isn't as bad I dont understand that view. Am gets praise because he the main lead and that about it. His d get suck a lot only time he doesn't is if the knights girlfriend dies and the dude out of spite just bad mouth the guy.
  8. I mean if Byleth wasnt in the game the game would dick suck Dmitri Eldegard or Claude. FE games are games that dick suck all it leads prime example Alm and Ike. Ike deserve his praise but get his too suck so much it annoying.
  9. I know anime fan here. Still love isekai anime. Magic fantasy anime making a come back, maybe steam punk anime will too.
  10. Well thst sad. Eh probably what happens when your crunch for time like IS was. They were oly given like 2 years to make the game. It IS dont expect FFT(Final Fantasy Tactics writing)
  11. Maybe they were supposed to the big bads but IS seen the school setting wasnt to everybody liking(non anime fans or just purist of og FE) and went shit gotta back track a bit.
  12. What is with everbody wanting grey stories but tthey always want a define Villian
  13. this sounds nice i would like to see this happen actual sad that wouldn't be able to romance the characters(main lords) unless it happen at the end. Wouldn't it mind being a what if story. the game could be like couldn't happen in actual story but a what if like with the offspring stories in awakening and fates stories. I would pick that what if story all the time unless I couldn't get with my Eldegard lol
  14. You are doing that in TH I mean Byleth the perfect avatar even thouhgh he a main he is not the protanist overall he just the player given form. That like pokemon games should just have ash or somebody be the lead. I rather play a game with a character or team I made instead of forcd to be as charmed overall nice guy blue haired again
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