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  1. Thank you very much. :)

  2. Congratulations on your meteoric rise from obscurity!

  3. It looks very nice. Nice work Wooster.
  4. Well I was not expecting you to do it anyways. The only thing art related that you have done is find a boyfriend online and get him to make SF's first good forum skin.
  5. Speaking of member badges, and since this topic is going to remain open because "I can't be assed to close it lol", I will attempt to make it marginally productive. The exiled member badge is currently Almedeha. I think that this is a pretty shit choice, as I recall that Almedeha left Goldoa by choice (maybe?), but it has been awhile since I played FE10 so I could be wrong. I would instead propose that a different character, who there is no arguing over their exiled status, be used as the exiled badge. Here are some candidates. There are more, but I can't think of them right now: Leaf Finn Miranda
  6. Do not diss 999. It is such a good visual novel that it actually tricked me into thinking that I liked visual novels.
  7. Yeah I'm pretty excited about news I have heard in the last 24 hours. 999 sequel, Etrian Odyssey, and The Last Story.
  8. The World Ends with You is not the gem-encrusted golden jewel of a life-changing experience that you have made it out to be.
  9. [19:05] Lindesux I see nothing of value was lost
  10. Hello. You've sent me a friend request, any particular reason :P? You need five, actually! They can be awesome, funny, or super cool reasons.

  11. Oh that's a nice change of pace from everybody flaming everybody.
  12. Well obviously it will, its a thread made by me that contains Tangerine's name. It would be a surprise if it DIDN'T vanish on that criteria alone.
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