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  1. All i wanted from FP 5 was a female character it didnt mater who it was, and with Byleth i got what i wanted! Well kinda lol El!Byleth and Dimitri!Byleth looks Great! Sothis!Byleth makes Colors 7 and 8 a huge WASTE! It should've been Rhea and Jeralt. And 3 lords spirits promote into Time Skip versions which is neat.
  2. This is pretty much the closest you get too "Reveletion" like route, since you can use ALL three house lords, which IS pretty damm neat! But is it "Just" a side story though? Like the screen borders are purple now and not red/blue/yellow.
  3. You know i can see Koei doing a Koei and make Byleth DLC, like Azura. I also wonder how they handle Time Skip Lords and EO Byleth, they do have seperate animation/movesets. Also 3H spoiler
  4. Nice! Its mine too, but i am too lazy to change my favorite FE tag yet. Did you played all paths yet?
  5. So Coco supports both Jeritza and Mercedes? I wonder if she has ties to Lord Bartels. Also those new 4 all have supports with eachother, is there a chance that its some kind of Heirs of Fate spoof? Like they all have a commom goal or something and each join one out 3 houses, but you also have a option to recruit all of them into the one you chose, exept Yuri who is probably just a "freebie" recruit and joins you regardles of a route youre on. All 4 more than likely have a conetction to the Abyss, right? It will be very funny if they also a Not! characters from previous games (like fates kids and awakening trio)
  6. I am happy with couple of announcements, puerly because i didnt bother watching that shit live lol MU3 DLC news finaly! JEEEAAAANNNNN!!! Gambit and Ice man are super cool. And Cable is there too so thats cool i guess. I think MUA 3 now has all X-men from MUA 1 and MUA 2? Now make Beast playable you fucks! (and Vision, and Valkire and Bucky and all other NPC's) Ghost of Tsushima looks crazy good! The Wolf Among Us 2 is Alive! Bravely Default 2 is nice, let me guess its going to have a sequel caled Bravely Second 2? NMH 3 was there too, and it looks great! Xbox SEX doesn't look so sexy though And of course the Ultimate Super Secret Game Reavel is...... F&F, ok its like Need for Twisted metal or something. Geoff is a fan of Coronas confirmed. I think i'll stick to Heat thank you very much.
  7. More save slots is the best part of this update! For a game with such high replay value 5 is just too low. Even fates had 9. (if you have all paths, but still) Jeritza can now also get revenge Also like how Anna's weapon strentghs is a reference to all previous playble Anna's. Sword and faith - Awakening. Bow - Fates/Warriors. Axe - Heroes.
  8. 1. Free Mode, AKA chapter select AKA replay any Chapter or paralogue with any sets of characters, like in Warriors games. 2. More NG+ options, like get relic weapons by spending renown, "unlock" route locked chars to use in any route, option to unlock classes to use without getting req Lv or skiil Lv. 3. Some QOL like remember the adjuntans positons, stat busters use from convoy, BGM select in all missions and not just free battles, more save slots. And yeah paired ending select would be nice.
  9. The only "real" spoilers the art books has is, it shows but you should already know that, so feel free to open it!
  10. So i have a question about time-skip chapters for BL, GD and BE-C. I did BE-E first, and now playing BL. Am i corect in asuming that
  11. I would also recommend switching Byleth's gender atleast once, that way you can "unlock" both genders for Event and Cutscenes viewer.
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