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  1. Not too sure if it's already confirmed or too out of this world. But what if they're determined by that question Sothis asks you towards the start? Something along the lines of, "What are you?" and your presented the options of a ghost, a demon, or a mortal. So far, at least from my understanding, nothing has really been said that would indicate you could pick and choose your proficiencies, so maybe those are just three predetermined sets you could choose from? Sort of like how in fates it never explicitly said your boons/banes, only that you were "sickly" for low HP, or "Strong" for high attack and so on.
  2. Wondering what other classes are left to show off? Of course they'll probably go over what was already shown, but a few I remember weren't shown, notably Falcon Knight, or whatever the equivalent would be in 3H. Unless if Wyvern rider is the replacement, which, wouldn't really make much sense to me, especially knowing how THAT will probably have a promotion as well.
  3. So yeah, kinda a weird thing to request, but I was playing the game on dolphin and I had a hard drive failure, so I lost my save. I was playing on normal mode, and got to chapter 9, no one died and I had recruited Ilyana. If anyone has one and a way to send it that'd be great!
  4. If I were to guess, he's definitely closely related to Faerghus, or at least Dimitri as a person. knowing how you can see Dimitri's boot crushing his mask in the E3 trailer, which is what I'd imagine to be one of the key factors that brought him to his post timeskip state. Whether it be a person closely related to him, or an overall message, like he learns the truth of that side of the church or something along those lines - or maybe a misunderstanding of the church's goals, as I think the church being evil is too obvious, or maybe a misunderstanding/truth he learns from his own bloodline. I dunno, a lot of options, but whatever identity there is behind that mask seems like it'll hit Dimitri pretty damn hard, to say the least.
  5. Calling it now, Raphael will be voiced by Patrick Seitz. The character looks like he fits the bill and it kinda sounded like it from the treehouse gameplay.
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