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  1. Hey I have a question. It is normal that it takes so long to randomize the game (I say because I can put it to randomize from 7am and it will become 12am and it will continue to randomize) (I say it because for some reason in my case it gets stuck in chapter 13 and does not advance)
  2. Well, what an admirable job to say I will look forward to the updates
  3. esto krad perdón por interrumpirlo pero podría hacer un nuevo link de descargar el actual o al menos el que yo utilize estaba muerto en fin eso era todo gracias por su atencion

  4. Wow what an incredible hack I loved the story I look forward to the complete hack and very good work ghast
  5. thanks Von Ithipathachai
  6. Thanks to all those who responded and for now I would need a program to begin to develop and project the basis of what I want to do, so a cheap or even free service is useful for now
  7. Well I introduce myself. I am Melphegor I live in Ecuador and blah blah blah I am someone direct so 1. Why did I join Serenes Forest? Mainly because I love fire emblem and why I'm interested in the community itself 2. What game of Fire Emblem did you start with? I started with the sacred stones (if we told it was the second one but the first one to finish it) the first one to play was the blazing sword but that is finished after the sacred stones 3. What is my favorite Fire Emblem game? Hmmm I think it would be the path of radiance or sacred stones 4. What do I do in my free time? I mainly play fire emblem radiant dawn (I'm playing it now because the path of radiance is not over long ago) and do some other drawing and try to learn how to do hackroms since I have a project already with all the history made and those things except the sprites and maps and blah blah blah so if someone has either little or much experience hackroms if he wants to help me, so welcome (when I finish it in the credits I'll put one by one the ones that helped me) and if not then well that was all and I think this is the end of my presentation until then.
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