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  1. I mean there are visual novels that do the good bad and true endings look at fate stay night three different path all with there own bad good and true ending. It doesn't diminished the game at all. But people want to whine about choose. I mean just don't go the golden route it not canon. Non of the routes are but it fanbase be like it the canon route. U think fire emblem fanbase really want a canon route to three houses but every one has a favorite some blue lions some black eagles and some golden deer.
  2. Really damn I only got her to C before Jeralt died. Can I still get her S rank.
  3. You must remember different. In my playthrough get his junk sucked so much it not annoying but he get so much priased it funny. I like Alm but yeah he get to much player/insert priased. Not as much as Corrin does but alot.
  4. I agree but because of plot and El obsession with Byleth. Dimitri had no chance. Wish we had a golden path actually wouldn't mind seeing supports for them. I guess the new DLC side story is a pusedo golden path. I mean I would mind Byleth going full Emperor Lelouch to bring the world together so peace can reign.
  5. Oh I understand you now. I still like the pairing of Eldegard x Byleth and Byleth x Dorthea though. What your stance on the Dimitri x El pre-timeskip
  6. Which part. I mean harem anime do it all the time, they pushed one girl over the others. That why I love DXD even though Rias is the main girl, and every body accepts that, it still going. full harem. Back on topic. Which part was one sided to the game pushing Eldegard and Rhea as pusedo canon. Also it like with Azura x Corrin or Sumia x Chrom, the just implies that. If that was the case Dimitri x Eldegard be canon if not for Byleth and what happened pre_timeskip.
  7. He probably saying they have the same issue bring dick sucked by every character.
  8. I wouldn't say one sided. Dorthea seem like she got the hots for Byleth. In part 1 in Part 2 she still does but I think she clam it down it a bit. I mean the game let's you pick your spouse, Eldegard and Rhea are pushed more in the black eagles house. Though. Funny enough if you go by anime logic. Rhea is the upper classman or class prez who wants the MC and Eldegard the kohai or underclassman who wants senpai to notice her and, well Dimitri at least in part is the childhood who feeling go unnoticed in a way.
  9. You can save someone and still give no hoots about them. But Rhea is overally not bad person she twisted in the head though. She made some terrible and horrible decision but hey at least she learns her way of thinking was worng. In SS. I think at best Rhea care for them a bit but at the end of the day Rhea knows they are bindly loyal to her, if she said off this kid or mother or father they will do it no questions ask, they are her kid soilders in a sense. I mean by her not giving a hoot is because in CF finally battle if they fall in battle Rhea doesn't even mourn their death. She just like fuck'em
  10. Cyril is blindly loyal. He don't question anything she does. Like bro you ain't say anything about burning kids mothers or father's who got nothing to with war. He like yolo. Sad thing is Rhea gives no fucks about him or Cathrine. The only people she care is herself and her kind and Byleth to an extend. That partly only to them having Sothis crest stone.
  11. Is this a whole new 20 or chapter because damn I might play this after my GD run.
  12. Man that would be awesome but I think Dimitri get special treatment for cg is because he is the Marth of the game. Just edger. Eldegard gets the push on the media though. Claude, eh, he gets nothing except the memes and the whole why isn't he gay or bi. To get back on topic maybe three houses was meant to be just Dimitri route, but since kecmo got involved they switch the focus to a fire emblem three kingdoms. Who knows.
  13. I haven't gotten to far in golden deer only on chapter 3 or 4 but yeah when I played CF they never really show what Claude could do he was called the Master Tectician and that it.
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